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01.11.2003 06:05

Holocaust ve výrobě

Holocaust ve výrobě

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

. Members of this group are the architects of the pro-Israel Middle East policies and the principal planners of the current war against Iraq and other plans on the table to attack Iran and Syria as well. Among these are:-
 Paul Wolfowitz (US Deputy Secretary of Defense),
 Richard Perle (Pentagon Defense Policy Board [Member]),
 Douglas Feith (Under Secretary of Defense and Policy Advisor),
 Edward Luttwak (National Security Study Group of the Department of Defence),
 Randy Scheunemann (President, Committee for the Liberation of Iraq),
 Henry Kissinger (Pentagon's Defense Policy Board [Member]),
 Dov Zakheim (Under Secretary of Defense),
 Kenneth Adelman (Pentagon's Defense Policy Board [Member]),
 Lewis Libby (Vice President Dick Cheney's Chief of Staff),
 Robert Satloff (U.S. National Security Council Advisor),
 Elliott Abrams (National Security Council Advisor),
 Richard Haass (Director of Policy Planning at the State Department),
 Robert Zoellick (U.S. Trade Representative),
 Ari Fleischer (Official White House Spokesman),
 James Schlesinger (Pentagon's Defense Policy Board [Member]),
 David Frum (White House speechwriter behind the "Axis of Evil" label),
 Joshua Bolten (White House Deputy Chief of Staff),
 Eliot Cohen (Pentagon's Defense Policy Board [Member]) and others.
[ ]
[ ]

S timhle "demokratickym "osazenstvem by se uz mohli spojit primo s vladou Arona Sharona.


07.03.2004 04:17

Kacíř z Hollywoodu

Kacíř z Hollywoodu

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Ja nevim ,proc je takoveho "cvrkotu" kolem toho filmu o ukrizovani Krista a ze,jsou ,tak zvani "zide " tim podrazdeni,kdyz staci ,aby prohlasili,ze za to nenesou zotpovednost protoze jsou ve zkutecnosti Chazari,potomci "zlatych hord"mongolsko-tureckych kmenu ,co tak zuzovali Evropu a meli by to zs krku.Kdo neveri,tak at si od Kostnera precte"Trinacty kmen" a nebo navstivy chazarskou internetovou linku a dozvi se ,ze tak zvani zide ,zidy vlastne nejsou a jen si na ne hraji,tak ,jak mnozi byli jen u komunistu ,ale ve zkutecnosti komunisty nebyli a jak se ted prosazuje prijmout jednu viru v utrpeni zidu,kteri zidy nejsou a nikdy uz nebudou,protoze takovy DNA ukaze ,ze Kurdove maji vic vic k irackym-babilonskym zidum ,nez tahle tlupa hercu z Evropy,kdyz z pocatku mluvili jen zidovsky a pozdeji se zacali uzit hebrejsky ,aby se jeste vic prispusobyli sve uloze "vyvolenych" samovyvolencu,tak ,proc takovy poprask.
*Ty tvrdis ,ze s chudy,ale jsi bohat,ty tvrdis ,zes zid,ale nejses jim.......Novy Zakon.


07.03.2004 04:28

Kacíř z Hollywoodu

Kacíř z Hollywoodu

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Jednoho dne vysilali praci jednoho rabbina,ktery tvrdil,ze Jezis vubec neexistoval.
The Holocaust will remain a fundamental part of modern Jewish identity in the same way that the story of Exodus became a part of Jewish identity." -- Jenni Frazer, participant at the Jewish Chronicle's round table, Jewish Chronicle, London, 13.9.1996, page 41)

What are deadly sins to Christians according to the New Testament are for Jews, god like deeds according to the Old Testament. "Ancient Roman historian Tacitus said: 'To the Jews everything is unholy that is holy for us'. ... He wondered why Jews hate 'all other human beings as enemies'." --Focus, Munich 38/2001, page 130. What is called the Jewish Religion, in other words the manual for deeds which are branded as deadly sins by other Religions, are explained by Egyptologists as "A new type of religion, as a Counter Religion." --Focus, Munich 38/2001, page 130

The Christian Redeemer called the followers of the so-described "Counter Religion" the children of the devil (Anti-Christ): "Jesus said to [the Jews]: 'Why is my language not clear to you? Because you are unable to hear what I say. You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father's desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies'." (John 8:43-44)

The dogmas of the leading Jews are defined by the doyen of Bible-Criticism, Julius Wellhausen, as "spiritual acquisition of history". The German weekly magazine Focus called it: "An invention to create a tradition for establishing an identity."--Focus, Munich 38/2001, page 130

Focus claims that Moses isn't a figure of history, but "of remembrance". This reminds many people of Holocaust-Priest Elie Wiesel who explained his holocaust tales as follows: "Things are not that simple, Rebbe. Some events do take place but are not true; others are - although they never occurred." --Legends of Our Time, Schocken Books, New York, 1982 p. viii)


07.03.2004 04:35

Kacíř z Hollywoodu

Kacíř z Hollywoodu

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

When the word Judaism was born, there was no longer a Hebrew-'Israelite' state. The people who embraced the creed of Judaism were already mixed of many races and strains; and this diversification was rapidly growing...

Perhaps the most significant mass conversion to the Judaic faith occurred in Europe, in the 8th century A.D., and that story of the Khazars (Turko-Finnish people) is quite pertinent to the establishment of the modern State of 'Israel'. This partly nomadic people, probably related to the Volga Bulgars, first appeared in Trans-Caucasia in the second century. They settled in what is now Southern Russia, between the Volga and the Don, and then spread to the shores of the Black, Caspian and Azov seas. The Kingdom of Khazaria, ruled by a khagan or khakan fell to Attila the Hun in 448, and to the Muslims in 737. In between, the Khazars ruled over part of the Bulgarians, conquered the Crimea, and stretched their kingdom over the Caucasus farther to the northwest to include Kiev, and eastwards to Derbend. Annual tributes were levied on the Russian Slavonians of Kiev. The city of Kiev was probably built by the Khazars. There were Jews in the city and the surrounding area before the Russian Empire was founded by the Varangians whom the Scandinavian warriors sometimes called the Russ or Ross (circa 855-863).


07.03.2004 04:56

Kacíř z Hollywoodu

Kacíř z Hollywoodu

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Co Hilkhoth Maakhaloth Christians are idolaters, must not associate.
Abhodah Zarah (22a) Don't associate with gentiles, they shed blood
Iore Dea (153, 2). Must not associate with Christians, shed blood
Abhodah Zarah (25b). Beware of Christians when walking with them.
Orach Chaiim (20, 2). Christians disguise themselves to kill Jews.
Abhodah Zarah (15b) Christians have sex relations with animals.
Abhodah Zarah (22a) Suspect Christians of intercourse with animals.
Schabbath (145b) Christians unclean because they eat accordingly
Abhodah Zarah (22b) Christians unclean because not at Mount Sinai.
Iore Dea (198, 48). Clean female Jews contaminated by Christians.
Kerithuth (6b p. 78) Jews called men, Christians not called men.
Makkoth (7b) Innocent of murder if intent to kill Christian.
Orach Chaiim (225, 10) Christians and animals grouped.
Midrasch Talpioth 225 Christians created to minister to Jews.
Orach Chaiim 57, 6a Christians to be pitied more than sick pigs.
Zohar II (64b) Christian idolaters likened to cows and asses.
Kethuboth (110b). Psalmist compares Christians to unclean beasts.
Sanhedrin (74b). Tos. Sexual intercourse of Christian like beast.
Kethuboth (3b) The seed of Christian is valued as seed of beast.
Kidduschim (68a) Christians like the people of an ass.
Eben Haezar (44,8) Marriages between Christian and Jews null.
Zohar (II, 64b) Christian birth rate to be diminished materially.
Zohar (I, 28b) Christian idolaters children of Eve's serpent.
Zohar (I, 131a) Idolatrous people (Christians) befoul the world.
Emek Haschanach (17a) Non-Jews' souls come from death and its shadow.
Zohar (I, 46b, 47a) Souls of gentiles have unclean divine origins.
Rosch Haschanach (17a) Non-Jews souls go down to hell.
Iore Dea (337, 1). Replace dead Christians like lost cow or ass.
Iebhammoth (61a) Jews called men, but not Christians called men.
Abhodah Zarah (14b) T. Not to sell religious works to Christians.
Abhodah Zarah (78) Christian churches are places of idolatry.
Iore Dea (142, 10) Must keep far away physically from churches.
Iore Dea (142, 15) Do not listen to church music or look at idols.
Iore Dea (143, 1) Must not rebuild homes destroyed near churches.
Hilkoth Abh. Zar. (10b) Jews must nor resell broken chalices to Christians.
Schabbath (116a) Tos. Gospels called volumes of iniquity, heretical books.
Schabbath (116a). Talmudists agree that books of Christians to be burned.
Abhodah Zarah (2a). Festivals of Christians called days of calamity.
Abhodah Zarah (78c). Christian feast days despicable, vain and evil.
Abhodah Zarah (6a). Forbidden to observe Christian Christmas day.
Hikoth Akum (ch.IX). Forbidden to celebrate Easter and Christmas.
Chullin (91b) Jews possess dignity even angels cannot share.
Sanhedrin, 58b To strike Israelite like slapping face of God.
Chagigah, 15b A Jew considered good in spite of sins he commits.
Gittin (62a) Jew stay away from Christian homes on holidays.
Choschen Ham. (26,1) Jew not sue before a Christian judge or laws.
Choschen Ham (34,19) Christian or servant cannot becom



22.03.2004 05:08

Bylo nebylo

Bylo nebylo

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Takovych pohadek dnesnich dnu jsoustovky,nebot neproduktivnich ,ale dobre placenych a nepostradatelnych pribyva,kam se jen podivate.Farmar mel bananovou plantaz a trapil jej hmyz ,ktery nadelal plno skody a tak mu nekdo poradil,ze ,nez kupovat nakladne postriky a jedovate chemikalie,ze je lepsi pustit do plantaze slepice ,ktere bananum neublizi ,ale za to sezobaji vsechno,co skodi bananum a na vic bude mit dobra zdrava vajicka.Vse bezelo,jak se predpokladalo,banany rostli,skudcu bylo malo ,slepice vykonavaly ,co se odnich predpokladalo a v kuchyni byly krasna vajicka a jejich zlutava barva se projevovala vsude tam ,kam se vejce pridaly.Casem,ale zacal farmar od svych slepic ve volnem vybehu vajicka prodavat,nebot pro jeho kuchyn byl to znacny nadbytek,coz ,ale zaznamenal vsemocne,tak ,zvane "Vajecne predstavestvo" a dovolavalo se ,ze takova akce je nezakonna ,nebot farmar nebyl a tedy i neplatil "predstavenstvu",takze dost vydelaval do vlastni kapsy bez byrokraticke kontroli a vajicka sly na stul primo zakaznikovi.Predstavestvo si vsak udelalo sve zakony ,kdo neni v "Predstavenstvu" nesmi prodavat,tak prijela police s cleny predstavenstva (ochranci zvirat a prirody nikde,ovsem) a zacali bez povoleni farmare honit slepice a na miste likvidovat,zakon byl na jejich strane v ramci statniho zakona ,kam se jejich financni vliv pres politiky protlacil,jako ve vsech volbach,kam zbohatlici prispeji,aby si zarucili svuj poklidny zivot v podnikani,zatimco tem nemajetnycm zneprijemnili zivot a dostali se na uroven svych zakonu,ktere si zaplatili a tak mnozi zase kupuji vybledla vejce od "Vajecneho a vsemocneho predtavenstva" a z pozadi se smeje prodejce jedu a chemikaliii,ze zase dostali farmare tam ,kam chteli,mame demokracii,ale mnozi jsou demokratictejsi ,nezli VY !!!!


22.03.2004 05:11

Tisíciletá válka mezi Ruskem a Chazary

Tisíciletá válka mezi Ruskem a Chazary

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Marc Dutroux: A Jewish child sex ring kidnapped French girls as young as eight, raped them, and murdered them

French Break Up Jewish-Zionist Child Sex Ring
Say Gang Which Kidnapped Eight Year Olds Protected By Politicians, Police
3/3/2004 5:45:56 PM
LSN Staff

A very holy religion

"Wether she be a child of three or an adult ... because he had wilful coitus with her, she must be killed, as is the case with a beast, because through her a Jew got into trouble ... all Gentile women are presumed to be prostitutes"

»According to the Talmudic Encyclopedia: 'He who has carnal knowledge of the wife of a Gentile is not liable to the death pe-nalty, for it is written: "thy fellow's wife" rather than the alien's wife; and even the precept that a man "shall cleave unto his wife" which is addressed to the Gentiles does not apply to a Jew, just there is no matrimony for a heathen; and although a married Gentile woman is forbidden to the Gentiles, in any case a Jew is exempted.' This does not imply that sexual intercour-se between a Jewish man and a Gentile woman is permitted - quite the contrary. But the main punishment is inflicted on the Gentile woman; she must be execu-ted, even if she was raped by the Jew: 'If a Jew has coitus with a Gentile woman, whether she be a child of three or an adult, whether married or unmarried, and even if he is a minor aged only nine years and one day - because he had wilful coitus with her, she must be killed, as is the case with a beast, because through her a Jew got into trouble. The Jew, how-ever, must be flogged, and if he is Kohen (member of the priestly tribe) he must receive double the number of lashes, because he has committed a double offence: a Kohen must not have intercour-se with a prostitute, and all Gentile wo-men are presumed to be prostitutes.«

Israel Shahak, Jewish History, Jewish Religion, Pluto Press, London 1994, p. 87/88, (ISBN 0 7453 0818 X).

Paris, France -- A Jewish child sex ring operating from the Zionist entity kidnapped French girls as young as eight, raped them, and murdered them, according to the testimony given in open court today by accused accomplice Marc Dutroux.
Dutroux is being tried for six counts of rape and four counts of murder, including the murder of one Bernard Weinstein, described on CNN as "a Frenchman", and in reality one the ring's Jewish masterminds with alleged organized crime links in the Zionist Entity.
Dutroux testified that this Zionist-Jew child sex ring, part of an international porn cartel, was protected by both French police and French politicians, both of whom has been bought off by France's powerful Jewish lobby.
This is not the first case of a Zionist-Jew child sex ring being exposed. In 1999 the Zionist embassy in Brazil was shut down by authorities after the Zionist ambassador was found to be kidnapping Brazilian children, raping, and murdering them in elaborate parties at his estate. In Italy a Jewish-Zionist child sex ring was expos


22.03.2004 05:24

Útok v Madridu - Qui bono?

Útok v Madridu - Qui bono?

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Kdyz Americane z ustranivedli valku v Afganistanu proti sovetum pomoci Bin Ladena,jez byl placen CIA a ta rovnez cvicila a pomahala zasobovat je zbranemi,jez vycistily vzdusny prostor raketami zeme vzduch,tak temto muhadzinum rikali partizani,bojovnici za svobodu a jine a Ruske vojaky ,jako invazni jednotky a okupanty,jenze ,Rusove se stahli a zde zustal velky obchod s dragama,ktery prevzali fanaticti verici v Alaha a ty jej pres svou viru zcela zlikvidovaly,coz se zase nehodilo CIA ,nebot to byl hlavni prijem a take "zlate prasatko" o ktere se vlasten neprimo s Rusaky tahali,takze partizani pres noc se stali terroristy,kteri si chteli delat poradek ve vlastni zemi podle svych predstav na rozdil od predstav CIA,takze mnozi museli byt pod zakonem neceho zlikvidovani,aby zase pole s makovicema byly vsude a opiovy obchod kvetl,jenze pod patronaci jinych panu,kteri naoko bojuji proti drogam,tam ,kde by jim rostla konkurence a utikal prijem dolaru a tak jednadvacate stoleti ma tichou nikym prakticky nevidenou OPIOVOU VALKU ,ackoliv zucastneni politici se muzou pretrhnout humalnimi zakony nad nehumalnimi skutky "osvoboditelu".


31.08.2004 11:51

Olympijská pravidla by neměla umožňovat vyšinutým jedincům ovlivnit výsledek

Olympijská pravidla by neměla umožňovat vyšinutým jedincům ovlivnit výsledek

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Stari Rekove v zakladu olympijskych her meli na mysli,zachovani klidu zbrani v dobe provadeni olympijskych her ,to vsak je vystridano materialistickym pocinanim ,tak tedy na hrach se zucasni staty ktere vrazdi nekde ve svete a zde prijdou na stadion "ve jmenu miru a pratelstvi",jake to pokritectvi.Americane vrazdi lidi daleko pres ocean ,kteri Amriku nemuzou v zadnem pripade ogrozit a navic lzi si upravuji cestu "spravedlnosti " k opodstaneni sveho kriminalniho cinu. Israel,vrazdi denne ,co by okupacni sila domorodce Palestiny ,ktere si dovoli nazyvat terroristy ,zatimco jeho okupacni jednotky zidovsky tisk nazyv a poradkovymi jednotkami astrili od deti na piskovisti az po tehotne zeny jdouci z nakupu,jak daleko klesl tento svet a jak dokazal tento svet znicit moralitu a zkoznovat kriminalitu udelanou na vydelku nekolika jidasskych dolaru .Podle mne,olympiada z principu humanity a cti ke starym Rekum se nemela vubec konat a nebo zeme jez vedou valku nemeli by vubec pripusteni k olympijskym hram.Svet je skoruplovany ,v zasade lidi-politiku,ale prosty clovek ma natolik soudnosti ,ze vidi ,co je spatne a co ne.Sportovci sami o sobe se stali majetkem politiku a otroci propagace od lednicek az na sportovni automobily,nebot nad vykony ktere podavaji nemaji tuseni k cemu byly olympijske hry utvoreny,v zasade ne na jejich milliony z reklam na TV,sami se sproneverili ve jmenu mamonu olympijske myslence,fysicky ve vyborne kondici ,mentalne ,pod uroven cloveka ,nic jim nevadi ,ani zabijeni nevinnych lidi ve svete,moralni pad ,nenahradi bombasticke hlasani a prop[agace olympijskych her ,ktere se staly komercni zalezitosti,necht si kazdy udela usudek sam podle sveho moralniho standartu,pokud jeste neni obeti materialismu,jako ti ostatni.


31.08.2004 12:09

Američané opět objevili Ameriku: Izraelský špión ve vedení Pentagonu!

Američané opět objevili Ameriku: Izraelský špión ve vedení Pentagonu!

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Mozna nad tim "kocourkovem " v Americe by se mnozi neudrzeli smichy ,co se tam deje,zejmen a,kdyz zide "cvici" s Amerikou jak se jim zalibi,legrace stranou ,kdyz shledame,ze je to supervelmoc s destruktivnim ucinkem v rukach techto zidu ,kteri prolezli sely statni apart,takz e na spatnem jednani Ameriky ve svete nema radovy obcan zadnou kontrolu a zotpovednost,tato zeme vinila Nemce v zotpovednosti,za to co delal Hitler a take je v Nurimbergu za to vesela a nevzala v uvahu ,ze na svou obranu rikali,ze jen nasledovali rozkazy jim dane zezhora,ted nam Kerry bud erikat neco o desserterovi a "desserter:zase neco o nekom ,kdo rezal usi Vietkongu ,kdy zse jim dostal do rukou,spina hazena z jedne strany na druhou ,ale ve zkutecnosti nic podstatneho ke zmene ,nebot Kerry jeste nez je zvoleny prohlasuje ,ze bude nasledovat Israel;skou politiku z kapes Americanu na udrzeni tohoto umele vytvoreneho statu,coz je ozdobou prace Spojenych Narodu,kteri se snazi rovnat svet a svym rovnanim nadelaji vic mrtvol ,nez kdokoliv jiny,za svou existenci s pochybnym puvodem nikde nikdy zadny mir nenastolili a kdyz ,tak po velkych obetech a s "americkou zahranicni politikou" postavenou na vydelku z lupu-okradani druheho,nebot valka neni nic jineho nez loupez za bileho dne a tak se uz ani zbrane hromadneho nicweni nehledaji ,kdyz olej tec espravnym smerem a to je ta jedina moralka ,co dnesni svet ma,takze datum se zvysilo,ale hodnoty humanismu se snizily,v tomto ,tak propagovanem novem tisicileti,kdyz ma vrah novy zaket a zasebou miliony z mrtvol ,tak je to pan ,ze ano?


