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04.11.2002 11:34

To je radosti na Starém Bělidle!

To je radosti na Starém Bělidle!

Robert Nohejl 203.?.?.?

Jste na velmi dobre ceste ,pane Cermak,jen ,tak dal,ted ,uz Vam zbyva jen precist Talmud,pokud by se Vam to vubec podarilo a kdyz ne,tak se zeptejte sam sebe ,jak je mozne neco nedostat ke cteni v tomhle "demokratickem svete",mozna ,ze ,uz na tomto poznani poznate ,ze nejste vyvoleny cist tuto púozehnanou knihu ,jez by Vam plne osvetlila ,co to je rassismus v praxi mezi "bohem vyvolenymi " a zbytkem sveta.


04.11.2002 12:39

Přehlížejí americká média demonstrace proti válce?

Přehlížejí americká média demonstrace proti válce?

Robert Nohejl 203.?.?.?

Kdyz president Roosevelt kandidoval,tak sliboval na zaklade zkusenosti z prve svetove valky,ze ,uz zadny americky vojak nevkroci na evropske bojiste,kdyz se blizil "osudny"Pearl Harbor,tak americka verejnost dala zcela zretelne ,ze 80% obyvatelstva nesouhlasi s jakymkoliv valecnym tazenim,ale Roosevelt dal Japonsky nevyhnutelne ultimatum a odrizl Japonsko od oleje a nasledek byl takovy ,jaky zadal Roosvelt.
Kdyz doslo k valce ve Vietnamu ,tak predchazel tak zvany Tonkynsky konflikt,kdy udajne severovitneske cluny napadly americkou lod,problem je v tom ,ze i dnes v americkem senate se projednava tento politicky tryk se vstupem Ameriky do valky s Irakem,ktery se zeptal americke velvyslankyne,co tomu bude rikat Amerika ,kdyz vkroci do Kuwajtu,ktery Irak okrada v obchode s naftou a odpoved znela"to je Vas vnitrni arabsky problem" do toho nam nic neni.Tahle politika Ameriky je zcela verejna a kdokoliv si muze precist odtajnene dokumenty Washingtonu.Problem je ten ,ze dalsi generace nechce se zabyvat s vecmi,co ,uz byly a tak nepouceni historii jdou do dalsich politickych tryku.Ten Vietnamsky stal za neexistujici utok na americkou lod 58 000 americkych zivotu, mnozi veterani se ptaji,za ,co vlastne umirali,mnozi veterani z "Poustni boure" zahadne umiraji a ptaji se take a tak neni divu ,ze v protestnim davu se neseplakat,jez zpodobnuje strycka Sama a ktery rika:" JA CHCI TEBE JIT UMRIT ZA ISRAEL"


24.03.2003 04:29

Arogance moci

Arogance moci

Robert Nohejl 203.?.?.?

Ctete,kdyby to zidum s Americanama nevyslo,tak se stehuji do Israelu


By Shifra Hoffman

Among the fondest myths held by American Jews, perhaps the most treasured and sacrosanct is their inviolate belief that a HOLOCAUST could never happen in the United States.

Anyone who dares to broach the subject, is more than likely to elicit a defiant response that "America is not Germany; it is a multicultural society based on tolerance for all ethnic minorities".

So firm is this conviction of the "I- am -an- American first" die-hard Jew, he often tends to dismiss increasingly overt violent anti-Semitic acts-such as the shooting of Jews in major cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, and most recently, in Pittsburgh, as well as the preponderanceof swastikas and hate message smeared on Synagogues and Jewish centers throughout the country - as "mere fringe elements,who are not at all representative of mainstream America."

On hardly knows whether to bitterly laugh or cry at such a myopic assessment. For the 'goldene medina" (golden land) of today's America, is surely not the America of yesteryears

The advent of the civil rights movment in the 60's, brought an ill-wind of change to America, which, in response to afirmative action, gave rise to white power movements seeking to "put blacks in their place"and punish Jews who supported black liberation. These movements quickly attraced white supremists who basically follow Hitler's Nazi ideology and are "equal opportunity haters -both blacks and Jews:

The myth of America being a tolerant society - in exatly that, - a myth.

