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10.11.2002 06:27

Amerika byla unesena - a s ní i celý svět

Amerika byla unesena - a s ní i celý svět

Robert Nohejl 203.?.?.?

Americke volby se se vsim tim humbukem stavaji celosvetovou fraskou pod nazvem "demokraticke".39% volicu ,coz je 77 milionu rozhodlo budoucnost Ameriky pro 300 milionu ,kteri se nedostavili k volebnim urnam po tom divadle na Floride ,kde byl president vybran soudci ,ale ne lidmi.Jak bude vypadat jedna svetova vlada si kazdy dokaze domyslet pri tomhle "americkem saskovani" a jak bude vypadat "americka spravedlnost" uz naznacuje beztrestnost americkych vojaku po celem svete.Hitler nechal povesit velitele koncentracniho tabora za vykradani balicku cerveneho krize pro vezne, s porovnanim nasi exilove vlady v Londyne ,behem valky,kde nasi predstavitele doslova zili z balicku urcenym vojakum.Jak se zda tak moralka a spravedlnost se zcela vytrati ze spolecnosti lidi teto planety a Amerika je toho prvnim dukazem.politici se dnes nestydi za sebevetsi lez a lez patri k jejich "volebnimu programu".


10.11.2002 06:39

Summit NATO v Praze - mám s tím problémy

Summit NATO v Praze - mám s tím problémy

Robert Nohejl 203.?.?.?

My starsi mame moznost porovnat,podivejme se na fotografie Hitlera ,jak mu lide podavaji ruce a s nadsenim se k nemu hlasi a on zcela bez protekce je mezi nimi,bez osobnich "goryl" a potom muzem videt delnicke vudce ,pro ktere se uzavreli cele ulice a vsude kam se clovek hnul byli tajni a policajti a vse bylo v tajnosti planovano,Chruscev ,kdyz mel prijet ,tak Svobodna Evropa to hlasila tri dny dopredu ,zatimco nas vsezarivy tisk mlcel ,jako hrob a ted se podivejte na vlady sveta ,ktere maji sebou armadu,kteri je maji chranit ,aby je "lide stestim neumackali"a od ponorek az po stihacky je vse v jednom chumlu ve strachu o jejich zasluznou praci pro svet,ktera je zcela jasne representovana bezpecnostnima opatrenim,ceho se boji ,tyhle lidumilove,meli by se zeptat Hitlera ,jak to delal on ,ze byl u sveho naroda tak oblibeny,nez mu po valce nastrcili to nejhanebnejsi oceneni a pritom se ted sami boji jit ven na ulici mezi lidi.


04.02.2003 03:28

Six Americans, one Israeli aboard space shuttle

Six Americans, one Israeli aboard space shuttle

Robert Nohejl 203.?.?.?

Vedeli o poskozeni ,ale posadce nic nerekli.
You can also listen via worldwide shortwave radio station WBCQ on frequency 7.415 MHz.
Picture was part of a satellite telephone call between Israeli astronaut and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.


04.02.2003 04:41

Zpráva o stavu Unie obrovský úspěch?

Zpráva o stavu Unie obrovský úspěch?

Robert Nohejl 203.?.?.?

Irak ma byt novym mistem na testovani tajnych zbrani (ovsem,ze ne hromadneho niceni,kdyz to dela Amerika),ktere jsou ve spravnych rukach a tak prohlaseni pana Cohen,nas muze jen a jen ujistit kam veci smeruji.
These are also the weapons referred to in 1997 by Defense Secretary William Cohen, when he said:

"Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves... So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations...It's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our [counter terrorism] efforts." - Defense Secretary William Cohen, 1997


13.02.2003 03:01

Patriot Act II

Patriot Act II

Robert Nohejl 203.?.?.?

Amerika se stala zemi "uzitecnych idiotu".
Operation Shekhinah: Israel Plans Blitzkrieg to Capture Arab Oil Fields
by Joe Vialls Friday February 01, 2002 at 01:41 PM

Evidence that Israeli politicians are manipulating the American press & govt into supporting an Israeli military capture of Iraqi oil fields. US-backed claims of Saddam's crimes against the Kurds were lies!


13.02.2003 03:15

Válečný podvod: Saddam je Hitler, a tahle válka není kvůli naftě

Válečný podvod: Saddam je Hitler, a tahle válka není kvůli naftě

Robert Nohejl 203.?.?.?