31.08.2004 12:23

Kde hľadať hranice politickej korektnosti

Kde hľadať hranice politickej korektnosti

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Ta politicka korektnost se da vyjadrit prikladem ,kde se odbyva ,zda v Moskve a nebo ve Washingtonu,jina zeme jiny mrav a jina politicka hladina soudnictvi ,co muzes a co ne.

American se chlubi,ze ma takovou demokracii ,ze muze klidne udelat svou lidskou potrebu, treba pred Bilym Domem a nic se mu nestane,policie nezakroci,takovou maji demokraciii a svobodu v Americe.
Rusak ,rika ,ze take u nich v Moskve muze pred Kremelskym palacem udelat tez ,svou lidskou potrebu aniz by hlidka pred Kremelskym palacem proti nemu zakrocila,natoz American je velmi mile prekvapen ,jak Rusove v demokracii pokrocili a dohnali "zapadni svet"
Po chvili se Rus ozve,ze to neni tak ,jak mu presne licil s tim ,ze muze klidne a beze strachu vykonat svou lidsou potrebu pred Kremelskym palacem:,Vis ,rozdil je v tom ,ze ja muzi to klidne vykonat ,aniz by se mi cokoliv stalo,ale nesmim si sundat kalhoty!!!!


23.09.2004 13:12



Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

by Sir Oswald Mosley

More drivel is talked about the Jews than most subjects; both ways. The views that all Jews are born wicked, or that all Jews should be the sacred objects of the system, seems to me equal nonsense. I am neither an anti-Semite, nor a sycophant of Semites. The attitude of our movement has been both consistent and intelligible throughout. We have never attacked any man on account of race or religion, and we never shall. But we attack any man, whatever his race or religion, who acts against the interests of Britain or Europe; particularly Britons who ought to know better than to serve alien interests. It is a straightforward attitude, which has been formed by clear principles.

Why then have we been involved in clashes with Jewish interests, and why are so many Jews violently against us? The answers again are clear. Before the war I believed that certain great Jewish interests were trying to involve us in war, not in a British, but in a Jewish quarrel: I still believe it. The reasons for our belief and for the Jewish action are equally intelligible. It is true that a considerable number of Jews were having a bad time in Germany, and it can also be argued that if a similar number of Englishmen had been having an equally bad time in Germany, there would have been a demand among many Englishmen for war against Germany. But it is beyond question from the evidence of the period, that powerful Jewish interests were trying to produce war between Britain and Germany. They made it their business to start a war in the Jewish interest. I, and my friends, made it our business to stop that war, in British interest. That led to a head-on clash, and I still think that we were right in doing our utmost to prevent that war.


23.09.2004 13:13



Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

The issues between us, and those Jews before the war, were therefore quite simple and clear. They wanted to make a war, and we wanted to stop it. That is the long and the short of the whole matter. There was no question of racial persecution on our part. That was entirely contrary to our principles, which I put on public record at the time. We British were running a great Empire composed of many different races, and any suggestion of racial persecution would have broken it up. For practical, as well as moral reasons, it would have been the gravest error for us to pursue a policy of any kind of racial persecution. The Germans had entirely different national problems, as well as in some respects, a different national character, which was derived from a diversity of historic experience.

Our duty then, was to hold together and develop a multi-racial Empire. Their task, was to bring together and unite, the German peoples of one race. Because we wanted entirely different things, there was no need whatever, for a clash between us. The man you were apt to quarrel with, is the man who wants the same thing you do. The closely related peoples of Britain and Germany were by every design of nature complementary powers; a sea power concerned with a great Empire, and a land power concerned with its own people in a continental land mass.


23.09.2004 13:14



Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

The crime of those who then ruled Europe on both sides was to permit the division of Europe, which resulted in fratricidal war. The division of Europe was the supreme crime. It is true that the British Government actually declared war in a quarrel which was none of our business. But the errors of the German Government certainly assisted that act, and the consequent catastrophe. The world combination of their enemies against them was facilitated by the precipitate arrogance of the "patience exhausted" line, which provides a striking and instructive contrast to the more adroit and successful policies of characters so different as, Bismarck and Khrushchev. But the fatal line-up against Germany was above all aided by their anti-Semitic policy, which enabled their main enemies, in the international finance world, to build up a front against them. These errors brought to nought, all of the great social achievements of the National Socialist movement.

We, always rejected the nonsensical doctrine that a whole people were born wicked, and doomed to sin and damnation from birth. This is the deep moral and intellectual error of anti-Semitism, which has for a long period impeded the whole movement of European renaissance; despite all its wide diversity of form, in different countries. Neither before, during, nor after the war, did we have anything to do with the doctrine of anti-Semitism. Our policy now remains the same. When after the war, at the time of Suez, some Jewish interests were trying to drag us to war, not in a British, but Jewish quarrel, we again attacked them. We have neither fear nor favour; we attack men not for what they are, but for what they do.


23.09.2004 13:15



Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

When after the war, at the time of Suez, some Jewish interests were trying to drag us to war, not in a British, but Jewish quarrel, we again attacked them. We have neither fear nor favour; we attack men not for what they are, but for what they do. When you see in some periods little or nothing about Jews, in our speeches or publications, it does not mean that we have changed our principles, but that at this time we see nothing to quarrel about. We only attack a Jew, a Gentile, an Englishman or an Eskimo, when he is doing something against the interests of Britain.

But, reply those possessed by a fuddled anti-Semitism, many Jews are doing something wrong all of the time. Quite right, we reply, and so are a number of Englishmen and members of other peoples of this island. The point is, that we are going to bring all of these damned rackets to an end, whoever does them. Those who run the rackets will find themselves either in jail, or out of the country, whoever they are. We shall do this by the fearless application of existing law, which could stop this corruption, if the government itself were not corrupt. If this is not enough, we shall ask the people to give us the power to make new laws. We are going to smash this corruption. That will solve the problem.

If the views of the anti-Semites were correct, then all Jews would be caught by these laws; so they have nothing to bellyache about. But, of course, their view is not true, because no people have what the Victorians called "a double dose of original sin". The only effect of this foolish opinion is to let the big rogues go scot-free.


23.09.2004 13:15



Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

While anti-Semites are busy pursuing the little Jews, the big villains of all races who run international finance are sitting back and laughing at them in the City, or Wall Street, or in kindred haunts of the usury species. How many of them were ever caught by the Nazis ? On the contrary, the error of some Nazis played right into their hands, and gave them the weapons to defeat the European renaissance in every country. Now comes again, in a newer and higher form, the renaissance of the European man; this time not to lose, but to win.


23.09.2004 13:57



Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

The following item appeared in the New York Herald Tribune on February 16, 1947 (and was repeated by Ivan T. Sanderson in the January 1970 issue of his magazine, Pursuit):

When the first atomic bomb exploded in New Mexico, the desert sand turned to fused green glass. This fact, according to the magazine Free World, has given certain archaeologists a turn. They have been digging in the ancient Euphrates Valley and have uncovered a layer of agrarian culture 8,000 years old, and a layer of herdsman culture much older, and a still older caveman culture. Recently, they reached another layer.of fused green glass.

It is well known that atomic detonations on or above a sandy desert will melt the silicon in the sand and turn the surface of the Earth into a sheet of glass. But if sheets of ancient desert glass can be found in various parts of the world, does it mean that atomic wars were fought in the ancient past or, at the very least, that atomic testing occurred in the dim ages of history?


07.10.2004 11:28

Kerry mě nezajímá

Kerry mě nezajímá

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Svet se diky Spojenym Statum stava cim dal,tim vice necitelnym,vychazi na povrch ,ze Saddam Hussein nemel zadne zbrane hromadneho niceni a ze vse byla jen propaganda osparvedlnit agresivni valku ve jmenu velkych zbrojarskych koncernu proti slabsim statum.Lez dominuje na zidama kontrolovanyma mediama a na nasledky lzi i Spojene Narody uvalili sankce proti Iranskemu lidu ,kde 500 000 deti zemrelo podvizivou,ted ,politici nemaji zadne vycitky svedomi ,deti jinych narodu je nezajimaji,kdo jednou lze ,vetsinou lze i na dale,TAKZE DO VEDENI SVETA SE DOSTAVAJI JHARI TOHO NEJHRUBSIHO ZRNA,a svet je proti nim bezbranny,nemot vetsina populac eprosedi svuj cas pred TV na fotbale a nebo krvaku z Hollywoodu,takze nemaji cas na zamestnani vlastnich mozkovych bunek,takze ,neciti bolest jinych ,kdyz je to neboli ,je samotne a politici pokracuji zcela nerusene ve lzich a propagande ,nebot v pravde receno neexistuje oposice proti jejich lzim.Predstavte si ,ze by se bUsh omluvil a ne jen to ,ale zaplatil z te bohate Ameriky odskodneni vsem tem ,co ztratili sve pribuzne v tomto konfliktu na zaklade lzi a co ti ,co slepe nesledovali Busje, stale usmevavy Tony a zastupce serifa ,John Howard.


07.10.2004 11:41

Kerry mě nezajímá

Kerry mě nezajímá

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Ze vseho zustaly jen lzi a obeti techto lzi,politici a jejich experti jsou nedotknutelni v ramci jejich blbosti.

www.sfgate.com Return to regular view
U.S. inspector finds no evidence Saddam made weapons after 1991
- KEN GUGGENHEIM, Associated Press Writer
Wednesday, October 6, 2004

(10-06) 16:23 PDT WASHINGTON (AP) --

Contradicting the main argument for a war that has cost more than 1,000 American lives, the top U.S. arms inspector said Wednesday he found no evidence that Iraq produced weapons of mass destruction after 1991. He also concluded that Saddam Hussein's ability to develop such weapons had dimmed -- not grown -- during a dozen years of sanctions before last year's U.S.-led invasion. Zkraceno


07.10.2004 12:00

Holocaust nebyl

Holocaust nebyl

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Bozi "oblibenci" zavrazdili 13 lete devce.
An anonymous source, said Okrent, "who turns out to have lied . . . can be fairly exposed. The victims of the lie are the paper's readers, and the contract with them supersedes all others. (See Chalabi, Ahmad, et al.)" Unlike the editor's note, Okrent names the reporter, Judith Miller, who was closest to Chalabi, and also informs readers that the Times hired Chalabi's niece in its Kuwait bureau in 2003.
We should not rush to judge Chalabi. If a pigeon buys the Brooklyn Bridge from a sidewalk shyster, who's at fault? Bush's crowd had been looking to buy the bridge for years. Chalabi made the sale.
If they want to get even for a rotten deal, who can blame them?
Goldsborough can be reached via e-mail at jim.goldsborough@uniontrib.com.
Did you for more information already read the Adolf Hitler Founder of Israel by Hennecke Kardel? It is accessible at each Search Engine, as well as the info about Project for the New American Century (PNAC). Reading both is a must!! Check the Internet for both, the Kardel and the Project, installed by prominent American Jews. In order to understand what is going on, you also should read The World Hoax by Ernest F. Elmhurst, 1938, USA..


07.10.2004 12:51

Orwellovská Amerika

Orwellovská Amerika

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Jestlize ,jednou ,v budoucnu ,budou zide borit krestanske kosteli,tak ,jak v Rusku,tak nehnu ani prstem ,pro tyhle kolaboranty krestanstvi.

Brian Hendler

Christians from around the world on a pilgrimage to Israel participate in a group prayer Oct. 3 in Jerusalem.

Evangelical Christians rally
en masse for the Jewish state

By Dina Kraft

JERUSALEM, Oct. 5 (JTA) — “I Stand by Israel” reads Christel Diekmann’s T-shirt as Star of David earrings dangle above her shoulders.
On her 34th pilgrimage to Israel, she is one of more than 4,000 evangelical Christians from across the globe who have gathered here to pledge their unconditional support for the Jewish state.

“If I believe in the Bible I have to help Israel,” said Diekmann, 51, who runs a Jewish-Christian outreach organization in Oberursel, Germany.

Dismissing any skepticism about the unflinching support for Israel offered by the evangelists, American television evangelist Pat Robertson, the highest profile of the pilgrims, who has spoken out vehemently against Palestinian statehood and militant Islam, said, “I’m one of the best friends you’ve ever had.”

As other Christian groups consider divestment campaigns against Israel and anti-Israel sentiment across the world grows, many here welcomed the visiting Christians.

Israel’s minister of Diaspora affairs, Natan Sharanksy, who spoke to and was honored by the visiting pilgrims, told JTA that the evangelical Christians are good for the Jewish people.



10.10.2004 01:04

Byl předložen ještě přísnější návrh zákona postihující dětskou pornografii

Byl předložen ještě přísnější návrh zákona postihující dětskou pornografii

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Ryba vzdycky smrdi od hlavy.

Original Link: http://www.washtimes.com/national/20020510-25256488.htm

A UNICEF-funded book being passed out at the United Nations Child Summit encourages children to engage in sexual activities with other minors and with homosexuals and animals.

As the delegations to the summit remain deadlocked on abortion, international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) that support the U.S. delegation's anti-abortion stance circulated copies of pages from a UNICEF-funded book given to delegates from Latin America that promotes sexual activity and abortion among teens in their countries.

"Reproductive health includes the following components: Counseling on sexuality, pregnancy, methods of contraception, abortion, infertility, infections and diseases," says the Spanish-language book, whose title translates to "Theoretic Elements for Working with Mothers and Pregnant Teens."

An accompanying workshop book produced by the U.N. Children's Fund (UNICEF) tells Latin American mothers and teens: "Situations in which you can obtain sexual pleasure: 1. Masturbation. 2. Sexual relations with a partner — whether heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual. 3. A sexual response that is directed toward inanimate objects, animals, minors, non-consenting persons."

The book, which was distributed by the Mexican government with U.N. funding, suggests lesbian sex as an acceptable alternative for girls.



10.10.2004 01:24

Byl jsem požádán o vyjádření...

Byl jsem požádán o vyjádření...

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Mate pravdu,zpiva se ,Kde domov muj a jeste se bude zpivat a hodne ,protoze Cechy zacinaji cim dal tim vice byt zaplavovany cizinci,takze nasinec si v brzku posteskne ,Kde domov muj,tak ,jak dnes uz nekteri Britove is zpivaji nasi himnu a nebude dlouho trvat a i ta Amerika se zmeni k nepoznani az vetsina obyvatel bude barevni a denne jim pribyvaji "rasove" vrazdy bilych obyvatel.Kazdy Cech ma ten "Hradcansky komplax"a nikdo z nas neodchazel rad,vsichni by radeji byli doma,ale svet se meni,za komunistu bylo strasidlo Usury a jit pro komunisty do valky nekde ve svete.Takovy Peroutka cekal cely svuj zivot ,ze se Ceskoslovensko osvobodi z drapu komunismu,nedockal se.Mnozi z nas jsme dostali za drahou cenu svetovou zkusenost,mnozi z nas ji ani neprezili,ale jedno vime,ze Evropa je zatahovana do muslimskeho dobrodruzstvi a je to znat na tom ,jak byvale vlady sovetskeho bloku ochotne -lokajsky ,jde bojovat ne za komunismus ,a jde ted bojovat za kapitalismus a slouzi "Americe",ktera sama slouzi Israelu,jestlize mame verit odbornikum a ruznym predpovedim,tak ,kdyz dojde ke krestansko -muslimske valce,tak ,jak se zminil i Nosterdamus,tak z Evropy nic moc nezustane.
Cas nam ukaze ,zda jsme volili spatne a nebo spravne,zda put sebezachovi- zachrany nas klamal anebo velel spravne,tomu ,cemu jsme utikali komunismu ,nakonec schytame v demokracii,kdo vi?


10.10.2004 01:33

Největším překvapením v říjnu bude, nepřijde-li žádné

Největším překvapením v říjnu bude, nepřijde-li žádné

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Mas pravdu a proto Amerika ,pod vedenim zidu,nahledni do seznamu vlady,kteri bez zasti a nenavisti zbombardovali Afganistan a po djejich velenim se stal nejvetsim dodavatelem drag a ted Iraq ,ktery nemel zbrane hromadneho niceni a presto jen blokadou zahynulo bez zasti a nenavisti na 500 000 deti ,se kterymi se rozloucila "nase Marenka"a co zivoyu stalo bombardovani Bagdadu,aby novy a lepsi presidet mohl strilet lidi na policejni stanici,nahledni do zprav,a co takova Palestina ,kde se bez zasti a nenavisti v jejich vlastni zemi strili deti jdouci ze skoly a nebo deti na kole,proste,raj na svete,ale jen pro nektere.


10.10.2004 01:38

Největším překvapením v říjnu bude, nepřijde-li žádné

Největším překvapením v říjnu bude, nepřijde-li žádné

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

I told my mum I couldn't see. She said that the lights had gone out in the whole world
Huda Darwish, 13, blinded by gunfire

It has been particularly bad in Khan Yunis in the last few days: a 62-year-old man was shot dead visiting an elementary school on Monday; an 11-year-old girl survived after being struck in the head as she sat in a classroom two days earlier.
One victim, 13-year-old Huda Darwish, remembers being told to shelter from the gunfire, but there being no time before she was struck in the head by a bullet.

"The teacher took me to the hospital and they said that this is a very serious case... that I might die," she says.

"After 12 days I got up and I felt lots of pain in my head. I asked about the light, I said 'Where's the light?'

"I told my mum I couldn't see. She said that the lights had gone out... That they had gone out in the whole world - that it wasn't just me in the dark.


10.10.2004 01:52

Největším překvapením v říjnu bude, nepřijde-li žádné

Největším překvapením v říjnu bude, nepřijde-li žádné

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Americka vlada ???

To jste nevìdìli, že všichni židé vládnoucí dnes v US politice jsou také izraelští obcané? Jen se zeptejte Aria Fleischera, Bushova mluvèího, nebo Paula Wolfowitze, Perleho, Libbye, Adelmana, Satloffa, Kissingera, Luttwaka, Feitha, Zakheima, Abramsa, Grossmana, Haasse, Zoelicka, Schlesingera, Semblera, Chertoffa, Boltona, Greenspana, Goldsmitha, Goldena, Gerstena, Gildenhorna, Weinbergera, Bodmana, Cohena, Davise, Bloomfielda, Lefkowitze, Fruma, Melmana, Blakemana...to jsou všechno židé a všichni mají na starosti vìci ve Washingtonu. To jsou jména z dnešních novin.

Paul Dundes Wolfowitz – Zástupce ministra, Ministerstvo obrany

Richard Perle – Místo ministr obrany pro mezinárodní ochranu politiky

Ari Flischer – Tiskový mluvèí Bílého domu

Josh Bolten – Zástupce náèelníka štábu

Ken Melman – Politický øeditel Bílého domu

Jay Lefkowitz – Zástupce asistenta prezidenta a øeditele vnitrostátní politické rady

David Frum – Skuteèný pisatel projevù

Brad Blakeman – Vedoucí rozpoètu Bílého domu

Dov Zakheim – Zástupce ministra obrany (kontrolor)

I. Lewis Libby – Náèelník štábu více prezidenta

Adam Golman – Zamìstnanec Bílého domu pro styk s židovskou komunitou .Zkraceno


10.10.2004 02:41

Byl jsem požádán o vyjádření...

Byl jsem požádán o vyjádření...

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Zde je seznam zemi,ktere se zapojili do valky v Iraku,aniz by meli ,jakykoliv duvod ,zejmena ,kdy i Amann priznal,ze valka v Iraku je nelegalni.(Ktera valka v historii lidstva byla legalni?)

Found this in a google search at global security.org.

As of August 5, 2004, there were 30 non-U.S. military forces contributing to the ongoing stability operations throughout Iraq.

These countries were Albania, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Rep, El Salvador, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Thailand, United Kingdom, and Ukraine.
Vsechny tyto staty se stavaji neprateli Irackeho lidu a jsou tercem odplaty-terroristu.Semeno ke treti svetove valce je zaseto.