On the surface, things seem to be "I"m O.K. - Youre O.K.

In reality however, many gentiles perceive the Jews as having as 'having too much money and too much power." "Jews run the media." " Jews are all communists or spies like Pollard"; and the coupe de grace " Jews corrupt christian values by deviant social behavior"!

Ironically, while HOLOCAUST AWARENESS is being taught in school curricula in the United States and presented in the media, too many not-so-tolerant gentiles have expressed the view that "Jews deserved the HOLOCAUST"! It is they who are joining hate groups such as the Ku Klux Klan,American Nazi Party, Aryan Brotherhood and anti-government militias.. at a frightening rate.

Tragically, American Jewish Spiritual and organizational leaders have been reluctant to come to grips with this growing danger and to plan for immediate emigration to Israel. . Instead, despite the bitterlessons of the SHOAH, they continue to cling to the worn out 'cliche' "It can't happen here."

Since "All Jews are responsible one for another" SHUVA (Return), the Israel Emergency Aliyah Movement has undertaken the arduous task of "sounding the alarm" to warn and awaken sleeping Jews in America that it can, and indeed, it is happening. THE SHUVA Organization also provides information concerning emigrationfor those rady and willing to come home to Israel now, before

Kráceno (Editor)


12.04.2003 02:41

Iráčané za tuto podvodnou válku zaplatili krvavě

Iráčané za tuto podvodnou válku zaplatili krvavě

Robert Nohejl 203.?.?.?

Kdyz koncila druha svetova valka,tak si lide mysleli,ze konci podle toho,jak ,kdo ze spojencu ,co vybojoval,ale historie uci ,ze bylo vybojovano jen to ,co se urcilo v Jalte,takze bylo urceno ,nekym ,nekde ,jak dopadne vysledek druhe svetove valky,ted je urcen vysledek v Iraku a bude planovano ,kdo bude dalsi k "osvobozeni",tak ,jak v 68 se domluvil Breznev a US presidentem driv ,nez tanky prekrocily hranice Ceskoslovenska,takze Irak ma na starosti spolecnost za osvobozeni Iraku a vsichni clenove jsou zide a clenove vlady a nebo velkych olejovych a nebo zbrojnich koncernu.
The Committee for the Liberation of Iraq is run by "Jews." Their Committee's president is Randy Scheunemann , Trent Lott's former chief national-security adviser. Only last year he worked for Donald Rumsfeld as a consultant on Iraq policy. . . The Committee is little more than an extension of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) - a so-called 'educational' organization packed with Jewish neocons such as William Kristol and Robert Kagan.


12.04.2003 02:52

Tajná dohoda diktátorů

Tajná dohoda diktátorů

Robert Nohejl 203.?.?.?

Mluvime o diktatorech,kteri ,kdyz ,uz se nehodi,tak jsou odstranovani svymi vlastnimi spoludiktatory ,jez jsou diktatory jen a jen z milosti velkych koncernu,kteri mimo oci verejnosti jsou temi pravymi vladci,kteri urcuji nas pristi den.Historie je zbran pravdy,ale lide radeji ctou tu falesnou ,ktera je zbrani svetovladcu a ktera se uci ve skole.Napoleon rekl ,ze jeden dobry spion vyda za celou tisicihlavou armadu,zide vedi ,ze koupenim nejvyssiho politika dosahnou svych skrytych cilu,aniz narod se dozvi ,ze jejich predstvitel je zradce.

The Jewish lobby through the ages buys not just one or two mangy MP’s but the whole system by sophisticated manipulation of the levers of power [ie funded the Prime Ministers office}--- in short structural corruption. The most egregious example was their purchase of the services of that corrupt drunk Winston Churchill.