The most memorable (and successful) of the ploys used was to turn President Hussein into the man who `gassed his own Kurds' at Halabja. The same devastating images of dead women and children lying in the streets were shown thousands of times on all western television channels, placing President Hussein well beyond western `rehabilitation' under any circumstances.
"Unfortunately the entire exercise was a complete lie. The Mossad and CIA knew very well that a February 1990 US Army War College report concluded Iraq was not responsible for the Halabja attack, stating it was the Iranian bombardment that had actually killed the Kurds.
"The War College findings were hardly surprising: the Kurdish people of Halabja were killed by a war gas known as `Phosgene´ used by the Iranians but not the Iraqis. Though Iraq did use war gas on the battlefield it was `Mustard´, an entirely different chemical which causes death in a visibly different way, enabling US Army chemical warfare experts to easily identify the attack as Iranian in origin.
"Though many readers may say `so what?´ the distinction is important in identifying Mossad and CIA media techniques used to deliberately distort the perception of the western public. When the US Administration was looking for an excuse to use ground forces to finish off the people in Kuwait, the CIA flashed a story round the world about Iraqi soldiers ripping newborn Kuwaiti babies out of their incubators and throwing them on the floor.
"As with the Kurds of Halabja the story was proved totally false, though not before US tanks had buried 8,000 Iraqi soldiers alive in their bunkers and destroyed half the ground installations in Kuwait and southern Iraq. Disinformation is critically important to the Mossad and CIA, for without it they would be unable to whip up sufficient public outrage to justify their savage attacks."
Komu dnes muzem verit ,tem ,co si jdou pro olej a nebo tem,co za to zaplati zivotem?


13.02.2003 03:27

Patriot Act II

Patriot Act II

Robert Nohejl 203.?.?.?

Priznani je polehcujici okolnosti.

Swinton responded with this statement:

"There is no such thing, at this date of the world's history, in America, as an independent press. You know it and I know it! There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did you know beforehand that it would never appear in print."
"I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinions out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any of you who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job!"
"If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty four hours my occupation would be gone. The business of the journalists is to destroy the truth; to lie outright; to pervert; to vilify; to fawn at the feet of Mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread! You know it and I know it, and what folly is this toasting to an independent press?" "We are the tools and vassals for rich men behind the scenes.
"We are the jumping jacks; they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes!"


13.02.2003 04:13

Dvanáctimiliardová otázka

Dvanáctimiliardová otázka

Robert Nohejl 203.?.?.?

ISRAELI TERRORIST ACTIVITIES from May 1937 -- September 1996.

May 1937, Stern Gang under command of Vladimir Jabotinsky shot down
Hindenburg airship at Lakehurst, USA, using an incendiary grenade.

September 17, 1948 Count Folke Bernadotte, UN Mediator in Palestine - a
countryman of Hans Blix - was assassinated by members of the Stern Gang in
the "Israeli"- controlled sector of Jerusalem. Bernadotte's aide, Col.
Serot, was also killed.

November 1948 The Arab villages of Iqrit and Birim were attacked and
destroyed, killing and injuring countless unarmed Arabs, including women and
children. All the Arabs were forcibly expelled from their homes and land.

February 1949 All the Arabs were forcibly expelled from their homes in the
villages of Anan and Kafr Yasif by Haganah state terrorists.

1950 Zionist agents throw bombs at synagogues in Baghdad, Iraq, and other
Jewish targets in order to pressure Iraqi Jews into emigrating to Israel.

The Massacre at Baldat al-Shaikh (Dec. 31, 1947)
The Massacre at Sa'sa' in Hebron (the night of Feb. 14-15, 1948)
The Massacre at Abu Kasr (March 31, 1948)
The Massacre at Dair Yasin (April 10, 1948)
The Massacre at Abu Shousha (May 14, 1948)
The Massacre at Lid (July 11, 1948)
The Massacre in the Village of Eilaboun (October 30, 1948)
The Massacre in Ba'na and Dair al-Asad (October 31, 1948)
The Massacre at Qibya (October 14, 1953)
The Massacre in the Village of Qalqiliya (October 10, 1956)
The Massacre at Kufr Qasim (October 29, 1956)
The Massacre at Khan Younis (November 3, 1956)
The Massacre at Sabra and Shatila (September 18, 1982)
The Massacre at 'Uyun Qarrah (May 20, 1990)
The Massacre at al-Aqsa Mosque (October 8, 1990)
The Massacre at the Ibrahami Mosque (February 25, 1994)
The Massacre at Qana (April, 1996)
The Massacre at the "Tunnel"In September, 1996,

U.N. Security Council Resolutions condemning Israeli STATE TERRORISM.