05.11.2004 10:05

Bush versus Kerry

Bush versus Kerry

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

> .............
> .. Los Angeles, Alta California ..
> November 4, 2004
> Arafat may have been poisoned
> Dr. Christian Estripeau of Percy Hospital in Paris
> said today that Yasser Arafat, who is being treated at
> the hospital, is showing symptoms of arsenic
> poisoning. Dr. Estripeau added that more tests are
> needed to make a definite diagnosis.
> Arsenic poisoning is usually determined by a hair
> analysis. If arsenic is found in the hair follicles it
> will stay there for years. If it is in the hair
> follicles it is usually in the body as well. Arsenic
> is also deposited in the fingernails and skin.
> Symptoms of arsenic poisoning begin with headaches,
> confusion and drowsiness. As the poisoning develops,
> convulsions and changes in fingernail pigmentation may
> occur. When the poisoning becomes acute, symptoms
> may include diarrhea, vomiting, blood in the urine,
> cramping muscles, hair loss, stomach pain, and more
> convulsions. The organs of the body that are usually
> affected by arsenic poisoning are the lungs, skin,
> kidneys, and liver. The final result of arsenic
> poisoning is coma and then death.


05.11.2004 10:11

Jak Viliam (zřejmě) zachránil Barta

Jak Viliam (zřejmě) zachránil Barta

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Vas pes se stane zaminkou byrokratu Vas okrast ,kde se da.

*Hounded Bob pleads a case of ruff justice
By Gemma Jones
November 5, 2004

WITH glowing character references from friends such as swimming star Dawn Fraser, Bob hopes to get off a dangerous dog charge.

Accused ... Bob contemplates the charges against him for the 30-metre cat chase incident.

Bob, accused of chasing a local cat, will have his case put to the local court this month to clear his reputation and that of his owner, who has been charged with three criminal offences relating to the incident.

Fraser and 21 other residents of the Sydney suburb of Balmain have written Bob character references to counter Leichhardt Council's legal action. It stems from a complaint that Bob chased a neighbour's cat and attacked its owner.

Bob's plight after the 30m pursuit in May, which could cost his owners up to $12,000 in legal fees, has made him a celebrity in the prestigious waterfront suburbs of Birchgrove and Balmain.

But it has also highlighted a growing neighbourhood rift.

Fraser told The Daily Telegraph she was not on speaking terms with the person who made the complaint about happy-go-lucky Bob.

"He is a beautiful dog," the ex-swimming champ said. "I don't think they're very nice people, I've told them not to speak to me.

"I'm a community person, I have lived there all of my life and we now have people coming in that aren't."



05.11.2004 10:17

Amerika volila: ze dvou zel to horší

Amerika volila: ze dvou zel to horší

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Good Luck America!

Patriot Act Concentration Camps Planned to Detain Americans Current rating: 6
by underground info
(No verified email address) 04 Nov 2004
Guantanamo style Patriot Act concentration camps are being secretly organized by the Department of Homeland Defense. Now that Bush dynasty has illicitly secured its second term in the eyes of the American people plans are fully underway for John Ashcroft's "Patriot Act Concentration Camps" to jail and disappear US Citizens.
Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft's announced to Bush administration aids yesterday his desire for camps for U.S. citizens he deems to be "enemy combatants" such as anarchists, anti-war protesters, americans of arab descent, communists and homosexuals.

Ashcroft's plan would allow him to order the indefinite incarceration of U.S. citizens and summarily strip them of their constitutional rights and access to the courts by declaring them enemy combatants.

Now that a second term for George Bush has been secured, Ashcroft plans to use his self made "enemy combatant" stamp for any citizen whom he deems to be part of a wider terrorist conspiracy.


18.11.2004 05:18



Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Nevim ,jestli uz jsem tak zahorkly od prirody a nebo opravdu vidim veci,tak ,jak jsou,jednoho dne se nam povede tuto zemi znicit,ze ani stenic epo nas nezustanou.Svete div se ,ja to nasel i Hitlerove praci,ktery nam to predpovedel v ramci celosvetoveho "Kamalismu".
Nov 17, 10:04 PM EST

Russia Developing New Nuclear Missile

MOSCOW (AP) -- Russia is developing a new nuclear missile system unlike any weapon held by other countries, President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday, a move that could serve as a signal to the United States as Washington pushes forward with a missile defense system.

Putin gave no details about the system or why Russia was pursuing it, and it was unclear whether the Kremlin's cash-strapped armed forces could even afford an expensive new weapon.

But in remarks that could also be aimed at a domestic audience, he told a meeting of the top leadership of the armed forces that the system could be deployed soon, the ITAR-Tass news agency reported.

"We are not only conducting research and successful tests on state-of-the-art nuclear missile systems, but I am convinced that these systems will appear in the near future," Putin said. "Moreover, they will be systems, weapons that not a single other nuclear power has, or will have, in the near future."

"We'll continue our efforts to build our armed forces and its nuclear component," he said.

ITAR-Tass indicated the new system could be a mobile version of the Topol-M ballistic missile, which have been deployed in silos since 1998. But Alexander Pikayev, a senior military analyst with Moscow's Institute for Global Economy and International Relations,



18.11.2004 05:32

Arafat zemřel na AIDS? Tak tohle je opravdu nechutné!

Arafat zemřel na AIDS? Tak tohle je opravdu nechutné!

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

I ,kdyby mel a nebo nemel,co na tom,v pomeru ,co udela pro svuj narod ,kdo z ceskych politiku udelal v dobe okupace to ,co Arafat?
Jestlize ,ma byt posramocena jeho povest a kope se do mrtvoli,tak si uvedomte ,ze jsme se klaneli syfilickemu Leninovi-Scrull dlouha desetileti a nikomu z internacionalniho tisku nevadil syfilis protoze to byl revolucni zidovsky syfilis,naopak nasi narodni kolaboranti z neho tezili kde se jen dalo a jeste nutili jine ,aby se mu klaneli.
Tohleto manipulovani postihlo i Hitlera ,ze udajne mel syfilis ,samozrejme ,ze to bylo z zidovskeho tisku,jako vsechno ostatni,revolucionari jsou na tom nejlepsi,za delnicke myslenky zid Marx ,syn zidovskeho rabina ,nikdy fysicky nedelajici,zenat se slechticnou ,uvedl do jineho stavu sluzebnou,kterou vyplatil Engels v jehoz tovarnach byly podminky nepredstavitelne.
Takze ,ctenari ,zachovej si cistou mysl a nenech se vlacet propagandou" Bohem vybranych samozvolencu".V jednom ,vsak mel Marx pravdu,dle svych vlastnich zkusenosti,ze materialismus znici krestanstvi,vsak si take na nem dal zalezet,aby pred smrti obevil svuj judaismus.


18.11.2004 05:45

Osobnostní profil amerického prezidenta G. W. Bushe

Osobnostní profil amerického prezidenta G. W. Bushe

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Tak, nam Petre Veliky vysvetli,co dela ten agent Mossadu ,s tim arabskym jmenem,v arabskem obleceni a mluvicim arabsky a arabsky se chovajicim ,co dela v tom letadle o 11 septembru,co narazilo do WTC ?
Co delali ty nahoci Hamass,co rekrutovali Palestince do teto svetove roztrubovane terroristicke organisace ,kdyz po zatceni palestiskou policii se zjistilo,ze vsichni verbiri jsou zide ,clenove Mossadu?
Co, dela to komando smrti ,co pouziva kanadskych a novozelanskych cestovnich pasu na vrazdeni kritiku Israelu,poves nam neco o tom ,radi si to precteme.
Co ty obchody s dragama jez jsou ted hlavnim prijmem zidu-chazaru,ty vselijaci "ukrajinci" co verbuji devcata do israelskych bordelu,co ten klub ,co dela videa s detmi ,kde dochazi ke smrti chlapce a nebo devcete,co by italsti obchodnici,kteri drzi sabes a vsechno chteji kosher ?
Mezi nami,tva propaganda je dobra tak do Jerusalem Post.


18.11.2004 05:58

Muž svého národa

Muž svého národa

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

"The evidence," observed Jewish commentator Aleksander Smolar, "is overwhelming: large numbers of Jews welcomed the Soviet invasion, implanting in Polish memory the image of Jewish crowds greeting the invading Red Army as their liberator."

"Thousands of Polish survivors' testimonies, memoirs, and works of history," notes Polish scholar Tadeusz Piotrowski, "tell of Jewish celebrations, of Jewish harassment of Poles, of Jewish collaboration (denunciations, manhunts, and roundups of Poles for deportation), of Jewish brutality and cold-blooded executions, of Jewish pro-Soviet citizens' committees and militias, and of the high rates of Jews in the Soviet organs of oppression after the Soviet invasion of 1939."

Testimony to the Jewish Polish response to the Soviet invasion of Poland includes the following Jewish accounts, from the archives of the Yad Vashem Holocaust organization in Israel:

"When the Bolsheviks entered the Polish territories they displayed a great distrust of the Polish people, but with complete faith in the Jews ... they filled all the administrative offices with Jews and also entrusted them with top level positions."
V Katyn rudi-zidovsky NKVD komisari postrileli na 15 000 polskych dustojniku a inteligence ,v Nurimberskem procesu,2 500 zidu,kteri vyslichali zajate Nemce dokazali to,aby priznali tuto vrazdu,dnes jiz diky Chruscevovi vime,ze to bylo dilo "sovetu".


18.11.2004 06:12

15 let od sametu – čas odhalit pravdu?

15 let od sametu – čas odhalit pravdu?

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Nemuzu pochopit lidi ,kterym vadi Arabove a vidi na nich mnoho spatneho,kdyz jim nevadi jejich zastupci ve vlade ,kteri oteviraji temto Arabum dvere do nasich krestanskych statu a do nas huci,abychom byli lidsti a prijali je ,kdyz sami se od nich isoluji ve vybranych a dobre hlidanych ctvrti.
Kdyz ,sem do Australie dorazila zkupina Polaku s tehotnou zenou,tak s nimi vyrazili dvere,no a za par tydnu prijmuli lidi z Angoli a z nekolika rabskych statu a Albance,aby ,tak zvanou "bilou politikou" si neublizili a nebyli oznaceni za rassisty.
Jdete kazdy zvlast a zeptejte se svych politickych zastupcu ,proc tahaji lidi z muslimskych zemi do vaseho statu,proc ,Australie na natlak Britu a USA musela vzit Vietnamce,proc Britove nutili bilou vladu v Rodesii a Jizni Africe se vzdat apartejdu,kdyz v techto zemi je dnes honba na bile osadniky a demokraticke progresivni staty nechteji vzit byvale rassisty na sve uzemi a nechavaji je na pospas "Narodne osvobozeneckemu boji" vis ucinky pana Mobudtu ,kteremu pomohl ke korytu australsky politik a vzdy mel podporu z Britanie.
Nakonec i lidojed Amin mel mnoho zapadnich pratel,nez mu z lednicky vypadla na podlahu "snidane" a takovych je vice,ale problem nelezi v nich ,ale v nas a nasich politicich.


18.11.2004 06:31

Arafat zemřel na AIDS? Tak tohle je opravdu nechutné!

Arafat zemřel na AIDS? Tak tohle je opravdu nechutné!

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Zionist death squad plans to assassinate Palestinian leaders: sources

TEHRAN (MNA) –- A special Zionist commando group has been established in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip to assassinate Palestinian leaders, informed sources announced on Tuesday.

The group is comprised of members of the Gush Emunim organization, which is connected with extremist Israeli settlers.

The operation is led directly by Israeli intelligence agency (Mossad) chief Meir Dagan, who is strongly opposed to the withdrawal of Israeli forces from the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The death squad aims to prevent elections from being held in occupied Palestine and to assassinate Palestinian leaders.

The group recently failed in an attempt on the life of Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), the new chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization, who may become the next president of the Palestinian Authority.


18.11.2004 06:40

Osobnostní profil amerického prezidenta G. W. Bushe

Osobnostní profil amerického prezidenta G. W. Bushe

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Margaret Hassan execution: Anatomy of a CIA-DIA-Mossad Counterinsurgency operation?
« H » email link
Margaret Hassan execution: Anatomy of a CIA-DIA-Mossad Counterinsurgency operation?
November 17, 2004
“It is with profound sadness that we have learnt of the existence of a video in which it appears that our colleague Margaret Hassan has been killed. We are shocked and appalled that this has been the apparent outcome of her abduction,” CARE International said in a statement released yesterday. “Through her courage, tenacity and commitment, she assisted more than seventeen million Iraqis living in the most difficult of circumstances.”


18.11.2004 06:54

Ještě jednou případ Zündel

Ještě jednou případ Zündel

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Poturcenec ,horsi Turka-Kanada.Neni vetsich blbcu ,nez .....

Mr. Gowans' passion and commitment to passing on the lessons of the Holocaust to his students did not go unnoticed. When the Shoah (Holocaust) Committee of Ottawa was offered a scholarship by the Canadian Friends of Yad VaShem, Mr. Shentow and his wife, Rose, recommend Mr. Gowans as a perfect candidate for a threeweek course in Israel to learn more about the Holocaust and teaching it to others.

"Paul stood out because he was already doing an amazing job," said Zev Kalin, chairman of the Holocaust Education Program 2004. "He wasn't just teaching his own students, he was working on a program for other teachers to tap into."

After spending three weeks in Israel in June and July, Mr. Gowans -- who had never travelled outside of Canada -- said the trip further opened his eyes and made him more committed than ever.

"We met so many survivors, and they have so many resources on the Holocaust that I had no idea were available," said Mr. Gowans, who has been staying at school one night a week until 11 p.m., creating personalized workbooks for students.

Drive se pro rozumi jezdilo do sovetskeho svazu,ted do Israelu,takze ,kolaboranti neschudnou.


18.11.2004 07:04

Bush versus Kerry

Bush versus Kerry

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Uz si zidi delaji 11Septembra legraci a obchod ,proc ,take ne?
9/11 terror used to sell cigarettes in Israeli papers

by Judy Siegel-Itzkovich,

The Dutch [one] that put the Americans into shock [helem, in Hebrew] and took them out of LM," says the full-page ad for Max cigarettes. The LM refers to the best-selling US brand L&M, while a slangy pronunciation of the Hebrew word for shock sounds like LM.

"There's no arguing about taste; everyone has his own opinion," said Eilon Zarmon, an owner of the ad agency who was asked to say whether he thought the promotion was vulgar, given the fact that some 3,000 people died in the Islamist terror attack on New York's World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. "We are not afraid of slaughtering holy cows," he added.


18.11.2004 07:12

Fenomén Evropa

Fenomén Evropa

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Buzz over Africa

French media accused Israeli mercenaries of operating spy drones in the war-torn Ivory Coast.
Israeli security sources on Wednesday denied the TF1 television report, but confirmed that a private Israeli company had supplied unmanned aerial vehicles to Ivorian forces. Ivorian forces have attacked French troops in the African country this month. According to the sources, Israel stopped supplying UAVs to the Ivory Coast after unrest erupted. But Jerusalem sources had no immediate comment on a report in the French newspaper Le Monde that 46 Israelis had run an intelligence-gathering center for the Ivorian military.

Israel, NATO grow closer

Israel could take part in NATO military exercises for the first time.
NATO officials have asked Israel to take part in exercises, as well as anti-terror activities such as patrols in the Mediterranean, Ha’aretz reported. Israel’s inclusion is part of efforts to increase the treaty group’s “Mediterranean dialogue.” The dialogue includes six Muslim nations: Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Mauritania.


16.12.2004 02:10

Zaplavíme Novou Scotii imigranty a vy držte huby!

Zaplavíme Novou Scotii imigranty a vy držte huby!

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Tady mate odpoved ,kdo tlaci,aby se narody promichaly a hlavne aby se rasy promichaly.

The dedication to this course of action is reinforced by the words of Rabbi Rabbinovich in Communist Hungary in 1952:

"We will openly reveal our identity with the races of Asia or Africa. I can state with assurance that the last generation of White children is now being born. Our control commission will, in the interests of peace and wiping out inter-racial tensions, forbid the Whites to mate with Whites. The White women must co-habit with members of the dark races, the White man with Black women. Thus the White race will disappear, for mixing the dark with the White means the end of the White Man, and our most dangerous enemy will become only a memory. We shall embark upon an era of ten thousand years of peace and plenty, the Pax Judaica, and our race will rule undisputed over the world. Our superior intelligence will enable us to retain mastery over a world of dark peoples."


16.12.2004 02:20

Britské listy si opět střílejí do vlastní nohy

Britské listy si opět střílejí do vlastní nohy

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Britske Listy nejsou k tomu ,aby vedly demokratickou vymenu nazoru na vsechno ,co nas trapi a co potrebuje byt napraveno.Britske Listy jsou k manipulovani obcanu a omezeni prispevku lidi ,kteri se neschoduji s nazorypana Culika.Pan Culik je vlastnikem ,tudiz i cenzorem a tak nemohou Britske listy plnit zadnou svobodnou vymenu nazoru,pan Culik ,kdysi varoval jmenovite ctenare pred mim psanim,za ten cas ,leccos zmenil ve svych nazorech a za co jsem byl pranyrovan ,tak ,dnes ,cas od casu se tam obevi k posouzeni ctenaru,takze ,ctenari ,bud trpelivy ,mozna ,ze za sto roku pan Culik pochopi principy demikracie,tedy z dob stredoveku,svobodu slova a odpusti si nazory na antisemitismus ,kdyz pripousti anti-arabismus,pan Culik se jeste sam od sebe nenaucil cist clanky ,ktere by mu jemu samotnemu neco rekli.
The dedication to this course of action is reinforced by the words of Rabbi Rabbinovich in Communist Hungary in 1952:

"We will openly reveal our identity with the races of Asia or Africa. I can state with assurance that the last generation of White children is now being born. Our control commission will, in the interests of peace and wiping out inter-racial tensions, forbid the Whites to mate with Whites. The White women must co-habit with members of the dark races, the White man with Black women. Thus the White race will disappear, for mixing the dark with the White means the end of the White Man, and our most dangerous enemy will become only a memory. We shall embark upon an era of ten thousand years of peace and plenty, the Pax Judaica, and our race will rule undisputed over the world. Our superior intelligence will enable us to retain mastery over a world of dark peoples."


16.12.2004 02:35

Nejvyšší soud posvětil sňatky gayů a lesbiček

Nejvyšší soud posvětil sňatky gayů a lesbiček

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

V roce 1947 ,tak zvana "Atomova komise" slozena vylucne z zidovskych (rikejme jim tak )vedcu ,jez se podileli na vyrobe a vyzkouseni atomove bomby na Hirosime a Nagasaky ,se vyjadrila ,ze zapocal zvrat v lidske historii a v tom smeru ,ze atomovy strach ovladne lidskou civilisaci natolik,ze se vytvori vlastnikem teto zbrane ( v tom case zide )moznost jedne svetove vlady a doslova rekli ve svem vedeckem casopisu,bud jednu svetovou vladu a nebo nic.
Takova Kahyrska konference pod zastitou zdravotni komise UN ,dosla k nazoru ,ze se musi snizit populace sveta na 5 billionu lidi,ze planeta Zeme je prelidnena,nektere rasy lidi nejsou proste vitani na teto planete,proto Israel a USA udajne pracuji na geneticke bombe.
Take pan Kissinger (ze stejneho hnizda ,co by atomovy vyzkumnici )se zasadil v ramci tohoto programu o zahranicni politiku USA a Marenka Korbelova (Co svuj puvod obevila az po zvoleni ministrem zahranici )rekla ,ze nejakych 500 000 deti v Iraku ji prakticky nezajima ,tak jak zidovsky rabbin prohlasil ,ze mu za zlamany nehet na prste nemuze vynahradit smrt 5 000 Arabu,proste ,tady je par lidi (rikejme jim tak ) kteri hejbaji svetem ale jsou u puvodci lidskeho nestesti a zotpovednost zadna ,ackoliv pan Kissinger uz se musi nekolika statum vyhybat,nebot jeho prsty poznaly i v Chile,takze ,zlidsvo hyne na svou valstni blbost ,ze se necha vodit za nos nekolika sebeobevenymi vyvolenci a ze politici neznaji historii ,aby mohli ochranit i sve vlastni obcany pred temito radobypany sveta,bud zvolite nas do svetove vlady a nebo nebud enic-tedy uplne znicenis veta ,kdyz se nedostanou ke korytu a my se nestanem jejich otroky.


16.12.2004 02:57

Zaplavíme Novou Scotii imigranty a vy držte huby!

Zaplavíme Novou Scotii imigranty a vy držte huby!

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Emigranti-zide-zionisti-chazari ,vladnou na obou stranach sveta.

Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. September 15, 1999
"That Jews control a disproportionately large share of the Russian economy and Russian media certainly has some basis in fact. Between 50 and 80 percent of the Russian economy is said to be in Jewish hands, with the influence of the five Jews among the eight individuals commonly referred to as 'oligarchs' particularly conspicuous. (An oligarch is understood to be a member of a small group that exercises control in a government. The five oligarchs of Jewish descent are Boris Berezovsky, Mikhail Friedman, Vladimir Gusinsky, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, and Alexander Smolensky. The other oligarchs are Vagit Alekperov, Vladimir Potanin, and Rem Vyakhirev.) Perhaps the most famous (and simultaneously the most infamous) of the oligarchs is Boris Berezovsky
... Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz leads the pack. He was a protégé of Richard Perle, who heads the prominent Pentagon advisory body, the Defense Policy Board. Many of today's neo-cons, including Perle, are the intellectual progeny of the late Senator Henry "Scoop" Jackson, a strong defense hawk and one of Israel's most strident congressional supporters in the 1970s. Wolfowitz in turn is the mentor of Lewis "Scooter" Libby, now Vice President Cheney's chief of staff who was first a student of Wolfowitz and later a subordinate during the 1980s in both the State and the Defense Departments. Another Perle protégé is Douglas Feith, who is currently undersecretary of defense for policy, the department's number-three man, and has worked closely with Perle.


16.12.2004 03:02

Zaplavíme Novou Scotii imigranty a vy držte huby!

Zaplavíme Novou Scotii imigranty a vy držte huby!

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Jeden zid a cely krestansky parlament ma z nej plne k......

Australian Labour MP Attacks 'Jewish Lobby,'
by Bernard Freedman, rense.com [from Jewish News], December 19, 2002
"'You have taken on the most implacable, arrogant, cruel and powerful lobby in the country.' -- media warning to Australia Labour Member of Parliament
A scathing attack on 'the Jewish lobby' was launched by Australian Federal Labor MP Julia Irwin this week. She charged 'the Jewish lobby' with being responsible for a 'code of silence' forbidding parliamentary debate on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and quoted an email from an unnamed 'senior media commentator' warning her: 'You have taken on the most implacable, arrogant, cruel and powerful lobby in the country', and advising that she would be 'singled out for vilification and, if possible, political destruction'. Asked why the commentator she quoted was anonymous, Irwin told the Australian Jewish News

Kde ,je hlas lidu,kdyz jeden zid ovlada vladu,tak jak v USA ,tak V Rusku


16.12.2004 03:11

USA chyceny v Kabulu

USA chyceny v Kabulu

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Osvobodte Ameriku a zbytek sveta se osvobodi sam.

Although September 11th brought the fight on terrorism to the front burner, it seems that the United States protects Israel from any criticism here too. An Israeli instant-messaging firm Odigo confirmed that two employees received text messages warning of an attack on the World Trade Center two hours before terrorists crashed planes into the New York landmarks. (Ha'aretz, December 20, 2002.) Is it possible that Israel had foreknowledge of the attack? Could this be the answer why the 4000 Israeli employees at the World Trade Center never showed up for work that tragic September morning?
Still another evil is that such a passionate attachment gives to ambitious, corrupted or deluded citizens the facility to betray or sacrifice the interests of their own country.'" James J. David is a retired Brigadier General and a graduate of the U.S. Army's Command and General Staff College, and the National Security Course, National Defense University, Washington DC. He served as a Company Commander with the 101st Airborne Division in the Republic of Vietnam in 1969 and 1970. 1967-1969
Tak to byl nazor jednoho z nejpovolanejsich,ktery po svych zasluznych zkusenostech poznal,jak na tom americky obcan je se svymi politiky ,co slouzi Israelu ane americkemu lidu.Je to smutne ,ze clovek ,ktery za neco bojoval ,zjisti,ze byl vlatsne pouzit uplne nekym jinym ,ze neslouzil svemu narodu,ale uplne necemu jinemu,doufam,ze mu za posledni zasluhu nevzali penzi a mel by davat pozor pri prechazeni ulice,"lidi" jezdi ,jako blazni.


22.12.2004 23:41

15 let od sametu IV. – Policie splývá s organizovaným zločinem

15 let od sametu IV. – Policie splývá s organizovaným zločinem

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Predmet:V roce 1938 byl muzem roku Hitler , a ted je jim Bush.

Datum : Pondeli ,20,Prosince 2004.

Bush vyhral magazinu Time soutez.

AP- Po opetnem volebnim vitezstvi a " upravenim ruznych politickych

zakonu ,aby se zcela hodily pod velikansky klobouk vudcovi vlady" U.S.president George Bush byl opet vybran casopisem Time ,jako osoba roku.

Redaktor magazinu zvolil Bushe " pro jeho ostrou debatu az do uplneho vitezneho konce problemu,jez je v souladu s jeho plany,riskantni hru jeho osobnosti a i nasi ,pro jeho boj,co by silny vudce"

Co ,k tomu vsemu dodat,jen to ,ze to neni zadne prekvapeni pro ctenare,ze jmena s osobnosti Adolfa Hitlera,ktery byl rovnez navrzen v tom samem roce-1938 na Nobelovu cenu miru.Nejparadnejsim na tom je ,ze navrh silne prosazovala pani Gertrude Stein ,zidovska literarni spisovatelka z Ameriky.Toto vse vyslo najevo pri studovani jejiho zivota panem Gustavem Hendrikksonem,ale ani to neni dost,nebot se v Israelu obevil clen komise na udileni Nobelovych cen,kteremu je dnes pres osmdesat roku,jez odmitl pani Stein navrch.(claneky o tom se obevilv New York Jewish community weekly Forward, February2,June 14 and October 25.1996 )Navrch zidovske spisovatelky Gertrudy Stein nebyl pro verejnost zadnym tajemstvim uz od roku 1934 a doslova rekla:"Ja, rikam,ze Hitler ma mit tuto mirovou cenu,protoze zbavuje Nemecko vseho problematickeho. Stehuje ven zidy,demokraty a i levicove strany,on vlastne se zbavuje vseho se spatnou cinnosti.Toto znamena mir...Utlacit zidy...on ukoncuje zapas v Nemecku "(NewYork Times Magazine,May 6,1934 )

Mala cast prevzata;



23.12.2004 00:06

Ano, Virginie, Santa Claus existuje

Ano, Virginie, Santa Claus existuje

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Panu Lojzovi;Ja Vam rozumim,ale zkutecnost je ta ,ze svetem stale vl;adne nejaka ta ideologie ,jinak by lidi nedostali tam ,kde je chteji mit,lide pod dojmem svobody ,jsou stale pod vlivem ideologie.Cose cirken nadelala ideologii se svatyma a se strasenim Peklem,co jim to vyneslo penez od umirajicich ,jez chteli zachranit svou dusi,take odpustky ,co zpusobyli ze protestanske hnuti nakonec slo rozbit tuto ideologii a co to ve valkach stalo lidskych zivotu.
Amerika v ramci demokraticke ideologie je dnes ve 120 statech sveta a vede nevyhlasene skryte a nebo otevrene valky ,ale vzdy v nejake ideologii,takove Britske velicenstvo pobijelo domorodce ve jmenu jeho velicenstva a PRAKTICKY VLASTNILO POMALU 2/3 SVETA,DNES SE TOMU RIKA COMMMENWELT a tam zase se dela ideologie teto spolecnosti,jako spolecnost 300,Bildaberg a nakonec jeden svetovy parlament ,ktery uz funguje a ktery jste "urcite" volili,sestavuje jedinousvetovou vladu a razi svou ideologickou cestu k udrzeni sve moci.
Jeden velic echytry pan napsal ,ze nejvetsim omylem cloveka je ,"ze si mysli ,ze je svobodny!!!"
Kouknete denne na nase TV a zjistite,ze zde do nasich domacnosti a nasich deti spolecne se skolou se lije ideologie pristich desetileti,takovy porad "Ochranci zeme" je svym zpusobem unikatni,jak ti dobri znici ty spatne,krev tece vsude ,ale nakonec dobro vyhraje ,vytece krev tech druhych,kdyz ,nekdo z tech dobrych skape,tak je hrdina,mimo nej jsou ostatni kriminalnici a padouch nejvetsiho zrna-ideologie vrazena do "kultury".Myslenka ,nepujdesli nasi cestou,tak jsi na zlikvidovani,nakonec Bush to rekl sparvne;"Kdo neni s nami ,je s terroristy"on svetovy terrorista cislo 1


23.12.2004 00:25

Ano, Virginie, Santa Claus existuje

Ano, Virginie, Santa Claus existuje

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Church Silent While 4 Christians Face 47 Years Each For Quoting Bible Verses at Gay Event Joseph Farah NEW

Videotapes and still photos taken at the event show the Pink Angels blocking the path of the Repent America members, shouting at them, blowing whistles and so forth. The Christians remain peaceful and calm at all times, despite what appears to be extraordinary provocation, intimidation and harassment.

Guess who was arrested?

That's right. The Christians.

And they've been charged with a long list of felonies and hate crimes that would make the Founding Fathers spin in their graves.

Repent America director Michael Marcavage is charged with three felonies – criminal conspiracy, ethnic intimidation and riot. (If you're wondering what "ethnic intimidation" means at a homosexual event, you have to understand the city of Philadelphia has extended hate crime laws to protect the sexually aberrant as well as racial minorities.) He was also hit with five misdemeanors for walking on the city sidewalks and quoting Holy Scriptures.

Mark Diener and James Cruse are charged with criminal conspiracy, failure to disperse, disorderly conduct and obstructing highways. Dennis Green is charged with criminal conspiracy, disorderly conduct and obstructing highways. The criminal conspiracy charge links all the defendants together so that Marcavage's "ethnic intimidation" hate-crime charge will apply to all of them.Stalo se v Listopadu v USA- Zkraceno.

Preji vsem prijemne proziti Vanocnich svatku,pokud jestemuzou je mit-Robert


07.04.2005 03:16

O demokracii, ktorá sa čím ďalej, tým viac začína podobať na tyraniu...

O demokracii, ktorá sa čím ďalej, tým viac začína podobať na tyraniu...

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Ono je to tak,neco jineho se lidem rika a neco jineho se dela,dnes uz lide zapomeli slova Bushe starsiho,ze "na terrorismu se da dost vydelat.V samotnem Israelu byl podnikatel ,jez stavel v islamskych zemich chemicke komplexi,jez se daji v nekolika hodinach prevest na vyrobu jedovatych latek.Tady se strasi s jadernou valkou,ale ,at Arabove mabidnou Israelu trojnasobnou cenu za atomovou bombu a uvidime ,co se bude dit.
The Israeli man who used hospitals to trade in nukes… with Pakistan
These are probably the same nukes that according to Washington, were sold to Al-Qaeda, North Korea, Iran, Libya, Syria, and every other ‘rogue nation’
Israeli-born Karni, 50, is now in Washington DC facing charges under America's tough laws restricting the export of "dual-use" items, like the "triggered spark gaps" which can be used both for civilian and military purposes. He could face up to 10 years in prison if convicted. They also suspect Karni has diverted other military technology to Pakistan, including nuclear weapons technology, forming part of an international network supplying the country with the means to build nuclear bombs.

Takze ,ctenari nedelej si iluse o svete,obchod je obchod a ze ziskanych dollaru krev netece,proto by melo pochopit lidstvo heslo zidu:"Valka ,to je zidovska zen",kdyz jen za holocaust dostali vic jak 80 billionu dolaru,kazdy ,kdo z krestanu ztratil nekoho ve valce ,co dostal on ?
Ktery stat na svete v dobe druhe svetove valky neexistujici dostal odskodneni ?


07.04.2005 03:32

Spravedlnost na více způsobů

Spravedlnost na více způsobů

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Touto debatou ,pro aproti nedojdem reseni,uz jen proto ,ze politici si libuji v ovzdusi kriminality,ktera se jich osobne nedotyka,jsou ,totiz na rozdil od obeti dobre hlidany a tak ,strach padli na spolecnost napomaha odvratit pozornost ,co "oni " delaji za kriminalitu s nami,danovymi poplatniky.
Zde v Australii ,blizko mne se stal pripad vrazdy maleho devcatka od sexualniho kriminalnika,kdyz jej po tydnech vysetrovani dopadli,tak se zjistilo ,ze uz byl za vrazdu za mrizema mnoho roku pred tim,zabil totiz dve devcata,nekdy pred desitkou roku,takze ,psychiatri se na nem v kriminalu prizivili,aby se zmenil,doktori si s praskama a narkotikama rovnez prisli na sve,advokati ,bojovali u soudu za to ,ze se zmenil,ze uz to neni ten samy vrah,ale ,nadeje spolecnosti,soudce se stabem expertu,ale vse za nase penize ,se dohadovali nekolik mesicu uredni siml rechtal radosti,vezenska sprava,rovnez sve udelala,unie veznu a jine organisace se vyjadrili terz a vysledek ,zabil opet a ted ty samy ,co se zaslouzili o jeho predcasne propusteni se opet,co by experti dostali ke svemu korytu a vydelek z kriminalni cisnosti se opakuje,kolik ,bude muset zabit deti,nez byrokrati-experti prijdou na to ,ze je vrah a ze se nezmeni-ackoliv to vedi,navratnost v dolarech pro ne je nezadbatelna z jeho opetneho cinu,koho povesit,vraha ,co vrazdi a nebo celou tu celatku vydelavajici na nevinnych obetech.
Kdo z tech expertu prizna svuj dil zotpovednosti za vrazdu devcatka,tedy ,velmi brutalni vrazdu,s velmi ohavnym koncem obeti,co takhle dat toho experta k tomu kriminalnikovi na par dnu do jeho celi,co rikate?


02.05.2005 03:39

Žádná válka proti terorismu neexistuje

Žádná válka proti terorismu neexistuje

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

BILDERBERG FOUND! Their annual meeting is May 5-8
Sun May 1, 2005 01:04

By James P. Tucker Jr.

ROTTACH-EGERN, Germany - European Bilderberg hunters have found the
hiding place of this secretive cabal at a posh resort in this charming
little city 40 miles from Munich. Their annual meeting is May 5-8.

Bilderberg is gathering at the Dorint Sofitel Seehotel Ueberfahrt, a
five-star conference and business hotel with 188 luxury rooms. It is on a
lake and near a golf course, typical Bilderberg requirements. High
officials of the U.S. government and possibly a few congressional leaders
will participate in three days of secret meetings to plan global policy.
*Tady se to vsechno "pece" ,vlivni a bohati ,urcuji ,co bude a co ne,tedy i valku a mir,samozrejme na svuj obchod z valky nezapomenou,ted maji starost,aby to neprepiskli v tom planovani a nevymklo se to jejich kontrole a nevznikla nuklearni valka ,ktera by i ten jejich vecne "nenazrany tipec" nezmackla,nemot se jim nechce nekde v podzemi cekat nejakych par desitek roku ,nez by mohli ven.Na svete pribyva ,cim dal tim vice deformovanych deti ,vlivem Cernobylu a pouzivani uranovych strel,na svete stoul vyskyt rakoviny dvakrate,takze Capkova "Bila Nemoc" je pro mnohe za rohem a svet jejich vlivem mozna celi brzke katastrofe,USA dodavaji Iraelu to nejmodernejsi ,co maji,aby Israel byl v posici viteze ,pokud napadne Iran,takze ,obchod se smrti bezi na plne obratky.


02.05.2005 04:12

K diskuzím za články

K diskuzím za články

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Kdyz chce pani Bowary mluvit o fanatismu ,proc si neprecte Talmud mtam je plno prikladu rasismu a nenavisti a ovsem i toho fanatismu ,ktery se uci denne.
Rasismus je zbrani mnohych ,co sami vyvolavaji konflikty, s tim ma zkusenosti i mnoha tajna policie ,jez ve vysetrovani dosla mnohde k pravemu "narikajicimu" vinikovi,takze mnohe rasisticke nadavky jsou z teto dilny,jez pouziva toto ke znemozneni protivnika ,co by udajne jeho vlastni zbrani.
Nakonec to i David Ben -Gurion sam priznal,kdo prvni hodil kamenem.

Anna Lanota recalls that her Jewish community in Poland "had a somewhat unfavourable attitude toward other nations -- maybe even contemptuous. There prevailed the feeling that we were the chosen people."

The first prime minister of modern Israel, David Ben-Gurion, once recalled his childhood among non-Jewish children in Poland: "Somebody would perhaps throw a stone, or start an argument, and very often it was the Jews who started first. We used to get the upper hand."

Kdyz v Iraku to byli clenove MOssad ,kteri hodili granat do synagogy ,aby "presvedcili" iracke zidy k navratu " do zeme predku".
Takze ,mnohe problemy na Zvedavci jsou tohoto provedeni za ucelem lidem znemoznit zdroj informaci a tim je odstavit od toho,co se deje kolem nas,proto i "Americane" pronasleduji nezavisle novinare a naopak v dobe druhe svetove valky vetsina zpravodajcu byla ta strana ,co se dnes brani pravde ,jak cert ,krizi,nebo snad ne?
*These Christians are but a few of the 100,000,000 Christian innocents who were exterminated by All Anti-Christian Jewish Red Commissars in Russia under the orders of Trotsky, the Jewish Commissar of Commissars.


02.05.2005 06:07

K diskuzím za články

K diskuzím za články

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?


10,000 Jews Demonstrate Against Zionism In NYC

US Total Media Blackout.

Samozrejme svetova media nam nic nereknou,jak by i mohli ,kdyz kritisovani jsou i jejich "bosove" zamestnavatele,v Australii je to Murdoch v Kanade ,Konrad Black a v Americe ani nemluve.
Ale hlavni otazkou je ,jaky antisemitismus ,jaka nenavist,jen konstatovani zkutecnosti,nic vic ,nic min.Naturei Karta-strazci zdi prece nejsou antisemitiste,ze ano?
Protestuji proti utvoreni statu Israel ,proti,podrzte se ,okupaci Palestiny,protestuji,ze zionisti nejsou zadni representanti judaismu,davaji svetu k precteni materiali ,ze zionisti byli ve spolku s Hitlerem,coz dosvedcuje pozvani Eichmanna do Palestiny a obchod s nim.


06.05.2005 12:09

Proč neslavím konec druhé světové války

Proč neslavím konec druhé světové války

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Ale ,byl ,jenomze po uverejneni dokumentu o jeho cinnosti a suspendovani z letu ,kde odmitl lekarskou kontrolu nastal velky zlom a nejhorsi na tom je ,ze dokumenty uverejnene o jeho cinnosti najednou stahli ,presto ,vsak muzete na jinem weeebu najit ,co hledate,zaznam o Bushove cinnosti behem vojenske sluzby,jde jen o to ,to najit.Ja jsem si to otiskl,takze vim o cem mluvim ,dokonce jsme nekde uverejnil linku,ktera dnes uz muz ebyt zrusena ,nebot poukazovat na presidenta v negativnim svetle neni Americanum zrovna prijemna vec,tak to zkuste si neco v tom smyslu najit,jinak,az narazim na tento material ,tak uverejnim podrobnosti,ale pravdou je ,ze Bush slouzil v ramci Narodni Gardy ve Vietnamu,ale vyhnul se operacnim letum ,tim ,ze na nejaky cas zmizel od jednotky.


06.05.2005 12:22

Proč neslavím konec druhé světové války

Proč neslavím konec druhé světové války

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Bush says he's released all his records...if that's true, then has anyone seen:

Any pages from Bush's flight log
Records from the Flight Inquiry Board convened after Bush was suspended as a pilot
Any evidence of Bush's reclassification into another AFSC after suspension as a pilot
Any photos of George Bush in a military uniform after 1972
Anything at all from any Alabama unit with Bush's name on it
Any copies of form 44a from the Alabama National Guard certifying attendance
Air Force Form 142 (Aviation Service Audit Worksheet)
Anything proving service (not just receipt of pay) by Bush between May 1972 and May 1973?
(And what is it precisely that the blathering right-wing pundits seem to think is missing from
Desertion-----absent for more than 30 days with evidence of no intent to return to duty.
Is he guilty of one or both? You read the facts here and decide.

This is not the story of a search for missing records. We have the pertinent records.

This is not a hunt for credible eyewitnesses and first hand statements. The officers involved have stepped forward. We have their testimony and we have the signed statements of those no longer living.