When he was about to lose Chartwell a sinister financier called Henry Strakosch took over his mortgage the price of course was a drawn out European war with millions of dead and being subjected to the whims of America and its power structure.[ http://www.fpp.co.uk] .Going back in time the Boxer rebellion and the Boer War see the article by Fabian and Guardian journalist at the time J A Hobson ‘The South African War Its Causes And Effects were wars to enrich the Sassoons and the South African mining magnates.

As ever the brain dead British are trooped off to fight for some alien interest, this presumably is the origin of Dr Johnson’s aphorism ‘that patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel’. When one sees the vacant expressions on the faces of the young public school twits singing ‘Land of Hope and Glory, Britons never will be slaves’ one sees how easy it is to hype them up on some factitious pretext to march of to kill and be killed and still feel terribly self righteous.


12.04.2003 03:10

Kdyby tyto stránky byly umlčeny...

Kdyby tyto stránky byly umlčeny...

Robert Nohejl 203.?.?.?

Matej hodne pouziva svuj nazor ,ze kazdy ,ktery kritizuje Israel je antisemitista a ma nenavist k zidum,tudiz on se sam sebe zaradil k opacne strane,tedy k pratelum ,kteri vidi na zidech a Israelu to nejlepsi a ani je nenapadne ,ze by zide mohli delat neco spatneho jinym lidem ,pro nej je normalni preject buldozerem protestujiciho ,strilet deti z tanku,protoze je zid sam a nebo na kole nejezdi ,kde jsou zidovske tanky.Jinymi slovy tento kritik ,pritel Israelu-zionistu,nebot hodne jinych zidu je proti Israelu,tak sam by mel dostat jako zastance zidu svoje pojmenovani,jake pak by asi bylo ,jako vlez do ...........,kdyz on sam se opravnuje soudit a oznacovat jine,co myslite.Jak snadne je zneuzivat tohodle diskusniho fora lidmi ,jako je on ,kdyz v tech zidovskych blazenostech ,ktere representuje ,zadna svoboda tisku neni,tam by s jinym nazorem nesouhlasnym s zidy-zionisty by vubec neobstal a nemel by zadnou moznost poukazovat na druhe,vsichni komuniste jsou dobrymi kritickymi diskutery ve svobodnych novinach ,ale ,jak se chopi vlady ,tak je cenzura a je po diskusi,komunismus je produktem zidovstva,to nejsou ma slova ,to jsou slova rabbina na ktereho Matej urcite veri i stemi ostatnimi milovniky Israelu.
Nezapomente ,ze jestlize se Israel-zionisti zmocni svetove vlady ,tak nebudete mit vubec kam psat sve nadavky a osocovani.


12.04.2003 03:47

Kdyby tyto stránky byly umlčeny...

Kdyby tyto stránky byly umlčeny...

Robert Nohejl 203.?.?.?