Resolution No. 57 dated September 18, 1948
Res. No. 59
Res. No. 60
Res. No. 61
Res. No. 89
Res. No. 92
Res.No. 100
Res. No. 101
Res. No. 106
Res. No. 111
Res. No. 237
Res. No. 248
Res. No. 256
Res. No. 262
Res. No. 265
Res. No. 270
Res. No. 271
Res. No. 280
Res. No. 316
Res. No. 317
Res. No. 332
Res. No. 337
Res. No. 452
Res. No. 468
Res. No. 469
Res. No. 573
Res. No. 592
Res. No. 605
Res. No. 607
Res. No. 611
Res. No. 636
Res. No. 641

Regarding UN resolutions 242 and 338, the lands Israel took were in Jordan's

The right to return has a solid foundation in international law. It is
upheld in The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, numerous conventions
including The International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of
Discrimination, and UN resolutions including resolution 194 which Israel
accepted as precondition for UN membership but has since refused to
implement. International law clearly demands that neither occupation nor
sovereignty diminish the rights of private ownership.


13.02.2003 04:20

Six Americans, one Israeli aboard space shuttle

Six Americans, one Israeli aboard space shuttle

Robert Nohejl 203.?.?.?

Zprava ,ktera nuti k zamysleni.
Astonishing new information about the demise of the space shuttle. Apparently, the shuttle was on a mission to deploy RICIN poison pods into space, for the US to use against China if war erupts. Ricin may have leaked into the shuttle which was damaged during liftoff, requiring it to be destroyed so as not to contaminate the US with RICIN upon return!
Presvectese sami na Radio Hal Turner Shaw.


09.05.2003 04:08

Důkazy o ZHN byly od počátku pochybné, tvrdí výzvědné služby

Důkazy o ZHN byly od počátku pochybné, tvrdí výzvědné služby

Robert Nohejl 203.?.?.?

Ta politika,ze ano.Postavi se tovarna,ktera muze slouzit vojenskym ucelum a potom po zaplaceni ovsem se dojde k nazoru ,ze se musi znicit,tak jse jde do valky,ovsem z nasi strany spravedlive,jak jinak ani nemuze byt a tu tovarnu rosekamena kousky,po dosazeni okupace nabidneme obnoveni vseho zniceneho,ovsem zase nasimi spolecnostmi,ktere kdysi tu tovarnu staveli,jenze tentokrate si vezmem z teto zeme olej a podle nasiceny si tu "pomoc" budeme srazet z prodeje toho oleje,tak tomu se rika obchod.Co ,takhle ,co Americani rozbili ,zaplatit a nebo postavit ze sve kapsi,to by asi nebyl zadny obchod.Tohle ma svou tradici,kdyz byla Vietnamska valka tak americka firma postavila chemicky zavod v Rusku ,ktery v nekolika hodinach mohl se zmenit na vyrobu vybusnin ,coz se take stalo,takze strelny prach Z AMERICKE TOVARNY V RUSKU SE DOSTAL DO VIETNAMSKYCH NASLAPNYCH MIN a Americky vojak byl vyhozen do povetri americkym strelnym prachem,to same je s "povesti " o Rockefelerove flotile,cast do Saigomu a cast do Hanoje,jen ,at se obchod hybe a penizky se sypou.Takze ,ted si bude iracky lid zit ,jak v perinkach,ani snad nebude muset delat,svobodne volit kohokoliv,proc ne ,kdyz budeme mit nase ruce na kohoutku s naftou,takze je nam jedno kdo bude vladnout,at si vladne,jak chce,ale penize za olej je nas.Jak proste a stale to mnoho lidi nemuze pochopit.


09.05.2003 04:30

Mrtvý novinář nesl bílou vlajku

Mrtvý novinář nesl bílou vlajku

Robert Nohejl 203.?.?.?

Pane Murt vezmete si do ruky ucebnice Marxismu-Leninismu aprectete si jejich historii a sam uvidite ,ze revoluci provedl Trocky-Bronstein,jez mel trvale bytdliste East New Yorku a jeho 300 pochopu jelo s nim lodi z Ameriky do Ruska,jestlize pisete a mluviteo tom ,ze "Nemci"umoznili Leninovi,tak nezapomente,ze Lenin -Blank prijel ,kdyz uz bylo po vsem a jeho poslani bylo organisovano tajnou policii v Nemecku a kdo byl hlavou teto policie ,zid Wartburg.ano ten zid ,ktery tez vlastni banky,takze neni American ,jako American a rovnez neni Nemec ,jako Nemec.Tohle musite historicky spravne rozlisovat a vedet ,kdo je kdo a potom dostanete zcela jiny obrazek vyvoje udalosti.Po zmocneni valdy "bolsevicke -zidovske Rusko platilo zlatem zpet do zidovske banky v New Yorku ,jak sam vnuk Sacha priznava,ze cela tak zvana revoluce byl politicky zidovsky prevrat proveden za zidovske penize proti suverennimu ruskemu statu,rovnez popravci ceta cara byla slozena jen ze zidu,ktery ,uz se davno vzdal sveho trunu a predal moc do rukou zida Kerenskeho,jakozto predstavitele prozatimni vlady.Nezapomente ,ze 520 ,tak zvanych revolucionaru,coz by dnes byli terroristi,bylo na 485 zidu-zionistu v nejvyssich funkcich Rude Vlady Sovetu.Trojku tvorili Kamenev- zet Trockeho,Trocky-Bronstein,Zinoviev-Hirsh Alfelbaun ovsem vedouci Lenin-Blank ,vsichni zide ,ovsem.