This is the story of how George Walker Bush walked away from a years duty while in the National Guard.
Formal Complaint On Bush's Military Desertion To Department of Defense
Has ABC covered this? NBC? (We won't even ask about Fox.) Why did Bill Clinton's "draft dodging" merit 13,641 major news stories, while GW Bush's desertion merit only 49?
Chasing George Bush and the F-102 - An illustrated History of GW Bush's Flying Career


06.05.2005 13:02

Holocaustová pumpa nekončí

Holocaustova pumpa nekončí

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Number of survivors in Israel higher than thought

By Ruth Sinai

The number of Holocaust survivors living in Israel today is larger than the estimates generally recognized by the government, and amounts to some 327,000 survivors. If people who lived under Nazi occupation in Mediterranean countries are taken into account, the number reaches some 430,000.

The figures are part of a new report commissioned by the government and written by Dr. Jenny Brodsky of the Brookdale Institute, and demographer Prof. Sergio Della Pergola of the Hebrew University. Official Israeli institutions usually speak of the number of survivors as somewhere between 230,000-280,000. A report written in 2003 for the international committee that dealt with insurance claims relating to the Holocaust counted the number of survivors living in Israel as 265,000. Various reports published between 1997-2000 estimated their number at 300,000-370,000. The report by Brodsky and Della Pergola is meant to provide a reliable estimate of the number of survivors and map their economic, health and social needs.

Stale jich pribyva a bude jich jeste vic.cim dal ,tim vic ,a stale vic a .........


23.05.2005 12:59

Pošpiněný holocaust

Pošpiněný holocaust

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Ve stinu svetove propagandy holocaustu se Israel pekne s pomoci Americanu vyzbrojil ,takze ,dnes patri opravdu mezi atomove velmoci a kdyz nahlidneme zpet jak napadl lod Liberty ,jen ,aby dostal Ameriku do primeho konfliktu s Egyptem ,tak s takovym spojencem uz ani nemusite mit nepritele.
Dnes se Americane boji toho,co sami napomahali stvorit ,tech vice jak 200 atomovych bombe a jeste mnoho jinych ,co s nimi disponuje stat Israel,je hrozbou pro svetovy mir ,jak se vyjadrilo spousty lidi v ankete jedouci v Evropskych zemich.
Israel`s Use Of Its Nuclear Weapons Against US je vymluvnym nazvem a dnes nikomu v USA ,kdo o veci neco vi a jakym zpusobem je Israel; rizen,tak mu neni do smichu,na druhou stranu je to ke smichu ,kdyz vidime vrchol "americke" diplomacie a hlavne jeji vysledky;http://www.rense.com/general35/isrnuk.htm
Neni ,tedy zadneho divu,kdyz se v nejake te americke hlave rosviti a rekne tuto vetu ve verejne diskusi;"Insted of fighting Muslim,we Christians should be rouding up jews and killing them here in America.We should bomb their Synagogues,burn down their Yeshivas and violently attack them on the street and in their places of business-Hal Turner Show-americke radiove vysilani a ovsem i text na internetu-http://www.halturnershow.com/
Tak si myslim,ze si zide navarili dalsi holocaust ve kterem asi nebude komu ,uz co vyplatit,zda se ,ze Americane toho zacinaji mit dost a ze sen o svetovlade dostane uplne jiny obraz.
Amerika ,dnes ,muze byt Germany roku 1933.
Nakonec ,mnozi ,tak zvani ,si to i predpovedeli,ze zasli s tak zvanym holocaustem az prilis moc daleko.


23.05.2005 13:15

Pošpiněný holocaust

Pošpiněný holocaust

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Mr. Frankau Philosopher.

Daily Express- March 24. 1933. No.10.258.

Mr. Frankau Philosopher.
“Dear, sentimental English”.

Protest against the treatment of Jews in Germany, made at a Delphian Coterie dinner in London last night , induced Mr. Gilbert Frankau , the novelist , to make a piquant speech. “A war would bea great idea “ he said “Another war would give our three million unemployed employment”.
“ I would suggest consription for this country. It would be imensly popular.”
“ But the British public do not care damm for the Jews of Germany. All they care about is, who is going to win the Grant national.”
“I adore,us a philosopher, to see damm sentimental English skriming with rage and yet refusing to do anything about it”.
“ The British people were the original jews, they always creaitted anybody who did a spot of work.”

I find this comment very an interesting. This tald to my lot of 1933 situation in Europe and jewish way of thinking, got British to war.

Joseph Belloc Sopran, he said : And the paradox is that victim status accrues precisely to those who can acquire enough cloud to make others afraid of them. Victim-hood has become one of the fruits of power.
Anyone be an underdog: the trick is to be a registered , pedigreed underdog.
Zde,mate nazorny priklad ,jak ,tak zvany zidovsky-zionisticky "ucenec" nahanel Brity do valky ve prospech zidovstva,to same ,co mame dnes v Americe,ktera bojuje za stat Israel,nebot je hodne volneho mista na Arlingstonskem hrbitove pro "hrdiny".


23.05.2005 13:49

Holocaustová pumpa nekončí

Holocaustová pumpa nekončí

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Udelali si holocaust a jeste si jej nechali dobre zaplatit ,tomu rikam "zidovska chytrost".

Mr. Frankau Philosopher.

Daily Express- March 24. 1933. No.10.258.

Mr. Frankau Philosopher.
“Dear, sentimental English”.

Protest against the treatment of Jews in Germany, made at a Delphian Coterie dinner in London last night , induced Mr. Gilbert Frankau , the novelist , to make a piquant speech. “A war would bea great idea “ he said “Another war would give our three million unemployed employment”.
“ I would suggest consription for this country. It would be imensly popular.”
“ But the British public do not care damm for the Jews of Germany. All they care about is, who is going to win the Grant national.”
“I adore,us a philosopher, to see damm sentimental English skriming with rage and yet refusing to do anything about it”.
“ The British people were the original jews, they always creaitted anybody who did a spot of work.”
I find this comment very an interesting. This tald to my lot of 1933 situation in Europe and jewish way of thinking, got British to war.

Joseph Belloc Sopran, he said : And the paradox is that victim status accrues precisely to those who can acquire enough cloud to make others afraid of them. Victim-hood has become one of the fruits of power.
Anyone be an underdog: the trick is to be a registered , pedigreed underdog.


07.06.2005 11:26

Proč Západ prohrává

Proč Západ prohrává

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Americka politika je politika lzivych gansteru , svetu velmi nebezpecnych,proto Israel a USA ,tahnou za jeden provaz,ale nic neroste az do nebe a tak je jen otazkou casu,pokud nenastane totalni destrukce lidstva,kdy i "Amerika" padne na kolena,nebot cely svet poctivych lidi bude proti ni.Bohuzel ,jeji zahranicni politika je politikou neoconu-zidovstva a poskozuje vsechny krestanske zeme.Vsechny zeme "pomahajici" "americanum"jsou spoluviniky na smrti nevinnych irackych obcanu.

Iraq has been the tragic Lie of Historic Proportions of Washington, DC since before the first gulf war. For years, Saddam was one of our government,s propped up and militarily supported puppets. Many people have seen the famous footage of Donald Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam. I suppose the two are smiling so big for the cameras because they are kindred spirits. After all of the hand-shaking and weapon brokering, when did Saddam become such a bad guy to Bush, Cheney, Halliburton and Co.? (Insert your favorite reason here).

During the Clinton regime the US-UN led sanctions against Iraq and the weekly bombing raids killed tens of thousands of innocent people in Iraq. Many of them were children, but since one of her children didn,t have to be sacrificed to the homicidal war machine, Madeline Albright, thinks the slaughter during the Clinton years was worth it. More lies.


14.06.2005 12:31

Mahathir Mohamad

Mahathir Mohamad

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Mahathir Mohamed pozvedl Malajsko na neobvyklou uroven ,uz jen v tom ,ze si nenechal "foukat do sve kase od zapadnich expertu ,vetsinou IMF slozeneou z zidu" takze se automaticky stal antisemitistou,nebot ,kdo nejde s nami jde proti nam.Mahathir dokazal uchranit zemi i v dobe kolise dolaru,na coz doplatilo zejmena plno rozvojovyvh zemi stredniho vychodu,uvazal obchod na domaci menu a zabranil znehodnoceni jejich vlastniho dinaru ,ktery prechazi i na zlaty zaklad a neni nijak zadluzen,doma v Malajsku je velmi popularni a v mezinarodni politice si dovoli rici ,co mnohy z evropskych politiku vi take ,ale mlci a tahne za jeden provaz se vsemi ostatnimi k pohode Ameriky,coz ,jak Mahathir rika je Israelsky vasal ve valecnem podnikani,jeho politika se stala prikladem pro mnohe k nasledovani,na konferenci muslimskych zemi mel dlouhy projev o budoucnosti muslimskych zemi a co musi udelat ,aby odolali cizim vlivum se skodlivymi nasledky na domaci politice ,zejmena varuje pred vsemi radili zapadu a radami mezinarodnich bank,je zvedou k financnimu zotrocovani k neokolonialismu.Rovnez se zminil v projevu ke studentum v Jizni Africe , o opacnem jevu pro svet ,vyvozu muslimske populace a muslimskeho nabozenstvi do sveta,ktery ukoncil tim ,ze jednoho dne muslimove budou dominovat v mnoha zemich sveta.


14.06.2005 13:01

Jak se vyrábějí teroristé

Jak se vyrábějí teroristé

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Jewish Eugenics.

[The following is the first essay from Jewish Eugenics and Other Essays,
Three Papers Read Before the New York Board of Jewish Ministers, 1915,
Bloch Publishing Company, New York, 1916.]
Jewish Eugenics
By Rabbi Max Reichler

Who knows the cause of Israel’s survival? Why did the Jew survive the onslaughts of Time, when others, numerically and politically stronger, succumbed? Obedience to the Law of Life, declares the modern student of eugenics, was the saving quality which rendered the Jewish race immune from disease and destruction. “The Jews, ancient and modern,”
says Dr. Stanton Coit, “have always understood the science of eugenics, and have governed themselves in accordance with it; hence the preservation of the Jewish race.”1

I. Jewish Attitude

To be sure eugenics as a science could hardly have existed among the ancient Jews; but many eugenic rules were certainly incorporated in the
large collection of Biblical and Rabbinical laws. Indeed there are clear indications of a conscious effort to utilize all influences that might improve the inborn qualities of the Jewish race, and to guard against any
practice that might vitiate the purity of the race, or “impairthe racial qualities of future generations” either physically, mentally, or morally.2
The Jew approached the matter of sex relationship neither with the horror of the prude, nor with the passionate eagerness of the pagan, but with the sane and sound attitude of the far-seeing prophet. His goal was the creation of the ideal home, which to him meant the abode of purity and happiness, the source of strength and vigor for body and mind.4


14.06.2005 13:36

Jižní Afrikou otřásá korupční skandál

Jižní Afrikou otřásá korupční skandál

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Vcelicka napsal: Priklad zprava o propousteni v GM

Tak si najdete nazev "GM to slas 25.000 jobs (zprava z uvnitr Australie )

Pane vcelicko ,divate se na svet z Novgorodu a tak i podle toho posuzujete ostatni,na rozdil ze zprav ze stredni Australie svet funguje trochu jinak,nez jak se vam zda ,zpochybnovani zprav ,kdyz sam nic nevite je hezke a nijak riskantni zamestnani,pravdou jer vsak to,ze Amerika ma velke potize.
Kdyz jste zavadil o ty husy,tak byste nam mel rici ,proc husy tahnou na daleku sever jen za predpokladu ,ze jezera jsou naplnena vodou,kdyz neni voda ,husy netahnou,jak to mohou vedet na tu dalku tisice kilometru?
Doufam ,ze jste se v tom Novgorodu neucil byt bacou,prvni rok vyhanat,druhy rok zahanat a tretim rokem rustinu.
To je jen maly pozdrav ze stredni Australie,doufam ,z emate smysl pro humor.


26.07.2005 03:17

Vytvořme jinou Evropskou unii

Kritika ,sliby,poznani a zase kritika ,sliby a zase poznani a clovek starne a zivot se nemeni.

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Moji rodice zili zivot,kde se slibovali lepsi zitrky ,ktere neprichazeli,ackoliv nasi politici vzdy vse vedeli a byli nejchytrejsi na svete,pan farar pred timto obdobim sliboval raj nebezky ,komunisti raj komunisticky,ale tak chytre ,ze nebude pro me rodice ,al epro pristi pokoleni,mne slibovali rovnez ,kdyz budu usilovne ahlavne poctive delat ,ze se me deti dockaji raje nebesko-komunistickeho a tak dale ,proste tri generace a stale sejim neco slibuje,delejte ,zijdte poctive ,to rikali ti ,co z toho slibovani zili naramne hezky ,bez cekani na budoucnost,byrokracie ,neproduktivni armada ovladajici produktivni lidi stale slibuje a slibovat bude ,nebot prechazi od jednoho rezimu k druhemu a pro jejich deti je uz ze znamosti a z vlivu zajisten jejich raj na zemi bez cekani,takze ,cely ten cirkus s Evropskym spolecenstvim,je jen dalsi pokus na ziskani casu pro raj v jejich podani a ziskani casu jek obalamutit ty ,co na ne musi delat ,coz by Klaus jako ekonom mel znat,ze to co nefunguje v malem ,nemuze fungovat ve velkem,takze ,zadny raj pro produktivni lidi nebude ,zase jen drina a na vic oblbovani do nekonecna,kolik toho jeste budem muset prozit na te ceste do raje ,ktery nikdy nebude dokud dvacet produktivnich nebude delat na sto lidi v kancelari,zjednodusene receno.
Tento nerovny zapas je zapasem lidi produktivnich s neproduktivnimi a zmena rezimu nic na veci nemuze zmenit,nebot jakykoliv rezim prijde ,tak zakonite dedi armadu tech ,co se jenom vezou z ziji z prace druhych,vcely si s tim poradi ,ale lide ne a v tom to vezi,kdyz Evropskou unii,tak obrovskou budovu na kontrolu s armadou uredniku,to je jejich prvni a chybne ,pro nas,opatreni,zajisteni toho jejich raje za hlasani dalsich slibu o raji budoucim,ktery za naseho zivota minem,jako nasi predkove.


26.07.2005 03:36

Mají nás na háku

RE: rozbor Talmudu?

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Vazeny pane "tygr" zijete sto let za opicemi, zidovske zakony uz byli presidentem USA vpusteny do zakonu krestanu presidenskym degretem ,jestli Vam to neco rika.Dalsi zakony,jsou na omezovani krestanskeho vlivu,ze vsech soudnich budov musi prijit pryc krestanske desatero,knezi nesmi do skol a jine,rovnez tak se bojuje o svatky Vanocni,ktere vystrida oznaceni,pracovni volno a jine.
Cast Americke armady dostalo skoleni v boji proti terrorismu ,kde ? V Israelu. Americke jednotky jsou doprovazeny ,kym ? Rabbiny.
Takze ,si prectete starsi clanky-prispevky a zjistite ,ze svet se meni v neprospech krestanu ,bilych lidi .
"Jewish judges, Jewish journalists, and the American Civil Liberties Union pushing the anti-Christian agenda." "Too many Jews won't be happy until they pull off their own version of the Spanish Inquisition, forcing Christians to either deny their faith and convert to agnosticism or suffer the consequences."
"But no-one would say anything publicly about him [Jesus] for fear of the Jews."
John 7:13
Being Jewish, I should report, Christmas was never celebrated by my family. But what was there not to like about the holiday? To begin with, it provided a welcome two-week break from school. The decorated trees were nice, the lights were beautiful, "It's a Wonderful Life" was a great movie, and some of the best Christmas songs were even written by Jews.
But the dirty little secret in America is that anti-Semitism is no longer a problem in society – it's been replaced by a rampant anti-Christianity. For example, the hatred spewed toward George W. Bush has far less to do with his policies than it does with his religion. The Jews voice no concern when a Bill Clinton or a John Kerry makes a big production out of showing up at black Baptist churches or posing with Rev. Jesse Jackson because they understand that's just politics. They only object to politicians attending church for religious reasons.


26.07.2005 04:03

Policie zastřelila muže – tak tohle je vážné

To byla poprav arekl prihlizejici Londynan.

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Presne tak,dva na nem kleceli,takze ,uz nic nemohl delat ,kdyz by mel byt tim terroristou,tak by se prece odpalil driv a treti mu "nadelil" tri streli do hlavy a celkem petkrate strilel,proc ,to ,aby uz nikdy nemohl promluvit ,kdyby ,tedy byl tim terroristou ,tak police jej nechtela ziveho ,aby nemohl "zpivat" a nebo to byl zamer,jej umlcet definitivne.Ted si jen predstavte tu situaci ,kdyby timto zpusobem ,jak umlcet osobu-sloveka -obcana i pripadneho terroristu,kdyby byl zidem ,tak by nam propaganda antisemitismu jela cely mesic na plne obratky,opacne ,se tato tragedie dostava na pole vyjednavani,kde uz se nic vyjednat neda,uz je mrtev.Za zminku stoji ,to,ze jeden z tech udajne mrtvych atentatniku je ziv,ale ,to je pro propagandu malickost,ze ano?
911Rerun-Dead British Bombing Suspect Very Much Alive.

N avic mame jeste jeden problem,ze lide,uz neveri officialnim prohlaseni,nejdrive to byla armadni vybusnina ,potom to byla po domcku delana vybusnina ,dokonce v ramci pripravy na dalsi svetovy konflikt pouzili oznaceni ,ze vybusnina byla cinskeho puvodu,proste ,to same jak v 11 Septembru ,kdy jeste dodnes mnozi unosci,kteri zahynuli stale uzivaji zivota ,coz propagandistum amanipulantum stada vubec nevadi,lide,kratce zapomenou a je to.
Musime si zvykat na zpravy podobneho druhu[překvapení]ff-duty cop allegedly shoots man for knocking over beer

Newsday | July 25 2005

An off-duty police officer ended up on the wrong side of the law Friday night, shooting a man who had purposely knocked over the cop's beer in a lower Manhattan bar, police said Saturday.

The injured 23-year-old, whose name was not released, was taken to St. Vincent's Hospital Manhattan in stable condition, police said.

Bernard Marti, who is assigned to Harlem's 25th Precinct, was drinking in Cordato's Deli and Bar at 94 1/2 Greenwich St. at 10:30 p.m. Friday when a man knocked over Marti's beer, police sources said.


26.07.2005 05:09

Policie zastřelila muže – tak tohle je vážné

Kosher zabijeni do kazde vlady bojujici proti terroristum na zaklade zkusenosti terroristu z Israelu

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

British Cops trained in Israel
"Operation Kratos": London Met Police Special Operations Unit "Shoot to Kill"
by Michel Chossudovsky

July 24, 2005
The cold blooded murder of Jean Charles de Menezes, in the Stockwell underground was no accident. London Metropolitan Police had approved a policy of "shoot to kill":
"a controversial tactic deployed only in the most extreme circumstances but one police have been preparing to use for the last two weeks.".

The shoot to kill policy was undertaken under the auspices of "Operation Kratos", named after the mythical Spartan hero. It was carried out by the London Metropolitan's elite SO19 firearms unit often referred to as the Blue Berets. The latter are described as the equivalent to the US SWAT teams, yet in this particular case, they were not wearing uniforms.

The training of the S019 marksmen was patterned on that of Israel. They had been briefed "by officers who had been to Israel to meet their counterparts there and pick up tips gleaned from the experience of dealing with Hamas bombers".

"During the Kratos briefings, the Met team were told that, contrary to their normal arms training, they should fire at the head rather than the chest. Although the chest is easier to hit, it is not as reliable in causing instant death, giving a bomber a chance to detonate his device.... "(The Scottish Daily Record, 23 July, 2005).

The "Israeli counterparts" refers to Israel's National Police (INP), Shin Bet (the Israel Security Agency) and Israel's Ministry of Internal Security. But the police antiterrorist operations conducted by the INP against Hamas and Islamic Jihad are carried out in close coordination with the Military (Israeli Defense Force) and Mossad. Israel has also collaborated in the training of members of the FBI and the LAPD. Top law enforcement officers of the FBI were trained in Israel under a program sponsored by the The Jewish Institute for National Security.

see http://www.jinsa.org/articles/articles.html/function/view/categoryid/2168/documentid/3020/history/3,2359,2166,2168,3020
Bomb Was UNDER
The Train Says Eyewitness

Closest To It

"The policeman said 'mind that hole, that's where the bomb was'. The metal was pushed upwards as if the bomb was underneath the train. They seem to think the bomb was left in a bag, but I don't remember anybody being where the bomb was, or any bag," he said.



26.07.2005 05:23

Britské vystřízlivění

Kde to bouchne priste a mnohem ucinneji?