Zide muzou chtit vladu sveta,tedy zide-zionisti ,nebot hodne "taky zidu",jez vyznavaji Torah a uznavaji Krista nesouhlasi s postupem nelegalniho statu Isreal a obvinuji zionisty ze spoustu spivavych triku ,ktere staly zidovske zivoty,napriklad spoluprace s Hitlerem,nectete blabol ,ale zkutecnost ,nebot Eichmann byl pozvan do Palestiny zionisty a ne jenom on,kde se dohodl program o prevodu zidovskych penez a zbozi do "pristiho Israelu" a zionisti dokonce nabidli pomoc Nemecka proti Anglii,ale to je pro mnohe dnes nepopularni znalost,mnohem zajimavejsi je cist ,jak Svedsko otevrelo hranice pro emigrujici zidy ,zatimco zidovsky president Rosenvelt je zavrel a tak dostanem jen par prikladu i pro tento svet v dobe Irackeho valceni,ze jedna scena je pro lidi a druha ,neviditelna , je pro mocne tohoto sveta,ovsem "mocni" nemaji mezi sebou tolik idiotu,jako ten vetsinovy zbytek.Sachy jehra ,ktera se hraje na vsech plich a ne jenom na jednom ctverecku,takze pan zid Rumsfeld vyhrozuje jakekoliv zemi ,ktera se neskloni pred zidovskym lobby v Americe,ze bude nasledovat prikladu Iraku a na podporu jeho slov je zde k uzitku nekonecna armada idiotu,ktera ma umlcet par jedincu, jez pouziji vse ,co jim je jen dostupne v ramci jejich inteligence k prosazeni mocenskych zajmu "Velkeho Israelu" pres prisluhujici Ameriku.Zivot ve lzich ,je zivotem snadnejsim,ale problemje ,ze "Kdyz pes chcipne na spoustu blech,tak i blechy chcipnou s nim".Zaplatovat ekonomickou katastrofu valecnym harasenim zbrani a riskovat zivot na teto planete neprichazim "vyvolenym" na mysli,ale den nejvyssiho soudu se neda podplatit a ani obsadit zkorumplovanymi soudci,takze trest postihne v nasem atomovem veku vsechny,ale ,proc maji timto trestem projit miliony nevinnych lidi ,kteri se zivi poctive a ne triky finacniho trhu za ucelem ovladnuti sveta.
WW1 " The War to End Wars"
WW2 "The War To Make The World Safe For Democracy"
WW3 "The War On Terrorism"
WW4-zase Ti ,co preziji,jestli preziji,tak budou v jeskyni a jejich nejvetsi zbrani bude kammena palice a ostep,kdyz to dobre dopadne,kdyz se zcela neznicime v ramci "inteligence a expertu sveta".
Mnozi,zide si uvedomuji,to ,co rikam ,zde na techto strankach.

The Silent Jew - An Open Letter
by Rabbi Joel Timmerman
From Israel Shamir

Of course there were Americans on board and this is the subject of my open letter.

There are several millions of Jews living in the United States. The bulk of us are Reformed Jews. Nearly all of us consider ourselves to be Americans. We and our children are proud to have served in the American military and even prouder to be citizens of the one nation that has welcomed refugee Jews, fleeing from European persecutions, and permitted them free access to American society.

A much smaller percentage of American Jews are Zionists. They view themselves as Jews first, Israeli's second and, perhaps, Americans third. Their complete allegiance is to the state of Israel and not to America. They send money to Israel and, when they have access to it, military and commercial secrets. They are the Pollards of t

Kráceno (Editor)


08.05.2003 05:30

Důkazy o ZHN byly od počátku pochybné, tvrdí výzvědné služby

Důkazy o ZHN byly od počátku pochybné, tvrdí výzvědné služby

Robert Nohejl 203.?.?.?

Manipulace s verejnym minenim,to je stara praxe,kterou pouziv akazdy rezim,ale manipulace s vladou zeme ,je neco ,co ted strasi obcany Ameriky a britanie ,nepotpoznali,ze touto cestou mohou jit do valek ,ktere chce jen a jen svuj cil pod plastem vlady,avsak slouzi cizi moci a cizimu narodu.
TAM DALYELL, the Father of the House [Senior member of the British House of Commons in Parliament], sparked outrage last night by accusing the Prime Minister of "being unduly influenced by a cabal of Jewish advisers".

In an interview with Vanity Fair, the Left-wing Labour MP named Lord Levy, Tony Blair's personal envoy on the Middle East, Peter Mandelson, whose father was Jewish, and Jack Straw, the Foreign Secretary (far right, with unidentified friend), who has Jewish ancestry, as three of the leading figures who had influenced Mr. Blair's policies on the Middle East.

Mr. Dalyell, the MP [Member of Parliament] for Linlithgow, told The Telegraph: "I am fully aware that one is treading on cut glass on this issue and no one wants to be accused of anti-Semitism but, if it is a question of launching an assault on Syria or Iran . . . then one has to be candid."