09.05.2003 04:43

Za navrácení základní školy ve Falúža se platilo velkými obětmi na životech

Za navrácení základní školy ve Falúža se platilo velkými obětmi na životech

Robert Nohejl 203.?.?.?

Pani Erika ,verte na zazraky,ale ,az dosahnete urciteho veku ,tak zjistite ,ze ty zazraky jsou zonglerske podfuky,jako cele to 11 September 2001.Vezmete jen jedno ,ze to letadlo melo tolik pohonnych latek ,ze z nekterych lidi proste nenasli vubec nic,doslova nic,ani botu,ani sponku v pase,proste nic,ale po terroristech se nasel neporuseny cestovni doklad jen par desitek metru ve vedlejsi ulici a nebyl ani ohoreli,proste zazrak a Americani maji radi zazraky ,nadprirozene kouzelnice,superman,proste neco extra ,typicky holywoodske ,no a na takovemhle zazraku se utvori teorie ,ktera je svym zpusobem zazrakem sama o sobe,takze ted se hada vlada s inteligencnim oddeleni a Pentagonem ,kdo z nich nadelal vic zazraku,tak ,jak i Bush se zaslouzil ctenim z knihy ,kterou drzel obracene a sledoval deni v TV v dobe ,kdy jeste zadny utok nebyl vysilan do televise.My ,tady v Australii mame take zazraky,zazracneho strelce z Tasmanie,ktery musi byt drzen v naproste isolaci ,aby zazrak nepozbyl sveho pusobeni a zazrakem bylo i to ,ze byl obklicen vice jak 200 ostrostrelci a nikdo jej nemohl zlikvidovat i kdyz stale z okna strilel na helikopteru,takze verme na zazraky,nic jineho nam nezbyva.


09.05.2003 05:21

Izrael reaguje na "Plán cest" novým vystupňováním vojenských akcí v pásmu Gazy a na Západním břehu

Izrael reaguje na "Plán cest" novým vystupňováním vojenských akcí v pásmu Gazy a na Západním břehu

Robert Nohejl 203.?.?.?

V zemi ,kde zaseli zidovsky komunismus,je take nemaji radi.Kde vlastne je maji na svete radi?
Antisemites, Racists Freely Participate in May Day Rallies

(May 2, 2003)
As in past years, antisemitic parties freely participated in yesterday’s May Day rallies and antisemitic publishers sold various extremist publications to rally participants. Because Russian newspapers are not published during the May Day holidays, there is limited information about what happened at rallies held all over the country. So far, UCSJ has learned of two rallies that featured antisemitic and racist elements.

In Moscow, members of the National Great Power Party of Russia (NDPR) held signs reading “The Foundation to Save Russia from the Kike-Mason Yoke” and similar slogans, according to UCSJ’s Moscow Bureau. Speakers accused the forces of “world Zionism” acting through “oligarchs” of destroying Russia. Terms like “Tel Aviv-vision” and “Abramoviches” were employed, and one speaker said of the “oligarchs”—“At any moment they are ready to crawl off the Israel or the USA, but we will find them even there.” Antisemitic newspapers like “Zavtra,” “Duel,” “Ya Russky,” and “Era Rossii” were widely distributed, along with “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” and books by David Duke and Henry Ford.

In Pskov, skinheads belonging to the militantly antisemitic Party of Freedom marched in a column as part of the May Day celebrations, screaming fascist slogans like “Russia for Russians!” Leaflets from The Movement Against Illegal Immigration—an organization that first surfaced in connection with mass violence against Armenians in Krasnoarmeysk last July—were distributed, calling for “the creation in every region of mobile brigades of native residents and the MVD to fight against illegal migration” and “the confiscation of property illegally acquired by illegal immigrants.” The head of the Pskov branch of the Party of Freedom—Georgy Pavlov—was sentenced to five years in prison in 2001 for hate crimes committed when he was the head of the local branch of the now banned Union of Veneds, but he has obviously somehow gotten out of prison early. In his rally speech, Mr. Pavlov criticized the government for “doing nothing for the native population” of Russia.