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

These suitcase nuclear weapons, called SADMs, actually exist according to one highly decorated US veteran. In an interview I did, An American Samurai: A Special Forces Warrior Speaks of War and Peace, Colonel Bo Gritz said: "Since the Arab world has no international ballistic nuclear weapons to reach America. They will even the score using a SADM (Small Atomic Demolition Munition), aka 'Suitcase Nuke,' to take out Washington, D.C. The SADMs are already in America, placed there as Unconventional Warfare caches during the Kennedy-Kruschev years. Even as we planted SADMS throughout Europe awaiting Red Armies to overrun Special Forces which would emerge deep behind the lines to destroy Command, Control, and Communications with SADMS, leaving the advancing armies helpless, the USSR was prepared to do the same thing to America. All the first generation SADMs--I was a SADM Team Leader in the 7th Special Forces Group--were completely mechanical with unlimited shelf life. Each SADM is 5-KT, approximately one million pounds of TNT -- combined with surface burst radiation of intense fire."
I would have to go for Detroit," wrote Michel T. "Getting at the giant manufacturers that are all deep in debt (technically bankrupt), plus the entry point can be set at Windsor, Ontario, which would be convenient for the Canadian connection."

And not least of all, Detroit is home to a huge Muslim population. Don't be surprised if a huge GM plant goes up in smoke.
Cely clanek najdetena :MainPage


14.08.2005 04:48

Další zatýkání na ochranu pravdy holocaustu

Kdyz ,budou kazdeho zavirat a obohacovat se na jejich majetku,tak bud ev Americe veselo.

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Jenom ,takove radio "American Dissident Voices" uz bude mit problem,nakonec posudte samy ,jak jim svoboda projevu prirostla nebezpecne k srdci,pravdepodobn e jeste nezaznamenali zmenu.

*2. Non-White crime (AKA The inevitable social standards of a
non-White society). When White people live amongst non-Whites,
this greatly lowers the quality of White living conditions and is
the main reason for the "internal national population
displacement" better know as "White Flight." To remedy this
problem, we must eventually remove all non-Whites from White
living space. This large scale population shift will take time,
but so much of the history of the planet revolves around
large-scale population shifts. This is nothing new and very
attainable. To examine non-White crime in any depth is pointless
and reactionary. The endless debate on Negro test scores or diet
or so called "past discrimination" is a huge three-ring circus in
insanity. The races are biologically very different and we can
never change that. Geographic separation of non-Whites from White
people is the only solution for non-White crime. This is the only
way to eliminate racial conflict within a nation. Any program or
even theory on how to fix race relations that doesn't explicitly
advocate complete racial separation, will only fail and must be
rigidly opposed.
3. Jewish Media monopoly. When we examine the 'cause and effect'
of the decline of the White race, the empowerment of the Jews,
via their take-over of the media in White countries, is the
single biggest cause. Therefore, the control of the media is an
absolute necessity for the White race in every White country. We
must replace this with an "Aryan Media" only within all White
countries. Easier said then done, but this in not just a best
case scenario, but rather this is the lynchpin for our race's
survival. If you look at the healthy state of the population of
White South Africans in the 1970s (disregarding a few very
corrupt politicians), it seems impossible that they would just
give away their country. Yet, after less than twenty years of
media brainwashing, a slight majority actually agreed to embrace
this disaster. This is like watching a smooth-talking drug dealer
selling heroin to school children. The initial healthy reaction
is with disgust and avoidance, but over a prolong exposure to
this harmful element we end up with a terrible drug epidemic on
our hands. Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press in a White
country is for Whites alone. The White race needs codified laws
to make it forbidden for Jews to ever control any media in White
countries. Such laws should make it forbidden for Jews to have
ownership of even a ballpoint pen in a White country.
4. Existing Political Paradigm. Currently all existing political
ideas are either subservient to Jews or deemed 'Politically
Incorrect' to a variety of degrees, the worst, of course, is to
work for the best interests of White people. To fix this, we need
a massive societal education program for a new "Pro-White World...

Kráceno (Editor)


14.08.2005 05:08

Jsem také ve válce?

Na Belehrad ,na Belehrad se ozyva z Bileho Domu.

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Jenze ,ted je to Bushovo na Iran ,kde ,samozrejme se hleda duvod k ospravedlneni valecne akce s pozlatekm demokracie a svobody a ten co vola ,jmenem tech ,co na tom vsem vydelavaji,sam o sobe se vyhnul svym povinostem ve Vietnamu,takze z internetovych linek stahli dokumenty o nekalikamesicni nepritomnosti u jednotky a nepodrobeni se vojenske-lekarske prohlidce,ale to nevadi k tomu ,aby vyzyval iracke vojaky,aby se vzdali a desertovali od povinosti k Saddam Hussejnovi.
Saturday, August 13, 2005 10:39 PM EDT

I think they're easy to spot with two simple tests:
1) Did they vote to re-elect George Bush, and;
2) Do they support the war on Iraq!
Clearly, anyone who has done both these things is a danger to himself and to others. They should be institutionalized immediately!




An examination of the Bush military files within the context of US Statutory Law, Department of Defense regulations, and Air Force policies and procedures of that era lead to a single conclusion: George W. Bush was considered a deserter by the United States Air Force.
Organization of the Air Reserve Forces

Bush’s Service Requirements

Bush’s Record as a Member of the Texas Air National Guard














14.08.2005 05:27

Příběh Omana

Statistika,hra cisel,presny soucet ,nepresnych cisel

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Pan Vcelicka zapomel ,jak se to dela,kdyz v socialismu se plnilo na 130%,ale kramy zely prazdnotou,plno se toho vyrobilo,ale nic nebylo k dostani,ze ano?
V Australii staci ,aby si jeden nasel praci jen na dve hodiny a uz je vypsan ze stavu nezamestnanych,"aby se usetrilo na podpore a vic zbylo pro byrokraty",tak se vede i narodni prehled domacich a emigrantu,mame Vietnamskou rodinu a zena ,jak kdyz vrabcak srazi paty uz ma osme dite ,ktere neni Vietnamcem ale Australanem,takze rano pred nadrazim zazijete vlnu Asiatu spechajicich za praci,ale ,statisticky tu vlasten nejsou,az ted opetne v ramci terrorismu si zase statistiku upravuji zpet do puvodni podoby,takze obevili,ze zde maji libanonskou populaci,az po znasilneni nekolika divek,jez se dostali az v terrorismu na verejnost a tak je to se vsim.V Americe ,take ,uz meni statistiku a s ni i nazor na veci,zejmena ,kdyz po tme se vraci hrdinove v pytlich a v nemocnici pribyva vice beznohych,takze i statni byrokrat je nucen prehodit vyhybku.

Saturday, August 13, 2005 11:05 PM EDT

Says Iraq war is really for Israel!

HERE IS HER STATEMENT: Am I emotional? Yes, my first born was murdered. Am I angry? Yes, he was killed for lies and for a PNAC Neo-Con agenda to benefit Israel.

My son joined the Army to protect America, not Israel. Am I stupid? No, I know full-well that my son, my family, this nation, and this world were betrayed by George Bush who was influenced by the neo-con PNAC agenda after 9/11.

We were told that we were attacked on 9/11 because the terrorists hate our freedoms and democracy...not for the real reason, because the Arab-Muslims who attacked us hate our middle-eastern foreign policy. That hasn't changed since America invaded and occupied Iraq...in fact it has gotten worse.

You get America out of Iraq and Israel out of Palestine and you'll stop the terrorism.!

Uz jsem napsal drive ,ze zide budou bojovat s Araby do posledni kapky krestanske krve.


14.08.2005 05:54

Oběť války: americká ekonomika

Upsal se dablu za jidassky gros a dnes jeho matka vola po spravedlnosti

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Who Is Cindy Sheehan?

She is the mother of a Marine killed in Iraq, and wants answers as to why her son died.

Spc. Casey Sheehan, 24, was killed in Baghdad on April 4, 2004, five days after he arrived in Iraq. An Eagle Scout, who trained as a Humvee mechanic, he volunteered to help bring in soldiers wounded in an ambush.
He died after his convoy came under attack. Cindy Sheehan blames the Neo-Cons and Israel for the Iraq conflict.
Bush and the news media laughed at her, until it came out that she said that Marines are dying for Israel, then everyone panicked.

Update on Cindy Sheehan

Update/- Dozens of protesters from across the country have joined Cindy Sheehan at Camp Casey, the roadside encampment where she waits to speak to President Bush about the war and about the death of her son.

President George W. Bush thought he could escape the rapidly deteriorating situation in Iraq by hiding out on his 1,600-acre Crawford, Texas, ranch for a five-week vacation. But the horrors of the war have followed him to his vacation hideaway.

Cindy Sheehan--whose 24-year old son, Spc. Casey Sheehan of Vacaville, Calif., was killed in Baghdad's Sadr City on April 4, 2004--is determined to confront Bush. She said at a press conference today, "The election of Nov. 2 was not George Bush's accountability moment. This is George Bush's accountability moment, and I'm not leaving Crawford until we hold him accountable."
She said her meeting with Bush occurred two months after her son Casey was killed in Sadr City on April 4, 2004. She says she and her family met privately with Mr. Bush two months later, and she is sharply critical of how the president acted. He sprinted in like a jovial fraternity party boy. He did not know her son's name, she says, and acted as if he was at a party and called her "Mom" throughout the meeting, which she considered disrespectful.

Neo-Cons Are An Elite Group of Zionist Jewish String-Pullers

Interlocking relationships of Neocons

An elite group of Zionist Jews inter-marry and infest government. They call themselves Neo-cons, and their sole purpose is directing US policy. Most are dual-citizens and none of them have ever served in the US military.
Crystal, Kagan ,Jackson ,Gerson, Scheunemann.
PNAC (Project for New American Century) is the same old Zionist swindle. All it says is "Go kill Iraq and Iran to make the world safe". The closest these Neocons ever came to fighting, was driving past an ROTC class on their way to a Hillel meeting of war protestors during the Vietnam War.


14.08.2005 06:23

Příběh Omana

Dusanovi to nema cenu vubec odpovedet, to musi kazdy uznat,to je skoda casu a cas jsou penize.

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Mexicans Rise Again In
The Lone Star State
By Francis Harris in Washington
The Telegraph - UK

Davy Crockett would weep at the news. Non-whites are now a majority in Texas.

The southern state was founded after the inspirational defeat suffered by Crockett and his troops at the Alamo. But the latest count of the state's 22.5 million people showed that 11.3 million, or 50.2 per cent, are non-white.

Most of the "minority" population is Hispanic, although there are also about three million blacks. But as the state mulled the news that whites were in the minority for the first time since the early 19th century, Texas newspapers spurned any discussion of the historical irony, preferring to focus on implications for the educational system.

White settlers seized Texas from the Mexicans in a series of engagements from 1836-48. These began with the defeat of a settler force at a mission station called the Alamo in 1836.

Demographers predict that whites will be outnumbered by all other races in the United States by 2050.

© Copyright of Telegraph Group Limited 2005.



12.09.2005 04:10

Hurikán Katrina – naše zkušenosti

Dozvime se vubec pravdu, jak to tam doopravdy bylo organisovane-stopy po pouziti vybusnin.

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Explosive Residue Found on Failed Levee Debris
Ruptured New Orleans Levee had Help Failing

"If these allegations prove true, the ruptured levee which flooded New Orleans was a deliberate act of mass destruction perpetrated by someone with access to military-grade UNDERWATER high explosives."

By: Hal Turner
September 9, 2005
New Orleans, LA -- Divers inspecting the ruptured levee walls surrounding New Orleans found something that piqued their interest: Burn marks on underwater debris chunks from the broken levee wall! One diver, a member of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, saw the burn marks and knew immediately what caused them. When he surfaced and showed the evidence to his superior, the on-site Coordinator for FEMA stepped-in and said "You are not here to conduct an investigation as to why this rupture occurred, but only to determine how best to close it." The FEMA coordinator then threw the evidence back into the water and said "You will tell no one about this."Click Here To Return To The Hal Turner Show Main News Page (http://www.halturnershow.com/index.html)
One diver, a member of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, saw the burn marks and knew immediately what caused them. He secreted a small chunk of the cement inside his diving suit and later arranged for it to be sent to trusted military friends at a The U.S. Army Forensic Laboratory at Fort Gillem, Georgia for testing.

According to well placed sources, a military forensic specialist determined the burn marks on the cement chunks did, in fact, come from high explosives.
The source, speaking on condition of anonymity said "We found traces of boron-enhanced fluoronitramino explosives as well as PBXN-111. This would indicate at least two separate types of explosive devices."


12.09.2005 04:30

Al-Kaida hodlá vyhodit do vzduchu kanadský parlament... Pomoooc!

al-Qaeda ,chce vyhodit pomalu pul sveta,ale proc nevyhodi politiky ,kteri je k nam natahali.

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Melbourne's terror threat
07:00 AEST Mon Sep 12 2005
Australian authorities will examine a new videotape purportedly from an al-Qaeda operative that warns Melbourne will be the target of a terrorist attack.

The tape, first aired by ABC News in the United States, was obtained in Pakistan by the media organisation and also warns of a strike on Los Angeles.

The footage shows a masked US-born member of al-Qaeda - believed to be Californian man Adam Gadahn - threatening attacks on the two cities, "Allah willing".

"Yesterday, London and Madrid. Tomorrow, Los Angeles and Melbourne," the speaker says, warning attackers will show no compassion.

"We love peace, but peace on our terms."

Gadahn is believed to have been the young American who appeared in another threatening tape about year ago.

Straseni a zase straseni,proc ne , kdyz to vyhovuje i politikum k upevneni sve moci na d obyvatelstvem, od konfiskovani zbrani-jako dobra odpoved na nasili udajne al-Qaeda, proste a kratce plno novych zakonu a opatreni se doslova sveze s hrozbou terroristu, kdyz to neni tak davno , co USA a vsichni sluzebnici USA -demokracie a svobody slepe je nasledovali a podporovali "zahranicni politiku" USA ,jez vychovavala na zahranicnich zakladnach , ale i v samotnych Spolenych statech nove zaskodniky ,politicxke odpurce,terroristy a tiche zabijaky pracujici jak pro sebe ,tak pro USA.Nezapomenme ,ze tak zvani bojovnici za svobodu, ve jmenu USA a velkych koncernu a bank potrebovali vyzbroj a kdo jim to prodal-USA a Britanie.Kdyz i ten nenavideny , ale pred tim potrebny Saddam Hussein si trasl ruce s zidem Rumsfeldem a jake dobre obchody delali od zbrani hromadneho niceni ,az po stavbu bunkru v Bagdadu-to staveli myslim Francouzi, takze ,terrorista je ten ,co uz neda zapadnim sejdirum vydelat, jakmile nakoupi v Rusku anebo v Cine ,tak ma spatny posudek.Co takovy Israel ,ktery je nejvetsim zbrojnim dodavatelem na pocet obyvatelstva a vesele prodava do Ciny,Indie a jinam.Kdyz i Hitler vyzbrojil sve prvni jednotky SS s revolvery z USA-kseft je kseft.Hitler , zase vozil ruzne valecne prostredky do Ruska ke Stalinovi, coz se nelibilo Velke Britanii ,jeste tou dobou , tak nazyvane, tak do toho namocili Polsko, ze jim , jako pomuzou, kdyz si to s Hitlerem rozdaji, ovsem , predem uz pocitali,jak rozhejbaji svuj prumysl a nazenou miliony nezamestnanych do uniforem armady.Samozrejme i ten Hitler , dostal na to vsechno od dedecka Bushe, ktery byl za to souzen pro udajny obchod s nepritelem, coz dnes ,uz neni nijak trestne, proto USA napomenuly Israel, aby neprodaval terroristum co bojuji s vojaky USA.


12.09.2005 04:47

Umělá katastrofa: Hurikán obnažil katastrofu sociálního státu vyrobenou člověkem

Mam zcela zivou predstavu,jak by vypadala valka na uzemi Spojenych Statu Americkych.

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Rikam Spojenych , ale spise by se melo hodit rozharanych a sobeckych.

Witnesses Confirm
Paramedic Story Of
Cops Blocking Escape


Police agencies south of New Orleans were so fearful of the crowds attempting to leave the city after Hurricane Katrina that they sealed a crucial bridge over the Mississippi River and turned back hundreds of desperate evacuees, according to two paramedics who were in the crowd.

The paramedics and two other witnesses said officers sometimes shot guns over the heads of fleeing people. The witnesses said they had been told by New Orleans police to cross this same bridge because buses were waiting for them there.

Instead, a suburban police officer angrily ordered about 200 people to abandon an encampment between the highways near the bridge. The officer then confiscated their food and water, the four witnesses said. The incidents took place in the first days after the storm last week, they said.

``The police kept saying, `We don't want another Super Dome,' and `This isn't New Orleans,' '' said Larry Bradshaw, a San Francisco paramedic who was among those fleeing.

Arthur Lawson, chief of the Gretna, La., police department, confirmed that his officers, along with those from the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office and the Crescent City Connection Police, sealed the bridge.

``As soon as things calm down, we will do an inquiry and find out what happened,'' he said.
Verte vlade a jejim nastrojum moci a zejmena byrokracii, je zdrzi dozivotni "Zlaty dul" , nebot sebe mocnejsi politicka stran "zdedi" pri svem nastupu k moci armadu byrokratu ,jez je vlastne ridici silou statu a kde politici vzdy maji z teto strany tu nejvetsi podporu.
Nakonec si pripomenme, jak pouhych jeden milion kommunistu dokazalo s armadou byrokratu ovladat tech zbyvajicich patnact milionu, v "sovetskem svazu to bylo jen dvanact milionu komunistu ,kteri vladli 230 millionum a byrokrati se predhaneli s tuzkou a papirem ,kolik a nakolik splni dodavky do bratrskeho sovetskeho byrokratickeho raje, nakonec i v dobe druhe svetove valky si byrokrati s Benesem v Londyne zili ,jako pani, kdyz se prislo na to ,z ese vykradaji balicky Cerveneho Krize urcene bojujicim vojakum a letcum.Takze , proc by to v Americe melo byt jine, ze ano?


20.10.2005 03:47

Saddamovi soudci prošli korektním školením

Tohle soudni divadlo za chleba okupantu,starsi clovek znaly veci nespolkne.

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Tohl edivadlo je pro mladou generaci ,ne uz pro stare ,tak ,jak pamatujeme soud se Slanskym-Salzmanem ,kdy se obzalovani zide museli k radosti nastupujicich zidu naucit zpameti odpovidat na dotaz soudce i s tim ,ze se plne doznaji ,jak podryvali socialisticke budovani,cemuz se smal potaji cely narod ,ktery zida v zivote nevydel s lopatou a krumpacem vubec kdy neco budovat.Proste ,jedna klika zidu si vyrizovala ucty s druhou klikou ,co prohrali a za zaminku si vzali vse ,co je dovedlo na sibenici,kdyz ,zid ,Dr.Josef Urvalek jim za "spolupraci',kde meli byt usetreni sibenice ,udajne ,tak jim sibenici dal,ktera byla urcena ,driv nez "soud"vubec zapocal.V Nurimberku to bylo to same ,cely soudni proces obsadilo na 2400 zidu ve vsech moznych funkcich ,takze z Nemcu dosahli i na 24 milionu zavrazdenych,jakym zpusobem ,si kazdy muze domyslet,ale tohle mladi lide neznaji,pro ne je dalsi divadlo,zejmena ,kdyz Amerika udrzuje zakon na muceni veznu ,spolecne s Israelem ,takze ,vysetrovatele budou urcite zkuseni nasledovnici Nurimberskeho procesu.
Stale se mluvi o Hitlerovi a Treti Risi,ale ,kdo vi ,ze nacisti ,kdyz nedokazali usvedcit Dimitrova ,tak jej pustili,za to ale popravili velitele koncentracniho tabora ,co si prilepsil na balickach pro vezne,takze si kazdy sam udelejte obrazek o spravedlnosti ,dejin lidstav a vubec historii ,bez reklamy.jak na tom vlastne jsme s nasi svobodou,demokracii a pravy bezpravniho systemu.
Divadlo se Saddamem je stejne divadlo s Milosovicem ,scenar je naprosto stejny.Nakonec ,z ceho obviny Saddam Hussejna ,kdyz by jeho svedkem byl zid Rumsfeld ,co si s nim potrasal rukou a delal "Chemicke obchody".
Posted on Tue, Oct. 01, 2002
U.S. Shipments of Pathogens to Iraq

Shipments from the United States to Iraq of the kinds of pathogens later used in Iraq's biological weapons programs, according to records from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Senate Banking Committee and U.N. weapons inspectors:


Iraq admitted making 2,200 gallons of anthrax spores and putting some of them into weapons. U.N. inspectors said Iraq could have made three times as much anthrax as it acknowledged, and could not verify Iraq's claims to have destroyed all of its weaponized anthrax.