He added: "I am not going to be labelled anti-Semitic. My children worked on a kibbutz. But the time has come for candour."

The Prime Minister, Mr. Dalyell claimed, was also indirectly influenced by Jewish people in the Bush administration, including Richard Perle, a Pentagon adviser, Paul Wolfowitz, the deputy defence secretary, and Ari Fleischer, the President's press secretary.

"They very much have captured the ear of the President of the United States. I said [to Vanity Fair] I thought that Blair was very sympathetic to them. I cannot understand why," Mr Dalyell said.

MR DALYELL'S claim caused fury last night. Mr Mandelson said: "Apart from the fact that I am not actually Jewish, I wear my father's parentage with pride. As for Tam, he is as incorrigible as ever."


08.05.2003 05:32

Důkazy o ZHN byly od počátku pochybné, tvrdí výzvědné služby

Důkazy o ZHN byly od počátku pochybné, tvrdí výzvědné služby

Robert Nohejl 203.?.?.?

Dnes se i Americani ,tazou ,kam dosla jejich zeme.
The row started when Mr Dalyell, who for 20 years has opposed every war involving British soldiers, told Vanity Fair magazine that Mr Blair relied too much on Jewish figures in Britain and the US. Mr Dalyell named the former cabinet minister Peter Mandelson, the foreign secretary, Jack Straw, and the prime minister's Middle East envoy, Lord Levy. Only Lord Levy is Jewish. Mr Mandelson's father was Jewish and Mr Straw had a Jewish grandfather.
Mr Dalyell said: "I am worried about my country being led up the garden path on a Likudnik, [Ariel] Sharon agenda", adding that "Straw, Mandelson and co" were leading "a tremendous drive to sort out the Middle East".
Mr Dalyell's critics took exception after it was claimed that he felt Mr Blair was influenced by a "cabal" of Jewish advisers. But Mr Dalyell said he used the word cabal only in reference to the Bush administration, not Downing Street.
"The cabal that I referred to was in the US," he said. "That is the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs. I was thinking of [Paul] Wolfowitz, [deputy defence secretary], [Richard] Perle, [John] Bolton, assistant secretary of state, [Douglas] Feith, [Ken] Adelman, [Elliott] Abrams and [Ari] Fleischer, [Mr Bush's press secretary.] Those people drive this policy."
But Jewish figures were furious. David Garfinkel, the editor in chief of the London Jewish News, said: "Coming a few days after the BNP won council seats in the north of England this is the kind of menacing candour which the country certainly does not need."
Ministers were also aghast. One said: "Quite apart from how offensive his remarks are, Tam is wrong. Tony and Jack have faced strong criticism in Israel because of their pressure for the road map to be published."
Mr Dalyell denied he was anti-semitic. "If I were anti-semitic I would not have spent a holiday in Israel, I would not have gone as a young man to stay on a kibbutz. To say I am anti-semitic is preposterous."
He also said he had been parliamentary private secretary to former cabinet minister Dick Crossman, who was something of a hero in Israel. Crossman became close to Chaim Weizman, who was Israel's first president. "Would Dick Crossman have had an anti-semitic gentile as his PPS? I identify with the Weizman tradition. This is not about being anti-Jewish, anti-Semitic or anti-Israeli."


08.05.2003 05:40

Mrtvý novinář nesl bílou vlajku

Mrtvý novinář nesl bílou vlajku

Robert Nohejl 203.?.?.?