09.05.2003 05:37

Zločin Ernsta Zundela

Zločin Ernsta Zundela

Robert Nohejl 203.?.?.?

To ,co videl kolem sebe Ernst Zundel a co kritisoval a nebo hstoricky obhajoval ,vidi ,dnes tisice Americanu.Toto je z patrioticke-vlastenecke linky.

Shut Down PNAC / Bush Jews ... END TERRORISM
Thu May 8 20:51:12 2003

Anyone that refuses to acknowledge the plethora of evidence indicating U.S. GOVT. complicity in 9-11 and all that has followed is a glue sniffing moron. I am not going to recite the TONS of evidence available because it's been IN YOUR FACE FOR 2 YEARS STUPID ... and I'm not going to tell you that the Constitution was drafted RIGHT AFTER A WAR ... duh !!! So what's so different about this war that we need to trash the old rules for some new TYRANNY.

Look, we have bombed the poorest nation on earth, Afghanistan ...were there any Afghani's on the hijacked planes on 9-11 ... nope ... the passenger lists of all four aircraft don't even have the name of one ARAB on them ... duh ... duh ... duh ...

Where is Bin what's his name ... ??? Where is Saddam Who-sein ??? C;mon you dim wits ... wake up and smell the PNAC.

Perle, Wolfowicz, Rumsfeld, Wurmser, Kristol, Feith, it's a jew screw through and through !!!

Long live Ariel Sharon ... the Mossad and Charlie Manson !!!


09.05.2003 05:47

Zločin Ernsta Zundela

Zločin Ernsta Zundela

Robert Nohejl 203.?.?.?

THE CHOSEN PEOPLE per San Diego Jewish Press Heritage,
Word of Torah by Rabbi Yeruchem Eilfort, October 27, 2000:

"(You should) negate any possible message to the effect that the Jewish
people 'stole' the Holy Land from the seven nations who occupied it. Since
the world belongs to Yahve, He has the right and authority to give any part
of it to any nation He sees fit. This is message considering the current
situation in Israel. " And on November 3rd the neo-Nazi performs once again:
"We Jews are commanded to serve as leaders (in moral sense) of the entire
world. This means we are not permitted to sit back and watch our rabbis
fulfill this critical task. We must also engage in this holy work ourselves,
using all of our strength and creativity in so doing." If one disbelieves
this, should read the Torah and Talmuds at once!! And on November 17 (page
10), the same neo-Nazi admitted that "History has proven that Jews are an
anomaly with the agenda of fixing the world. Our devotion to G-d and His
Torah and mitzvot is our eternal inheritance from the Abraham." (Note: As we
all know, Lenin, Stalin and Hitler were all anomalies since 1917 with blood
of 65 million victims on their hands as the "un-anomalous" Moses has had
ordained in his Torah 3500 years ago). And on page 9 the Heritage warns its
community that the outside world "spread the poison of prejudice to our
(Jewish) children" even with the heretical U.S. Constitution assuring equal
rights to everybody under the Nature's God, while the Elohim, Yahwe, on the
daily basis says in Synagogues that He "made (them) unlike the pagans who
surrounded (them) and (He) assigned to (them) a unique destiny; that to Him
every knee must bend and every TONGUE must vow loyalty for (they, His
children) are His chosen ones and He is (their) Chosen One." (pages 305 and
657 of the Mahzor Hadash, The Prayer Book by Press Media Judaica,
Bridgeport, Connecticut, 1977 and 1986.) And now the last anomaly: "We as
Jewish teenagers in Diaspora and the future leaders of tomorrow believe it
is important as American youth, within the Jewish community, to speak out
because we are almost of voting age and because we take this responsibility
seriously. In four years, America will be ready to elect a Jewish president.
What's next for the Democrats? Plot once more to take control of the
Congress in 2002 (for) the 2004 presidential race has began." (Dec.15,
2000, p.19 & 27)

Who are those "CHOSEN" (ZIONISTS) explains the book ADOLF HITLER FOUNDER OF
ISRAEL/ISRAEL IN WAR WITH JEWS by Hennecke Kardel, ISBN 0-9657523-0-5, April


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20,67 Kč
Čínský juan
3,29 Kč
Polský zloty
5,84 Kč
100 maď. forintů
7,44 Kč
Ukrajinská hřivna
0,94 Kč
100 rublů
36,11 Kč
1 unce (31,1g) zlata
37 891,28 Kč
1 unce stříbra
427,52 Kč
224 915,02 Kč

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