Iraq admitted making 5,300 gallons of botulinum toxin, a deadly poison produced by the Clostridium botulinum bacteria, and putting some of it into weapons. Five warheads filled with botulinum toxin are missing.

U.N. inspectors concluded Iraq could have produced hundreds of gallons of the germs that cause gas gangrene, though Iraq admitted producing just a fraction of that amount. Gas gangrene, caused by the Clostridium perfringens bacteria, causes toxic gases to form inside the body, killing tissues and causing internal bleeding, lung and liver damage.

The CDC sent bacteria samples to Iraq's Atomic Energy Commission in 1985, 1987 and 1988. The commission was involved in Saddam's attempts to build a nuclear bomb and other weapons of mass destruction.

V Americe je na 11.000 vedcu ,...

Kráceno (Editor)


20.10.2005 04:01

Demonstrace na protest věznění Ernsta Zündela

Nemecko chtelo zachranit Evropu pred komunismem,Nemci byli prvni ,kdo videl tabory Gulag.

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Tak ,za prve ,komunismus je judaismus a judaismus ,je komunismus,tak ,jak se zidovsky rabbin vyjadril zcela bez obalu, takze, komunisti jsou nastrojem zidu, coz nic nema spolecneho s zadnou jinou narodni stranou, nikdo na svete nechce patou politickou kolonu uvnitr vlastniho statu,tak ,jak se muzeme ze samotneho Israelu priucit ,ze Israel je zemi jen pro zidy-tak zvane ,ovsem.jeste vyjadreno jinymi slovy ,komunismus je internecionalismus jez nici narody, a jejich lasku k vlasti a uci k podvratne cinnosti, vzdat se svych narodnich prav ve prospech ciziho vlivu, (dat se dobrovolne do sluzeb cizaku ) ,tedy, vlivu zidovskeho-chazarskeho,asiatskeho,jez nema nic s kulturou a historii Evropy nic spolecneho. Komunisti,jakoby pouzita kamuflaz ,vedeni zidovskymi komisari v Rusku,dodanymi Amerikou zpusobyli 100 milionu krestanskych obeti a zavrazdili carskou rodinu.Jinymi slovy je treba tuto stranu zakazat pro kriminalni cinnost proti vlastnim lidem a nenarodniho standartu, jez je nam vnucovan nasilim ,nebot vsude kam tak zvani komunisti- kolaboranti zidovske doktriny vkroci , tak ,vzdy se zmocnili vlady nasilim, nikdy nevyhrali vzadnych svobodnych volbach, jsou hnutim terroristickym ,tak ,jak vznikl stat Israel na bazi terrorismu,vrazd palestinskeho lidu. Kazdy ,kdo socialisuje s timto hnutim je clovek jez inklinuje k nasili a oponuje demokratickym zasadam a obcanskym svobodam jdouci az ke kriminalni,mafianske cinnosti, necht si zide nechaji tuto praxi pro stat Israel a nevnucuji tento barbarsky zpusob vlady kulturnim narodum.
Komunisti ,mnozi ,tak zvani zide se radi ohaneji demokracii ,kterou vsude nici ,az do doby ,kdy sami se dostanou do vlady ,aby nastolili totalitni system zionistickeho zidovstva, coz muzem dnes videt velmi dobre na vlade USA ,jako pred tim na "bolsevicke vlade Ruska ,kde z 520 rudych ,vsemocnych komisaru bylo vic jak 480 zidu u ostatnich se nedal urcit puvod ,ale popravci ceta cara byla cistokrevny kosher.Praktiky s volanim o demokracii i pro komunisty je opet jen nastupnim mustkem k uchopeni moci nezakonnym ,nedemokratickym zpusobem, myslim ,ze se lide maji poucit ze 100 milionu ruskeho holocaustu zpusobenym "rudymi komisari",jak Solzenicin bez obalu nazyva zidy.Pani Bowary se domaha pomoci demokracie toho nedemokratickeho nasili ,co dnes provadi proti vsem tem ,kteri kritisuji zidovstvo a terroristicky stat Israel.
Komunisticka strana je nenarodni stranou zalozena na nasili-terrorismu a je zcela kriminalniho charakteru jez preziva jen diky hlouposti demokracie a hlouposti "demokraticky smyslejicich obcanu."
Nezapomente jedno,ze historii,co Vas ucili ve skole,je historii ,jez Zundel nechtel hlasat a za to ma byt trestan.Jen zid -Frantisek Piepek muze rici,ze urcite zarizeni v Auschwitz bylo postaveni az po valce,kazdy jiny ,co to opakuje po nem je revisionista.Nakonec i profesor Finkelstein dosel zionisticko-judaisticke zkutecnosti,jak na tom vsichni jsme.


20.10.2005 04:23

Turecký počátek konce EU?

RE: Prispevek k memu predeslemu clanku ,jez zatim nebyl otisten.Hra s ohnem zacina.

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Tak ,za prve ,si najdete v anglictine tento clanek s nazvem:The New World Order Map. http://www.penncrier.com/penncrier/penwompt.html
Zde v dobe druhe svetove valky ,po provokacich Americanu na Japoncich s ustanovenim embarga na naftu donutili Japonce k utoku na Pearl Harbour,coz vedel z dekodovanych depesi zid Rosenfelt-Roosvelt znacne dopradu a nechal na 5000 namorniku k obetovani,jako zadostiucineni k vyhlaseni valky.Mapa udelana Maurice Gomberg ve Philadelfii v dobe ,kdy uz krestani cedili krev na bojistich sveta,tak uz bylo rozvrzeno ,jak svet bude vypadat po valce,jak bude rozdelen ,kdo ,kde bude a co mu bude nalezet,proste ,bylo jednani o nas a hlavne bez nas a propaganda pracuje dodnes,abychom verili ,tomu ,co se nam predklada.V roce 1946-7 ,tak zvana Atomova komise-vsichni ,ovsem zide,uverejnila clanek kde doslova rika ,ze svet musi prijmout ustanoveni jedne svetove vlady,a nebo nebude nic!!!
Je na Vas si domyslet to "nebude nic",proste do totalniho vitezstvi radobyvladcu sveta i kdyby melo zkoncit celosvetovym nuklearnim krachem,ze by ani stenice neprezily.
Mily ,pane ,v dobe ukonceni prvni svetove valky,uz v Moskve bylo receno Nemeckemu Vyslanci,ze dalsi valka mnohem hroznejsi prijde,nakonec ,poslouchejte pana Bushe ,ten ma seznam 27 zemi,ktere potrebuji, tak zvani mericky ""tritment""-leceni,pan Chiney mluvi za valku bez hranic,po tom ,kdy prosakuji zpravy ,ze na Iran budou pouzity i atomove zbrane,co myslite ,bude pristi generace,pokud vubec bude se ucit ve skole ,ze v ramci svetoveho boje proti terrorismu americka -zidovska klika pouziva terrorismu proti druhym zemim a pouzivaji atomove vydirani,tam ,kde netsaci zaskodnicke akce diversantu CIA ?
Pan ,zid Chiney mluvi o sedmdesati letech valky,je Vam to jasmne ,kdo seje valku po svete?
Israelsky general doslova rekl:At se krestani snazi vyhnout valce ,jak chteji,tak ji stejne budou mit.
Polsky marsal Rydz-Smigli v Daily Mail ,August6th,1939 rekl doslova;Germany-Nemcko nebude moci se vyhnout valce i kdyz bude delat vse mozne!! Mate tohle v ucebnici dejin,v archivech a v encyklopediich ,jestli ne,tak aspon vite,jak jste informovan a nebo ,jak Vas mozek je vymyty politickymi kapitany vasi zeme,coz je provadeno celosvetove-kdo tedy celosvetove vladne a ridi nase osudy pomoci zkorumplovanych politiku?
Although he was regarded by the Mensheviks before the Revolution as "Lenin's mad dog," "Zinoviev" objected, along with Lev "Kamenev" (real name Rosenfeld), to the October 1917 policy of armed insurrection. "Traitors and strikebreakers of the revolution," Ulyanov called them. After the assassination of "Uritsky" (real name Radomislsky or Padomilsky) and Ulyanov's close call, "Zinoviev," as chairman of the Petrograd Soviet, was thrown into blind panic. He feared that the end of the revolution was at hand and responded with terrible cruelty against "bourgeois elements." Launching the Red Terror in Petrograd, he declared:
‘We must carry along with us 90 million out of the 100 million of Soviet Russia's inhabitants. As for the rest, we have nothing to sa...

Kráceno (Editor)


20.10.2005 04:58

Saddamovi soudci prošli korektním školením

Propaganda ,stale zive udrzovan a zdelovacimi prostredky i kdyz senat Ameriky vi,kdo pouzil jedu proti Kurdum.

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Wed - 19 Oct - JUSTICE DENIED and IMPERIALISM ASSAULTED: In 1982 after an assassination attempt the brutal ruthless Saddam Hussein had maybe 150 Iraqi men and boys arrested, tortured and killed. For that today he finally goes on trial. In 1982 after very public American promises to protect Palestinian refugees in Israeli-invaded Lebanon, the brutal and ruthless Ariel Sharon coordinated the massacre of thousands of defenseless Palestinian woman and children by the Christian Lebanese Phalange fighting on Israel's side. Though an official Israeli Commssion of Inquiry found Sharon 'indirectly responsible' and recommended he never again serve in government Sharon is today the Prime Minister of Israel. More recently in 1988 Saddam Hussein ordered chemical weapons used on the Kurdish city of Hallabjah and many thousands of civilians were horribly killed. But Saddam is not being tried for this more horrendous crime, and that may be because Saddam was not only then the ally of the United States but the weapons he used were purchased from, and the money he used to do so came from, the U.S. and other western countries. Selective crimes and prosecutions make the trial of Saddam Hussein that begins today more than problematical. And what is taking place today in heavily occupied by American troops Baghdad is hardly to be considered justice.
Meanwhile brigades are training in Venezuela, Iran, and Syria for anticipated U.S. attacks if further CIA 'regime-change' efforts fail, as they did in Iraq for more than a decade. Two days after he probably watched Louis Farakhan denounce U.S. imperialism in front of the U.S. capitol -- along with a far milder and much more diplomatic Prime Minister of Jamaica who himself followed Fidel Castro's man, Ricardo Allarcon, from Havana -- Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe lashed out at the U.S. and Great Britain from a U.N. forum in Rome. Hugo Chavez did much the same from the rostrum of the General Assembly at the U.N. in New York last month. Mugabe's ruthless and abominable policies in his own country notwithstanding, these are speeches deserving of being read and the underlying realities need to be far more openly discussed and debated

He is a
Ph.D. in political science and was the chief of the CIA Iraq desk at
Langley in the 1980s. He left the CIA in 1987 to become a lecturer at the
Army War College in Carlisle, Pa., and was sent in 1988 to investigate
Halabja. He based his conclusions that the "several hundred Kurds" who died
at Halabja must have been killed by Iranians, because the deaths were
caused by cyanide gas, which Iraq had not used in the war against Iran
(they used mustard gas), and which, says Pelletiere, they had no ability to
produce. He says the Iranians blamed the deaths on the Iraqis and won the
public-relations war that followed, even though journalists at Halabja
could see the symptoms being caused by cyanide gas.

Pravda a nebo lez ,povesime jej stejne,ze ano?


05.12.2005 03:07

Kdo ovládá Ameriku? IV.

Devadesat osm procent americke populace skace ,jak dve procenta sebevyvolenych piska.

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Ariel Sharon:
"We control America"
"Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it."
- Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001.

Amerika je ve valce,denne muzem videt jejich straty,ktere nam milostive zidovsky tisk da ke cteni,ale zkutecnost je mnohem horsi,ale s tou nechteji pobourit krestanskou verejnost,takze ,mrtvy prichazeji domu za tmy,aby to nebylo do oci tak bijici.Tovarna na delani vest ,jez Vas mmaji chranit je ovsem v zidovskych rukou a tak jeji majitel ,jen za rok ma prijem na 72.6 milionu a pro svou dcerusku,13 letou udelal zidovskou oslavu na 10 milionu,proc take ne ,kdyz firma DHB Industries.Inc dostava od vlady-zidovske ,zakazky z Pentagonu na 77 milionu dolaru a pred tim 60 milionu dolaru,takze ,heslo zidovskeho rabbina na pohrbu jineho rabbina v Praze ,rekl uz v roce 1868 , rabin Reichorn : "Valka,to je zidovska sklizen", Proc take ne ,kdyz se podle Talmud zbavuji dobytka ,tak ,jak nazyvaji vsechny nezidovske obcany a "dobytek" je hluchy a slepi,takze ,zadna odezva,jak od politiku,tak od kostelnicku atak i od ostatnich obyvatel,spise se dockame opaku,ze tech par ,co vi,jako Zundel a jini pujdou "na hranici",protoze svet ,ve sve mysli ,je stale plochy a na tom chce zustat.
George Washington
( in Maxims of George Washington by A. A. Appleton & Co.):
"They (the Jews) work more effectively against us, than the enemy's armies. They are a hundred times more dangerous to our liberties and the great cause we are engaged in... It is much to be lamented that each state, long ago, has not hunted them down as pest to society and the greatest enemies we have to the happiness of America."
George Washington

Nakonec ,clanek z roku 1928-AReal Casem Agaisnst the Jews-Marcus Eli Ravage poslouzi k zamysleni tech ,co nekoukaji stale na sport a hollywoodks pornografie.

Pro lepsi prehled nakouknete do
Rightly or wrongly, the Nazis blamed the Jews for America's entry into WWI as well as the unjust and punitive Treaty of Versailles which followed. It's also undeniable that international Jewry "declared war" (and launched an international boycott) on Hitler's Germany in 1933. Even the outrage know as "Kristallnacht" was provoked in part by a Jewish assassin (Herschel Grynszpan) who, on November 7, 1938, walked into the German embassy in Paris and shot and killed Ernest vom Rath, a German diplomat.


05.12.2005 05:17

Zaútočí „teroristé“ na Kongres Spojených států?

To nebudou muset byt ,ani terroriste, staci prehmat v laboratorich ,tak ,jak New Orliansu

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

V New Orliensu prisla zatopa a zaplavila i laboratore s pokusnymi-infikovanymi zviraty ,jez mnohe uniklo smrti utopenim a ted nekde je , s necim,o cem nevime,cim bylo infikovano.
Jen ,tak k uvaze ,nez se dostanem k terroristum, v Americe je na 11 000 vedcu ,kteri maji licenci v praci na pokusy s bakteriemi,cili,jedni z tech ,co jim utekl AIDS do spolecnosti a dnes ma AIDS 40 milionu nositelu,diky ,iteligentnim mozkum : rika se jim tak ?
V prvni svetove valce padli milliony lidi ,ale tyhle jatka , nekterym nestaci a dnem a noci pracuji na zbranich hromadneho niceni-bakteriologicky vyzkum.Spilberske ostrovy jsou znamy,ze i zde radila Spanelska chripka a tela zemrelych horniku jsou neporusena i s tim ,co je zklatilo do hrobu,kdo jiny ,nez vedci muzou prijit na to ,ze metla lidstva v letech 1920 se da opet pouzit ,jako zbran,kdyz je to zejmena tak ucinne ,ze vic lidi zemrelo na Spanelskou chripku ,nez za celou dobu prvni svetove valky a tak vzorky z tel horniku,ovsem ,pro mirove potreby,jak zabranit v budoucnosti nove katastrofe-tedy, propaganda, nebot pravdou je ,ze tyto vyrusy jsou zkouseny v nasi moderni dobe ,jak by se daly pouzit ,opetne, co by zbran.
Terrence Tumpey, a microbiologist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, examines reconstructed 1918 Pandemic Influenza Virus inside a specimen vial. (Courtesy CDC)
Now, authorities acknowledge they may mail copies of the germ, which killed an estimated 50 million people in 1918, to qualified laboratories that apply for it.


Takze ,my ,nepotrebujem terroristy,co se k nam budou plavit a nebo letet tisice kilometru,my mame terroristy mezi sebou,ktere denne potkavame, my nepotrebujem ,zda provedou utok na parlament,kdyz cely svet bude postizen,jestlize ,udelaji neco o jejiz dusledcich chytre hlavy nikdy nemeli ani tuseni,vis AIDS.
But U.S. officials say they didn’t mislead anyone.

Scientists and government officials announced last month that they had designed a virus identical in most key respects to the infamous 1918 “Spanish Flu” virus.

Nakonec ,nebyl to antrax ,co byl poslan pres postu ,kde to zabilo pracovniky posty a nakonec se zjistilo,ze jeho slozeni je schodne se slozenim USarmy laboratorich, timto si myslim ,ze si Amerika dela uplne zbytecne starosti se zahranicnimi terroristy,kdyz doma ,sama,jich ma dost. Obchod se smrti je dobre placen,copak muze vubec nekdo odmitnout dolary a skvelou karieru pro to,ze jednou vsichni "zhebnem " ve spolek, za neci omyl a nebo zamer,to prece ,uz nam bud ejedno,nebo snad ne?


05.12.2005 05:57

O Sokratovi

V ,cem spociva Sokratesova velikost a stesti jeho zeny ,ze ma prave jeho.

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Sokrates zvazil ,asi svou situaci a proste zachoval klid,proste, nenechal mavat se svym majestatem, vedel ,ze po strance zenskych s tim moc nenadela ,byl opravdu modry v tomto smeru a jeho zena to vyuzivala, nebot ,kdyby mela "primitiva"-chlapa jako remen ,tak ji zakroutil krkem a odesel by s milencem na par piv to oslavit.
Jak ,rikam ,ona toho vyuzivala ,nebot je to tak ,ze i nejvetsi mudrc se dokaze stat uplnou hrackou v rukach zeny,ale co to zene da prace ,kdyz ma co delat s hlupakem.
Tudiz ,ona vedela ,ze ma navrch a ze z teto strany nehrozi nebezpeci,Sokrates vedel,zer at udela cokoliv proti tomu,tak to bude na skodu jeho charakteru ,inteligenci a jeho vseobecne povesti a svym klidem se vlastne povysil nad ostudnou roli sve zeny a zapsal se tak nezvratne do dejim ,takze lide dnes vice mnohem vice vzpomenou Sokratese ,co by ucence ,nez podvedeneho manzela.
Kolik ,zen v dnesni dobe,provede chytry tah na sveho manzela ,aby ,tento hrubec na ni v zarlivosti sahnul a ona potom ma milence a cely majetek manzela ve svem drzeni po soudnich tahanicich,zatimco on ,za facku jde krajinou s raneckem na zadech.
Sokrates ,takto ,predebehl svou dobu a dava priklad mnoha muzum ,jak se chovat v pripade "spane zpravy" ,jez by mela spatny nasledek v jejich manzelstvi,poulicni alkoholik zbaveny lidskych citu Vam rekne prikladnou vetu po oznameni nejake nevery jeho zeny :" A ,co ,z jednoho kuratka se muzou i dva mit dobre!"
Jiny ,alkoholik , da si par stamprdlat na kuraz a jde na to z cela opacne strany a druhy den je v cerne kronice,prijde sice , take o vsecko,ale zena uz to neuzije a soud byva o polovinu kratsi k neradosti expertu na odirani lidi v pripadech rozvodu, sami se nezeni,nebot v dobrych pripadech i na ne se dostane se "zanasenim z hnizda" ,to je v cene .
Takze ,po svete muzete videt dnes v ramci feministickeho hnuti protestni pruvody nesouci plakaty,"konec nasili na zenach","nebijte zeny" "zena je take clovek",to jsou dnes ty tri sita ,co prodelala za ta stoleti rozvoj k dnesni spolecnosti,samozrejme ,ze v pruvodu jde i spoustu deti se svymi matickama, ale puvodem ruznych otcu a ne jenom jeden a nebo dva.
Sokrates ,predebehnul svou dobu ,svym klidem ,svym postavenim ve spolecnosti a vesel do dejin feministickeho hnuti ,ktere na nem Vylamalo zuby a proto si vazim starych Reku, nebot nam dali mnohe ,co dnes v moderni zivote tolik postradame. V dobe tohoto ucence by znalci zakona stradali hladem a nezamestnanosti,coz se dnes neda o nich rici,naopak ,dnes se vysvihli do nejvyssich kruhu,svym majetkem ze slz a kriku a hlouposti svych zakazniku,zatimco rodina strada a stava se necim zcela nerealnym, nekdy az saskovskym vystoupenim,kdy pokrocila zena s nekolika detmi se rozhodne se oblect do satu, barvy bile ,nevinnosti, o jejiz vyznamu nema vubec potuchy, ale za to zna vsechna sva prava v pripade ,ze to "neklape".
Dnesni ,moderni Sokratesove-muzi,ve vztahu mezi muzem a zenou,pokud jim to zena dovoli,tak rychle "nasekaji deti" nez je vyhodi z baraku ven a jdou zase nekam jinam, tahle sorta muzu ,zeny nebije,proc taky,oni svym...