212,Co se neumis podepsat,netvrt? ze bolsevizmus je veci munulosti,pod komunismem jsme meli jednotne skolstvi ,jednotny sistem plateb delnikum,byrokratum a inteligenci,jednotny system ve zdravotnictvi pro pracujici a pro elitu,jednotnou politickou cestu, a tak ,kdyz shlednes historicky zaznam ,tak zjistis ,ze "Zapad" tlaci pro jednu svetovou vladu,jeden platebni system ,jeden zdravotni system ,jedno nabozenstvi atd .... Je komunismus opravdu mrtev a nebo se dne s jmenuje jinak a provadi se pod jinym nazvem??
Jinak, mezi nami ,prvni komunisticke noviny byly natisteny v Americe a ne v Moskva,do Moskvy byl komunismus dovezen z New Yorku,ale to mozna nepochopis .


08.05.2003 05:50

Izrael reaguje na "Plán cest" novým vystupňováním vojenských akcí v pásmu Gazy a na Západním břehu

Izrael reaguje na "Plán cest" novým vystupňováním vojenských akcí v pásmu Gazy a na Západním břehu

Robert Nohejl 203.?.?.?

Pane Sob,to ,co vymyslel nemecky novinar,nema nic .co delat s dnesnim propagacnim volanio antisemitismu ze strany "postizenych " jakoby zidu,protoze oni semiti nejsou ,Arabove jsou semiti,tudiz ,antisemitismus by se tykal Arabu ,ale ne "falesnych zidu" ,jejiz puvod je turecko-mongolsky,coz pro Vas bude .dost nesrozumitelne.Po lopate receno ,jak Vam nekdo muze rikat ,ze jste Sved ,kdyz cele tri generace zpet nikdo z Vasi rodiny nikdy nebyl ve Svedsku.Tudiz ,v praxi ,antisemitismus u tak zvanych zidu se zcela miji svym urcenim a umyslem, coz novinar nemohl ve sve dobe vubec tusit,ze se dopousti historickeho omylu.


08.05.2003 05:53

Izrael reaguje na "Plán cest" novým vystupňováním vojenských akcí v pásmu Gazy a na Západním břehu

Izrael reaguje na "Plán cest" novým vystupňováním vojenských akcí v pásmu Gazy a na Západním břehu

Robert Nohejl 203.?.?.?

Then Kirsch quoted Prof. A. N. Poliak of Tel Aviv University, who stated that "The large majority of world Jewry is descended from the Jews of Khazaria." Then he again quoted Koestler in THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE, "If so, this would mean that their ancestors came not from the Jordan but from the Volga; not from Canaan but from the Caucasus, once believed to be the cradle of the Aryan race; and that GENETICALLY THEY ARE MORE RELATED TO THE HUN, UIGUR, AND MAGYAR TRIBES THAN TO THE SEED OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC, AND JACOB..." (emphasis added) We cannot stress enough how absolutely imperative it is for all Christian Americans to consider the startling proof in Arthur Koestler's book that today's Jews are not Israelites. The Jewish influence on American life has reached such a stage that no student of contemporary history can ignore it. Not only the news media are Jewish monopolies, but top positions in the U.S. government are largely filled by Eastern European Jews. The magazine and book publishing houses are in Jewish hands; and movies, television, and the other entertainment industries are dominated by Jews in all phases. America's government and most of her people's sources of information are controlled and directed by Jews. If these people were really "God's Chosen People," perhaps Americans would have little cause for concern -- BUT WHAT IF THEY ARE REALLY THE "HUNS" AND THEREFORE THE ANCIENT ENEMIES OF CHRISTENDOM? Since many Americans may not have an opportunity to read Koestler's book, we shall herewith submit our own index-style review.

(by Arthur Koestler, Random House)


30.05.2003 04:33

Američané konečně našli zbraně hromadného ničení

Američané konečně našli zbraně hromadného ničení

Robert Nohejl 203.?.?.?