Kráceno (Editor)


17.01.2006 11:06

Jak by to mělo být a není

RE: nas nejvetsi problem

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

V jadru veci se jedna o mnohem o cemz normalni smrtelnik nema tuseni,jak se vyjadril uz mnohy literat,ktery ovsem neni propagovany za sve nazory a podlehl cirkevni cenzure jako Jan Hus,tak jejich veta je tato:plno lidi si vyplachuje hubu ve jmenu Bozim za ucelem svych vlastnich vyhod .
Vcelku vzato odpustku zcela plnili tuto roli,ze ano ,nejvetsi darebak ,co mel peize se stal pres Vatikan svatym ,pres noc.Dnes ,cirkev vseho druhu zavrhla Boha svym vlastnim nemravnim pocinanim pri zneuzivani mladych chapcu pro sexualni ctic vyvolenych ,co by Bozich sluhu,kteri sluhy byly mamonu achtici,takze Vatikan sam o sobe zavrhnul Boha ,kdyby existoval,tak prevni blesk sparvedlnosti by uderil do techto rad ,coz dokazuje ,ze nemaji zadny strach pred Bozim trestem ,nebot sami na nej neveri ,veri na mamon a nemoralni praktiky vseho druhu,vyderacstvi Vatinske banky je tim pravym ukazem ,kolaborace s toatlitnim rezimem jako komunisti v uprave ideologie komunismu pri zachovani kostela svedci ,ze cirkev nem a zadna moralni predsevzeti ,nemela je ani v minulych stoletich ,kdy mlade chlapce na krizacke vyparave prodali do muslimskeho otroctvi,takze ,krestanstvi ve jmenu Vatikanu ma velmi krvave dejiny,krestanstvi a vira v Boha ve zkutecnosti nema nic spolecneho sVatikanem,dnesni Vatikan a nebo receni katolicka cirken je zbankrotovela ve jmenu morality,tudiz ,at se vstekaji a nebo ne ,samy se v historii lidstva uplne znemoznili s celou radou jinych cirkvi ,coz dokazalo ,z etoto vse je blud ve jmenu obchodu s lidskou slabosti se oprostit v ramci vlastniho mysleni od propagandy lehkozivku na ukor lidi je zfalesne veri v nejaky idol vyssi moci,jehoz zakladnou je on sam ,jestlize ma dost psychicke sili verit sam sobe ,nebot krestanstvi,jakozto i jina nabozenstvi ma velmi krvave dejiny,ve jmenu Boha v prospech nekolika samovyvolencu,nebot vse ,co clovek propaguje je zkorumplovane od sameho zacatku az ke konci ,tak ,jako kostel dnesnich dnu,kostel a nebo synagoga ,to jsou lide jez pro svou obzivu nikdy nemavli lopatou,vzdy do kostela date prispevky ,neco kostel ponecha prosebe a zbytek pouzije ve jmenu Bozim,sam o sobe kostel nikdy nic nevytvoril,jen prezival na ukor vericich,kdo toto nepoznal,jsou sami verici.
Kolik ruznych vericich svet zazil za ten cas ,nabozensky Bozi predtstavitel ,se mercedesi,nekolika osobnimi letadli,s mladou 18 letou sekretarkou ,neplatic dani ve jmenu Bozim ,ovsem,proste nikdy ,nikdo z nich nemakl na nicem ,vzdy zil z prace jinych,co by vyvoleny,ovsem sam sebe urcil k teto roli,co takovych je ,co predpovedli konec sveta s tim ,ze vsichni v jeho osobni nadrazenosti se musi zbavitr svych uspor ,driv nez nastane konec sveta, proto vsicni tyto nemakancekove souhlasi v jednom ,uyvoreni jednoho svetoveho nabozenstvi v ramci sveho JA.
Nakonec ,proc se juadismus nemuze pres Vatikan sloucit dohromady,prakticky vzato si jen rozdeli "stado ",tak ,aby sami sebou si v obchode neprekazeli a pri tom oba sikovne a spokojene zili be zprekazek a o to tu hlavn ejde ,domluvit se s novym silnym partnerem na lidskou duverivost,kralosvtvi Bozi s Talmudem,kd...

Kráceno (Editor)


17.01.2006 11:40

Bottom trawling

Clovek ve sve podstate je velmi lenive stvoreni premyslet mimo okruh svych zajmu,tedy prijmu z niceho.

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Dnes nam vedci dokazuji oteplovani planety a nasledky v podobe katastrif vseho druhu.Kdyz s etak zamyslime ,proc nasm vedci-inteligenti rikaji neco ,co oni sami v ramci rizeni spolecnosti nas nutili delat,porucime vetru desti a nebo chemie bud epracovat za Vas. Ti ,co nas varuji ,jsou Ti co nas ovladali ve jmenu pokroku,at se to vezme z jedne a nebo z druhe strany oponenti vzdy zkoncili v hodnoceni s temito proverenymi a tituli overenymi ,co by ,proste receno ,co by volove,dnes toto"volove " dostavaji za pravdu,kdyz prijde hurikan pres 300 Km v hodine a nici na vse prijde,tak se ucene hlavy dali na stranu s tim ze "patent na rozum " maji jen oni a nikdo jiny ,take jsou podle toho placeni, na rozdil od nevedomeho "stada".
Takze na slovo vzaty odbornik v ramci civilnich zakonu Vas presvedci ,ze ,kdyz zlodej jde k Vam do domu a leze pres plot a spadne a zlomi si neco v tele ,tak ,jako majitel plotu mate za nej zotpovednost a zkoncite u soudu ,kde on pozaduje odskodneni za ublizeni na zdravi,proc ,majitel pozemku neplati politikum a advokatum,neplati odskodneni ,ze uplne zblbli ,je mi zahadou.
Takze,selsky rozum musi byt zasadne potlacen,ne politiky ,aby si neuspinili ruce ,ale uzitecnym stadem idiotu,je zbezmezne veri tomu ,co vidi kazdy vecer na svem TV ,aby neprocitl ,tak se mu da trochu sportu,do toho par reklam polonahych devcat na nakup auta a nebo strojku na maso a takovy blb je k disposici pro cokoliv, vse ,co vlada rekne je svete pro nej do te doby ,dokud jeho panstvo neslapne jemu samotnemu na "kuri oka "s pomoci jinych uzitecnych idiotu,to potom vznikne zcela jina situace ,ovsem sam o sobe nikdy nevzpomene svych obeti v ramci sve vlasti blbosti pro radost sveho panstva.
jeden svetovy poradek zcela pocita s pomoci teto vrstvi lidi ,jez nemysli,jen jednaji podle toho ,jak se jim sype do zlabu, a tech je na celem svete hodne,prakticky ,maji zcela na vybranou ,kdo ,pro co, se nejlepe hodi,jedna takova vrstva ,zkupina se nazyva inteligence naroda.
Myslim ,z ericielitni vrstve svetove smetanky ,ze jsou idioti, je tresten,nakonec ,vysledek mluvi sam o sobe:The FBI reports that there were 806,316 homicides in the US between 1965 and 2004, of which 588,611 were committed by blacks, of which 179,808 were blacks who murdered Whites. Of the 806,316 homicides, 322,526 were not cleared, and only 483,790 were cleared, and of those 179,808 Whites murdered by blacks, 43,541 were cleared and 136,267 were not cleared. In just four decades, American blacks killed almost as many Whites as were killed in WWII, four times as many Whites as were killed in Vietnam, and 60 times as many Whites as died in 911 or Iraq

Had our murder rate been equivalent to Saudi Arabia's rate of only 0.4 homicides per 100,000 population, the US would have had only 44,800 murders, saving 761,516 American lives in just four decades


17.01.2006 12:04

Jak přežít NWO

Cela tato diskuse postrad a jedno ,zcela zakladni: vsicni be zrozdilu jsme na jedne lodi.

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

At jsi protestnt a nebo ,tak zvany zid,muslim,budhista a jini ,tak vsichni v ramci nicive techniky jsme na jedne lodi ,tech par ,co so vsechno spiskaji a zahrabou se pod zem na davcet roku s veskerym sluzebnictvem s tim,ze potom jim vsechno spatne do klin a budou pani sveta,bez tech problematickych neuzitecnych jedliku ,je cast velmi iluzorni ,jak pro ne,tak pro nas ,se kterymi uz se nepocita do buducnosti,jako takovymi.
Svet se zmenil ,svet se zmensil,svet je v teto zmensenine snadno znicitelny,kdo prezije ,mimo tech poradne zahrabanych,takovych dvanact a vice atomovych vybuchu v jednom atom samem miste,takova strela SS-27 letic rychlosti 180 mili a nebo z hruba 250 Km za minutu dostatecne predstavuje kolik mame moznosti pri dnesnich 15 a vice atomovych hlavicich "prezit".takze i ten nejlinejsi z tech nejlinejsich by se mel probudit ,dokud neni pozde,pokud neni alkoholem a sportem zcela paralisovan o sve "JA".
Kladu si otazku a nebo jsme tak daleko ,ze je lidem uplne jedno ,jak to s nami skonci na rozdil od politiku ,co zalezou hluboko pod zem s tim ,ze potom bude pro nej "raj na zemi".
Jedna neviditelna valka opravdu jiz probiha ,driv nez geneticka bomba spadne a nebo atomova,jen je treba otevrit oci a vypnou "prolhanou bednu".
Pokrok se neda zastavit a lidska hloupost ,jak by smet.


17.01.2006 13:13

Více lží o Íránu

Podle svetovych medii ,vsichni zahynuli pri jizde na kole o weekendu.

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?



17.01.2006 13:34

Jak by to mělo být a není

Poturcenec ,horsi turka

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Home > News > Holocaust denier given 15 months in
Czech prison

Holocaust denier given 15 months in Czech prison

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

Prague (dpa) - A man who attended a Prague rally in
support of a Holocaust-denying writer was sentenced
Monday to 15 months in prison, the CTK news agency

Antonin Cermak, 21, was convicted of denying the
Holocaust by shouting "only" when a
counter-demonstrator at the October protest shouted,
"You killed 1.7 million Jewish children," the report

Cermak was among 70 people who rallied outside the
German embassy in Prague on a Czech state holiday.

The rally, organized by Czech neo-Nazis, was closely
watched and videotaped by police.

The rally was called to show support for book writer
Ernst Zuendel, who is currently on trial in Mannheim,
Germany, for allegedly denying the Holocaust in his
book, "The Hitler We Loved and Why". The book is
popular among neo-Nazis.


15.05.2006 03:17

Zpráva o stavu cákajícího se ptactva na Stworové zahradě

My ,koupajici se maly zakaznici,slunecny ptacek nasich zahrad.

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?


Australska priroda je unikatni pro oko Evropana a ptaci rovnez,pres den v horkem dnu je nevidime a neslysime ,za to navecir a brzo rano davaji o sobe dobre vedet.Jeden ,z tech malych ptacku je slunecny ptacek,ptacek,proto ,ze meri tento "Sunbird"-Nectarinia jugularis pouhych 10-12 cm a zije jen v uzkem pruhu podel pobrezi tropickeho statu Queensland-kralovnin pozemek.
Rano ,jdete zalevat,je kolem 9 hodiny aptaci se uz skovavaji pred sluncem ,teplota uz je na 30C.,ale jen rozpraskem vody prelijete male stromky Paw-Paw,tak odnikud prileti slunecni ptacek a hned na sirokych listech zachycuje kapky vody a zacina se v nich s trepetajicimi kridli koupat,tak mu nabidnu drobnou sprchu a on jen pouhych dvou metru uziva teto priviligovane chvile a prolitava mlhou "deste" a uziva sprchy ,kamkoliv se ted pohnu se zalejvanim ,tak mne sleduje a je vsude ,kde zalevam i se svymi dvema samickami,vsichni se i po zadech "klouzaji" po sirokych listech ,kde ke konci listu prejdou do letu,aby znova se sklouzli,jeste dlouho po zalejvani douschnuti vody vyuzivaji moznosti se osvezit v nastavajicim horkem dnu,nekdy se mi zda ,jakoby doslova cekali az pujdu do zahrady pravidelne rano zalevat,co myslite?
Nasemu znamemu si udelal hnizdo nad umyvadlem a strpel myti cele rodiny az do dne ,kdy vyvedl mlade,prvni let zkoncil na prsou meho znameho a rodice maleho letce krikem upozornovali na spatnou "pristavci drahu".
Je pekne pozorovat ,jak helikopterim letem vsakuje nektar z kvetu a jak nevynecha jediny kvet,sbira pavuciny na stavbu sveho hnizha,ktere si udela mnohdy v podnajmu cloveka,jeho nepriteelm je kobercovy had ,jez nekdy zahubi sedici samicku i s mladymi.



15.05.2006 04:01

Další cihla ve zdi

RE: World according to Dan!!!

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?


Lenin ,nebyl zadny ctvtecni zid,misheling ,jak je nazyvali Nemci,ale stoprocentni zid po zidovske matce,samozrejme ,ze zide ukryvali
Scrull-Blank zivotopis,nebot i jeho bratr co byl ve spiknuti zavrazdit cara ,pusobi v neprospech zidu i pri vsech tech zmenach na krestanska jmena.
Takze,doporucuji knihu v anglictine LENIN life and legaci od pana Dmitri Volkogonov-a,ktery se zabyval touto zidmi vykonstruovanou povesti revolucionare, falesneho delnickeho vudce jez delnikum rozumi,kde na strane 8-9 primo rika o "Zhitomir meshchanin MOISHE BLANK.Lenin -Blank stravil roky ve Svycarsku v penzionu,kdo to platil,to zatim historici nevysvetlili,ale ,pochazel z bohate rodiny,meli pozemky a ne male,kdyz ve svem zapalu likvidoval kulaky,tak rodna strana zamlcela ,jejich bohatstvi.Kdyby Lenin _Blank zil dnes ,tak podle zakona Israelu se mohl ,co by zid vratit do Israelu ,co by Israelsky obcan,ale to nebylo v planu "revolucionaru".Lenin naridil zlikvidovani carske rodiny,Lenin ridil zatykani a rychle soudy nad kazdym ,kdo se nechtel zucastnit revoluce ,Stalin jen prevzal jiz zcela zabehnutou smrtici masinerii od sklepeni LUBIANKY az po tabory Gulag, spravne odhaduji historici smrt 100 milionu ruskych pravoslavnych obcanu, z 520 ,tak zvanych revolucionaru-bolseviku bylo 487 zidu u ostatnich vzhledem zmenenych jmen a zakryvanim puvodu se nepodarilo urcit jejich "nabozenstvi".Takze ,tak zvana ruska revoluce ,vubec nebyla ruskou,ale zidovskou,kdyz Trocky-Bronstein se plavil z New Yorku s 300 zidy delat prevrat za zidovske penize z banky Kuhl - Loeb & Co,jez pozdeji poslali dalsi penize do zidovske banky ve Svedsku v castce $ 50 000 000.Dodnes se potomci teto banky chlubi ,ze financovali "ruskou " revoluci,na odmene bolseviku-zidu,zbohatli z carskeho pokladu ,jez jim padl do rukou.Lenin-Blank byl i agentem Nemecke tajne policie,coz se vedelo rovnez,proto Nemci pomohli temto zidum project v zapecetenem vagonu do Ruska,kde byl okamzite oznacen za zradce, jako spion ve prospech Nemecka a dodnes to nemuzou vyvratit.


15.05.2006 04:58

Dopis íránského prezidenta Ahmadínežáda Bushovi

Pro mne neni dopis iranskeho presidenta prekvapenim,samozrejme "Americane" se neponizi,ze ano?

Robert Nohejl 202.?.?.?

Iransky president jenom na intelektualnim zaklade ,svymi slovy zduraznil jen to ,co vi cely svet,ale nikdo z politiku nema ten zaludek to rici Bushovi a jeho klice rovnou,ackoliv ,odezva je zadna,oni ve sve opilosti moci,jak zduraznil Gorbacev ,se nemusi z pozice sili se s nikym "zahazovat,jak se rikalo u nas.Generalni sekretar Anann rekl doslova:Valka USA proti Iraku je nelegalni.Na cinnost USA a pana Kissingera ma i nekolik zemi spadyno,takze Kissinger si musi davta pozor ,nebot je na tohoto valecneho zlocince zatykac.Amerika s Britanii svetu lhala o zbranich hromadneho niceni,tim padem politici techto zemi jsou valecnymi zlocinci a Saddam Hussein je stale pravoplatnym presidentem Iraku,at se to nekomu libi a nebo ne.Amerika naprosto nedodrzuje ,tak ,jak i Israel,rovny ,rovneho si hleda,zadne mezinarodni umluviy a neuznava mezinarodni soud pro valecne zlociny.USA se neridi ani Zenevskymi dohodami,tedy,v prvem pripade o vyhlaseni valky,v druhem pripade o jednani se zajatci a dale ,jako invazni zeme nebyla plne odsouzena Organisaci Spojenych Narodu,cili,zijeme v jednadvacatem stoleti ,kde plati stale pravo dzungle,tvrde pesti,kdo ,vyhraje ,tak ten ma pravdu a ma pravo soudit.Povidacky Bushe ,ze to co dela ,je jeho domluva s BOHEM,ze BUH mu vnuknul to,co dela ,tak na tohle v jinych a podobnych formach se lide leci v mentalnich oddelenich nemocnice,kazdy jiny ,kdyby zacal tohle rikat u doktora ,tak zkonci v blazinci.
Takze ,Iransky president se jeste vyjadril ve velmi slusne forme a je znat,ze na rozdil od Ameriky representuje starou perskou kulturu,ke ktere ma Amerika hodne daleko,odjakziva barbarske zeme nicili zeme s dobrou civilisaci,prave proto,ze tito lide byli vzdelani a meli vysokou kulturu a takovych prikladu z dejin-historie zeme je nekolik,co by dnes za to svet dal mit zpet Asteckou knihovnu,co znicili missionari,uz jen to ,co se znicilo-rozkradlo, v Bagdadskem museu,co bylo zniceno klasteru a kostelu v Rusku za tak zvane bolsevicke revoluce,co se znicilo v Kosovu,to uz lidstvu nikdo nenavrati.Takze slova Iranskeho presidenta nemuzou padnout na urodnou pudu,take uz se ozvali,ze dopis vraci adresatovi,tohle jsem zaslechl na radii v debate,nejsem si tim jisty,ale ,vubec bych se nedivil ,kdyby to byla pravda.
Iran ,otevrel penezni bursu na euro-dolar a jine meni,proste ,pustil americku dolar k vode ,tak ,jak Hussein a dalsi narody Asie budou nasledovat,Cina,uz rovnez na tom pracuje,proste svet si nenecha poroucet od svetoveho policisty,Rusove zvysuji na zbrojeni,Jihoamericke a stredoamericke staty jsou v pohybu take,je hodne zemi ,ktere maji "Americanu plne zuby" , lide se zacinaji otacet Americanum zady,nakonec i v samotne Americe jsou problemy, prvnim problemem je upadajici dolar,dluh 11 trilionu,ale rika se ,ze to je 44 trilionu,co dluzi,dale je to 38 milionu Mexicanu,co chteji svoje prava v Americe.
*Sunday, May 14, 2006
Is that what it's going to take to make you OBEY Citizens who do not want illegal aliens to remain here?
"36 Million Illeg...

Kráceno (Editor)


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