Jakoby nahodou se nam zjevil po mem poslednim clanku o zbranich hromadneho niceni sam "velky" "Donald"-stein, Rumsfeld a velice informovanym hlasem zdelil pritomnym novinarum ,ze je jist,ze Saddam mel zbrane hromadneho niceni,mezi nami ,prece nemohl rici,ja to presne vim ,kdyz jsme mu to posilali a jeste mame uctenku za postovne-takze,Rumsfeld,rekl, nic jsme nenasli,ale to je tim ,ze Saddam nechal vsechno znicit pred nasim "osvobozenim".Jinymi slovy,ten chlap nam to udelal naschval ,aby mohl ocernit Ameriku v ocich svetove verejnosti a tak znesvetit nase osvobozeni.Osobne si myslim ,ze Amerika nemohla najit vetsiho lhare-steina,a saska pred TV obrazovkami a ve sve super posici nas bude nutit uverit vsemu i tem nejvetsim lzim ,jen ,aby zastinil ,ze cela ta invase-osvobozeni,byl akt statnihi terrorismu proti suverennizemi a ted si to nechali potvrdit i od UN ,ktere nikdy na tom s moralkou nebylo dobre ,ale ted se uplne zkompromitovalo a dalo nasilnikum punc legality k provadeni nasilnych cinu po svete,pan Rumsfelt ,ted urcite bude hledat,ale to je jedno ,co uz,ze ano, v Iranu a potom v Syrii a mozna i pozdeji v Cine ,az do te doby dokud nenajdou neco doma v Americe ,co jim tam nekdo hodi na hlavu!!!!!!!
Nebot ten ,co se chce prat,byva take nekdy bit!!!!! a ,nikomu neroste slava ,az do nebe!!!


30.05.2003 04:55

Izrael – Palestina: Fakta, která stojí za povšimnutí

Izrael – Palestina: Fakta, která stojí za povšimnutí

Robert Nohejl 203.?.?.?

Co je nam platne,ze mezi ,tak zvanymi zidy,jsou nejaci slusni,kdyz ,treba v americkem senatu se prednasi rec ,ve ktere se zide oznacili za hlavni viniky ,ze Amerika sla do valky do zeme za oceanem ,ktera nijak nemuze ohrozit Ameriku a zde vrazdili lidi v jejich jmenu a zajmum o irackou naftu,vykladejte tyhle sve rozumi ,tem v Bagdadu,co ztratili sve rodiny a nebo se podivejte na obrazek ,jak starec drzi malou holcicku ,ktera ma urazena chodidla strepinami "americkych bomb",jdete a vykladejte jim to!!!!Dnes mnoho Americanu zacina videt ,ze Israel uziva Americany ke svym svetovym planum a Americani nuti dalsi staty k nasledovani.Organisace Spojenych Narodu by nikdy nesouhlasila s akci Hitlera,ale dali souhlas a akci Ameriky a okupaci Iraku zlegalisovali,kde jsou ty vsechny bombasticke zakony o humenite a miru a podobne nesmysly?
Nahlednete zpet do doby druhe svet.valky a pred ni a udelejte si obrazek ,jak slusni a neslusni zide dostali svet do valky.
National Socialism was much more appropriate for Zionists than modern "Jew-loving" Germany. National Socialism segregated, therefore Jews remained Jews: »Dr. Joachim Prinz, a Zionist rabbi who subsequently emigrated to the USA, where he rose to be vice-chairman of the World Jewish Congress and a leading light in the World Zionist Organization (as well as a great friend of Golda Meir), published in 1934 a special book, Wir Juden (We Jews), to celebrate Hitler's so-called German Revolution and the defeat of liberalism: 'We want assimilation to be replaced by a new law: the declaration of belonging to the Jewish nation and Jewish race. A state build upon the principle of the purity of nation and race can only honoured and respected by a Jew who declared himself, he will never be capable of faulty loyalty towards a state. The state cannot want other Jews but such as declare themselves as belonging to their nation. It will not want Jewish flatterers and crawlers. It must demand of us faith and loyalty to our own interest. For only he who honours his own breed and his own blood can have an attitude of honour towards the national will of other nations'.« (Jewish History, Jewish Religion, Pluto Press, London 1994, p. 71 f.)


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